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Monday, February 8, 2010

Marriage- 23rd November 1992

ALL men are descendants of bastards, as that union made 'holy and sanctified', known as marriage, was not recognized objectively by they the ancestors of men.

It is with great faith that one pledges their entire unknown future and promises obedience, faithfulness, responsibility and undying love, within this commitment. And surely, with the spiritual nature of such pledges, certain bonds exist into the forever, forged in hope between the two earnest souls.
Marriage is a noble attempt, whereby individuals are moved to forego their self-centeredness and incorporate another: into their homes, their lives, their future, their prosperity, their demise, their desires, their aspirations, their conjugation; alongside their active being.

Quite naturally, all men seek union, and regardless of the type of companionship, they require the living experience of such rapport which love 'in circuit' (returned) does bring. This may be between father and son, elder and youth, old friends, new friends (of older friendship), scholar and student etc. etc.

What then makes for the unique difference between love between 'lovers' and love within marriage? There is an old saying which ends with this phrase: "It is especial to me because I have made it thus." This is not to discredit or demerit that which we hold to be special, but to say, oft times the intrinsic value is of little or no account or relevance, when moreover it is that which we instill, that which we put into the vessel, which enhances it with deliberate virtue. Men can create lovely works, with care and deliberation and vision and fortitude; much can be said as this for marriage. The value may not lie intrinsically within an empty vow or paper certificate, or misguided pledge - it can however, become as ennobled and as wonderful as is made.

Our Father does not bind His men by pledges. The distinction being that the bonds of love between God and Man are self-evident and existent. So too, between that man and that woman whose lives are interwoven, whose experiences together are enriching and meaningful.

Is there a case therefore for polygamy? Over time this may well be the case, as it is over lifetimes for most. However a multiplicity of husbands or wives betrothed concurrently becomes an unequal equation of a then defunct proposal. One discounts the former pledge by renewing it with another. Therefore I cannot successfully have more than one wife at the one time.

When a man gravitates to a woman there are hopeful faces everywhere, for the invisible children awaiting re-entry into the world, long for the grace of the enveloping love. Quite obviously there is a moral value as well as State necessity, which places marriage as imperative to accommodating a family.

There is a further reason for this:- A child thrives upon the emanations of both parents. There is an intimate relationship between the child and their parent, that no other man or woman can fulfill in the same way. For as a child continues to form and grow, he is dependent upon both mother and father magnetically. He becomes fixed in the world by the corresponding relationship between the two parents. And he can do this because of his intimate association prior to being born. Much later on in life, when parents have departed, the child/man shall know the loss more acutely than with any other (in this sense). They shall feel 'fixed' in the world quite differently. 

Equally so, if the small child has not the actual presence of their mother or father around him, then he shall suffer weakness of which, later on he may interpret as deficiencies of character, confidence, self-worth and identity. For deficient in part, he will be.

This is not to discount the loving adoptions which may help heal the growing individual, for this is another kind of care again, particularly structured.

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