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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Milk; Denying Incarnation; & Embracing God- 1st July 1996

BEFORE there was sorrow there was milk. Before there were tears expired, then remote to sadness, long before those who now know how to weep had wept, there was milk.

All substance is profound, yet some substances have eternal implication. Salts for example, remain residual in chaos, in Heaven, after mist. Before time and prominently after time, the testimonial salts remain.

Milks have secreted from plant, animal and heavenly being - substance as sustenance, imparted to further yet another life other than their own. Here the principle turns to nurture that which is upon its own plane, that rather than from hierarchical domain, comes impulse and influence to nurture. Upon its own does it create to fulfill its own, and that is the outstanding nature and principle of milk.

Yes, the fluid of milk transports soul-life and soul-love, certainly in ways immeasurably greater than any other substance imbuing, save the clear water itself which is transmuted. However, this principle just mentioned also gives us the cosmic picture in this lateral equation.

When divinities themselves cease to merely "pass through" from their way, on their way, it is then when like can heal like, like can be like, like can further like, upon its own level. This principle is necessarily understood as regards ourselves and our dealings with others. Likeness need not be understood to be as sameness, for to be 'in like' is similar, not same. Yet also may we know that there can be other accompanying variables which incorporate men and their mix as well.

To be one and the same, to be individually contrasted yet in likeness to also, is party to the healing and sustaining found upon the arms of the Cross. Our world must heal itself in ways that spirit cannot penetrate from the top only down. You may picture, if you will, how small the opening is into this and that vessel, whilst how greater the spread may be when the spirit moves laterally out into the world at large. But it must meet world with world. For this there must be a mutual speak, a mutual comprehension and a mutual grasping.

Like souls seek out the company that will sustain them for a good reason. Without such true companionship they would be bereft of their vessel to give to and receive by, in understanding and in connection, in spirituality and in kinship; as need there is for outpouring and receiving with those in likeness to one's being.

How often the answers are here and all around us! The poet and the artist, the geometrician, the scientist, the problems that quiz the mind in random search are often found answer to in the immediate natural world, which has inspired the truth of the question there and then. How frequently too the troubled may look to the 'ordinary' world about them and find an illustration of some wonderful story which unfurls itself within the reach of their soul.

It is when we meet, just as stones in the road with successive sequence ongoing, that we advance, both on this plane, but also into the higher realms as well. This fundamental principle involves our Father God and His presence in this transaction. Picture: Father God resides at the beginning, and then as we move away (are pushed with forces extreme), our links remain, our channels back are in place, however we are removed. And then to cease the descent and level out, give over the forces laterally to a good and greater purpose, Father God is brought in, His Presence becomes in the giving between two. In the travel out and down we have one solitary action. By combining, in the giving, we have as was His initial Creation, that one gives life unto another. Never was there a holier principle than this.

When plants gave milk to men and sustained them, there were also combined with the men, those natures of the plant-world which belonged as expression, to higher beings. The plant was brought to manifest as an organ belonging to an angelic soul, one which gave itself in the love of Man to be as 'mother' to man, then in incarnating infancy.

At this point men could not fathom other men, although they viewed each other internally upon reflection. Directly, there was as though no sight, there was warmth, there was world, but no outer ego recognition. Father God here was experienced in the receiving, but not in the giving from each young soul.

But prior to this, before the attempt at physical incarnation, the spirits of men held intercourse with lively recognition and were suited and matched with definition and with prominence. The negotiations which have been labored, have brought to men a little of a dishevelment; yet always the 'bright sparks' they were; beginning as such they shall return to be so.

In early ages the wisdom of each man exceeded that of the lesser gods. The comprehension encompassed the spiritual mind of man so that wherever he sought inquiry he found instant understanding. A man's spirit was so gifted that he held an eager love for every ongoing fascination and he was transported here and there in wonder continually; but with no containment to speak of! However, with containment came stupidity, and Man had to then work his way through the corridors of finding one by one.

The word "trust" can be mentioned here (again). The infant does trust in the goodness of the milk and takes it. If the infant did not have this trust, all of the process to follow would be blocked. So in this principle we can examine what is necessary for the receiver in his relation to God and to gift, that not only does it involve a mother giving to her young in the outpouring, but it does also require the complete trusting of they who are to receive.

Our reliance upon one another is unquestionable. We are impelled into incarnation for the corporate will of Man decrees this so. Even though there becomes an individual merit and placement within the worldly field of being, there is an overwhelming attachment we have to the greater man who guides us in precedent. Because the archetypal man follows particular cosmic pathways through to repetitive incarnation, we by higher instinct, know the way to follow in progressive steps. The spiritual plotting of the charts has preceded our individual movements amongst the stars, for one reason that can be readily understood: that without a select guidance, inborn and innate, we would surely be lost to the countless other regions that we hold keys for but no relation to, at this point of time. Man has been limited in his travels, even though it appears that his opportunities are vast, the cosmic fields are innately cordoned and his spheres of activity are select and few.

The instance of a man wishing to cease from incarnating altogether has been questioned, asking if he is indeed obliged to return. For this we may first examine the suicide, who does at the extreme, by action and by idea, protest life, incarnation and the desire to further re-embody.

Oddly, as paradox would have it, he is firstly bound for a definite time to the one region that he sought to escape from. The ego who has defied his own instinct to express himself through earthly life is bound to the same, body or no. When comes the proper and designed time for the Angel of Death to receive him, he does find the same sweet peace as is then, and only then, in normal due. This parting experience secures the ordinary soul for the return journey. The man, whether tortured in life or after life in quasi-life, shall still be met with such an angel as does bring the supplication required to heal all pain.

The second instance of denying incarnation is that of the spiritually offended. Should the grass be reluctant to receive the burdensome weight of the dew-drop? Does the cow mistrust the sweetness of the dew-moist grass? Shall our gratitude fall into hapless suspicions and afeared outcomes?

A man may be split so that he ceases his manhood and becomes, in part, an entity which no longer rides the tide with humanity. However if this has been achieved by him - the cessation to incarnate - then it is not just a hesitation but a deprivation forever on. As to the retrieval of such souls, we cannot say- lost to systems and states, some divine and some demonic. All are still embraced by Father God and loved accordingly. Not all will remember who they are or what has passed.

So to answer that question in full, it is not just a simpleminded objection to incarnation that shall hold a man back from his destined pathway here. Yet if it does come to the bent of the ego and the spoil of his nature, having rid himself of all good earthly involvements and meaning, then it shall be as he declares for himself, eternally.

The disdain and recoil from the physical world is misplaced, insofar as it is innocent unto itself and naive to the frustrations of the spirit. We may coax ourselves into a greater compatibility - a harmonious health - if it is that we are welcoming to life itself and trusting to it.

The evils which thwart Man were not from the Earthly domain but rather from the spiritual worlds:

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, against the Powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:11-12

So we may understand that where life meets life upon this plane, where life gives life and there enters God, there is goodness. When it comes to pass that we seek to withdraw, and no longer trust in this life that would sustain us then we withdraw from the experience of God also.

God is incarnate through our giving to one another. Likeness alone is not sufficient. The world itself could shaft away from its spiritual origins were it to be content upon itself, without the infilling presence of God. Man to man, upon this plane, does not satisfy the spirit or our God. All things within this world naturally concur amongst themselves, in those likenesses they share. Order, law and subsequent harmony come not from such likenesses in total but from intervention from the 'above' making possible the mix of greater differences.

We may take the physical example and employ the same principle within our spiritual needs. Our benefactors and our deliverers can meet with us at same station, at appointed time, feeding the need and bringing ease to the soul. Selflessness implies God. The sharing of self inspires God. It is with the love of a parent or same love of a child we can understand our relationship to God.

He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
- Matthew 10:37

If father is set upon his child or child against mother as the Scripture implies (Matthew 10:34), it is because the father is no longer a true father, in God, or the daughter, a true daughter to the mother whom she is set upon. To love one another, before loving Christ, before loving God, is a self-love in likeness alone. To love Christ firstly and embrace God before that love of person, is to greet that person in the highest esteem, permitting a love that knows both likeness and difference. If love is to be based upon likeness only, then it stands to follow that arguments will sooner or later ensue. If love is to incorporate the Heavenly grace of a greater love than is consciously understood, then we may revere the person, by firstly revering our beloved God and Christ.

Each man who comes to us as representative of Christ in goodness, who by deed or by word has been touched with his active love, is an emissary of God that we must not turn away lest we offend Him. This is so.

The physical substance of mammal-milk today is imbued with properties to which all milk subscribes namely:
  • fats (trust)
  • sugars (joy)
  • coagulants (stability) (within place)
  • fluid (heavenly ego permeated with sacrifice, rejoicing life and life-giving) 
  • imaginings (impressionable to dream-bearing, increases drowsiness in return to latent Father God).

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