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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Memoriam- July 1996

Before you go I have to ask, did the motion move complete?
Were the Autumn's gold,
And the Season's mask too warm, too cold,
Too brief?
In one tallying breath or thought, now gone,
Of a mood barely felt of a faraway song,
Can we know what was meant?
Or make good the intent,
And simply be done?

As a man we begin self styled humors all told,
By the Spirit's grace,
Yet with aged face,
All soon takes its place,
In tribute to self.

We exchange a provision for creating the compound,
Skip skies and cluster clouds,
Heave waves and then we firm the ground,
Tow the rope that pulls this world around,
Coal the furnace to stoke our beloved Sun.

Come to me now my company,
Come to me, my dear soul friends,
That we may all give thanks together,
For moments known and moments shared,
For scenes and dreams and in betweens,
And even all those could have beens.

Behind the milk glass pane awaits great friendships to renew,
Of lovers and children, angels anticipate,
Of parent and sibling there too.

And here in best robes, the soul's drapery,
We move about in the light and warmth of our God in our finery;
Magnetic our love, to this and that one,
Magnetic our drive to His Grace and His Love.
Snow is naught but snowflake,
Our world comprised of people.

Life is causal deep engrossed in voluminous divinity;
Death's mildew dissolves in this new day soon won,When together we wake to same morning, same Sun.

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