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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Open Circle- 18th November 1992

CONSPIRACIES usually begin with good intentions, i.e. the cause is heart-motivated, the men believe that they are just and correct - and most of (not all) the powerful influencing bodies within the world are ill-prepared for the oncoming freedoms which shall be known to men in the not-so-distant future.

Many groups are crippled and enslaved by an extraordinary being which craves satisfaction on its terms. It almost cannot be avoided: the situation where sometime down the track a body of men so formed, will attract to it a being whose nature is complementary and exact to that of theirs.

This surely is a test for pure love. For if it is ambition which presides beneath the words or false longings, then the men will become gruesomely exaggerated and propelled along an accentuated progression. 

From this point of view one can envisage why some groups chose to be select and 'closed', believing that differentiation was imperative to uphold the purity of said group.

In the broader sense there are, of course, parallels here with that notion of civilized/Christian etc. families, also being protected from 'contaminated' thought or men. And there are reasons for such implications. The basic premise may be warranted, but overall will not work. However, men will fight to maintain and try to secure, for they are not quick to realize change in any respect.

Each to his own? Unlawful interference is often the consequence of such bigotry. Bigotry and fear exist because of the needs and persuasions of the group entity. If one could release the men from their grafted allegiance, they would find that the unsanitary hatefulness would simply melt away. 

It is unfortunate to admit how readily we as individual men, can be enticed and 'taken in' as it were, by all kinds of exterior motivations and influences. For although in part, we may have leanings or prerogatives, we are so easily hinged onto levels of extremes, afore unimagined.

As for the question of threat to our friends and our work: as with all dangers the greater ones to guard for, are from within rather than without. For one can only try to do their level best within the outer world, and if interrupted then the equation of karma rests with those who have caused the grief. If one is blameless then the work holds fast and good; it is rather the dangers as alluded to, which may creep up upon any aspiring group at any time.
Yet, to diversify for a moment, that body of men, the greatest body of men: Humanity as a whole, is quite free from one overpowering demon, and is yet to acknowledge their God. We work and pray for unification, and yet the upside to this mass being divided off into so many countless ranges of being, is that the creature/entities of Men cannot get a grip on the overall body. Meanwhile, if it is to be Christ who shall 'gather them in' we may relax for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years!

Returning to the 'group' question:- One cannot get away from the suggestion of a group, for it appears to occur naturally, either of the moment or with regular session. Whether named or not, there shall be a group, particularly if the common interest and involvement is this writing. And so what may we expect, this time? You must realize that if we all waited for perfect men to partake in such work then the work itself would be hollow. Furthermore we are crossed because of those factors which predetermine the quality of such a group almost as from the first.

Obvious corruptions are not of issue at all. Be of good cheer. (Too repetitive am I? Well, it is meant.) When the men or women of a group become so serious that they cannot share a smile, you may pick that something has gone dreadfully wrong. If the light has gone from their faces and the joy of involvement is tired and displaced, one may be alerted too. It does not matter what the group may be formed around, the men must willingly be so involved. Beware of the serious conceit, the hushed tones, the gravity which is self-bound.

How often there becomes - particularly in esotericism - groups within groups, as they necessarily narrow down.

However, we must clearly do as our Master would have us do, and dare to embrace all. One may choose to be 'locked-in' to a multitude of divisive participations, or conversely, remain free of even the thought of such divisions, and absolve the heart from all restrictions. Definitely a case of the group you have when you are not having a group! 

If we refer back into mainstream humanity then we are so lost within a crowd, our ego is released. Our joy may be in natural wonder, in the heart of the moment, with whom we are with - irrespective of expectation. For the ego relationship with a group god or demon is one which requires such sacrifice, as all attention elsewhere is undue. A man may not stop to breathe the air, but that he does it in the name of the group. 

At the other extreme, if men are not driven and appear impractical, non-committed to a cause, then one may suggest that these quiet souls are impervious to the direct designs. However, they are few. For every man you know of shall seek to adhere his allegiance to his favorite football team, race or star-sign.

This sense of belonging is understandable, especially when men are 'marked' similarly and those corresponding similarities bounce for joy when in immediate orbit of one another. However, in the broader, larger sense of the question regarding political determinants etc., there are secret lodges whose fixation is to change the worldly currency, and participate within the affairs and exchanging wealth of men. The aspirants need not be directly involved, but their intentions are to color history their way, that certain conditions prevail. And there is an enormous pushing and pulling in tensions around the Globe.

From our point of view such involvement is perilous. Perhaps, to enlighten further, we can add, that even with the advantage of clairvoyant foresight, and even with the powers of will overpowering that these lodges endorse, and even with their undying loyalty unto themselves, they rarely accomplish what they set out to do - they are frustrated in many a turn of fate. Yes they interfere abominably. And there are as many secret lodges as there are countries in the world, usually territorial - and for good reason. 

In the years to come there shall be such an influx of knowledge that even these lodges will become bewildered. Besides which, the kingdoms are responding in their own way to certain change, overall. There is a revolt between the lower world and all that is good, substantial and holy. For men need be awake, truly awake, that they may begin to participate in the makings of their own destiny.

So many 'good' groups have soured in time. This should not deter us, for it is not the group itself, but that which formed the group which is important.

One can only proceed with clear intention, and from time to time review that intention. We can and do, deflect back a preposterous amount of nuisance devilry. We are good at that. We do not charge or 'make waves', but indeed may answer all oncoming attack. Good living, quick responses! That is as far as esotericism goes.

But when it comes to the exoteric arena there are such tragedies, sins of neglect, as well as sins of obtuse violence. Suffering unleashed, a helplessness and hopelessness - souls entering into heaven daily who are so broken, bent with dismay. Men must tend to men, and for all of our discourses we hope to stir and incite the 'better man' within. It is as a cultivation which slowly comes upon a man.

Men naturally respond to that which they know to be correct: that which is intrinsically and empirically correct. The whole truth, nothing but the holy truth - the whole.

The monks who would educate the lay, knew that their order was free from enslavement as long as they gave back to the world. The circle was never fully closed: the provision for a greater Humanity.

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