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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blessed Be...- 13th August 1992

BLESSED be the meek, for it is they who do not impact the verdant Earth. It is they who would not bruise even a peach or pry the flesh from the heart.

Blessed be those who know not cruelty, whose attitude recoils from the hardship of criticism's burdens. That they would ne'er intend to mock, cajole or even offend. . . and treasure their words well spent.

Blessed be all those who weep, in sympathy or struggle dear. The anguish borne depletes the spirit, and may give way to anger and embitterment if they are allowed to cry alone. May they who sorrow know the sweet breath of hope in answer to all prayer.

Blessed be the pious, who with stalwart forbearance uphold the mighty frame of an ever trembling humanity. May they receive ten strengths from Heaven, and know the courage which defies the doubts that run side-stream. Such courage is all the new world requires as foundation.

Blessed be the righteous who have fallen, that we consider those who in lapse, now misgiving, have gone against themselves to provide for an unworthy sin. That they do not acknowledge this lament to be stuck as tar upon the self, but cleanse the guilt through betterment once again.

Blessed be those who seek judgment on their brothers, as perhaps it shall come to them precisely why their brothers have fallen. And too, may they be correct and mindful that penalties are such, that all men who do commit opinion are immediately reviewed themselves.

Blessed be all worldly produce: may the bounty be full and pleasing to men. That the plants give their best and so nurture us well, and concurrently the soil will be tilled with thanksgiving and dutiful respect. May we honor this Nature which sustains our friends, our fellows and our families; and abide no injury upon her face, no insult upon her beauty.

Blessed be the dark in heart, for those with few illumined recesses. . . We pray that they shall overstep their forlorn aloneness and come cautiously out of such degradation, as is the poverty imposed by evil. We call all men to be of humanity, that they do not flinch or shy away from those images of Man adorned: Man in his proper place. That they will permit Christ Himself to enter into their stifling captivity; that He shall soften the armadillo armor-shell; that He shall bring tears to a countenance parched by heartlessness; that He shall strip thee of false dignity and pompous costume, that thee become once more the man that you rightfully are; that He answer your wonderings and prove all expectations feint when compared to the grand reality of being; that He shall comfort your spirit with a presence that heals all harm and loves with great pity; that you may awaken to the true and magnificent quest which awaits the order of you and yours, and all associated kingdoms combined.

Blessed be the troubled, who with no particular affliction, cannot make their way in the world. That they may perceive such worry to hearken to but an inner life- whereupon all motivation is derived. For those who are caught so within the physical realm and persuaded too heavily that that is all there is of spirit, the heart is heavy and optimism dashed repeatedly. And so, for such who are windswept and troubled, may they find self-governance and observation of the deeper mysteries which permeate the world. May they awaken to the unity and remarkable cooperation of all such living detail. That they may marvel at such explicit design, and regain their enthusiasm for true reality.

Blessed be those who are happy. May the sublime continue through their days; and they retain some part of the joy they now experience, and keep it for the not-so-happy days. Be it a promise of prospects which transpose sorrow. Glad they be, and glad again. This we wish for our fellow men.

Blessed be the overly-strict: they who with whip and cane, blaspheme themselves with torturous insults and condemnation. May they too soften with that love which oversteps all minor imperfections as do accompany all men; which until by Grace are unburdened. It is the lenience of Heaven which proclaims "Enough!" and "No more!" be the pain of sin endured. Finally, when we are reprieved, we cannot take the cause totally from self, for the desire and inclination to err is within our understanding. It cannot be both ways, for if we understand it not, there becomes a void to be answered (by experience); and if it is (which it is)- that we intimately know those ways of error- then we are one virtue short of perfection!

Blessed be the sick and the waning: That the physical afflictions dissolve and unharness themselves from such corrupted flesh. That with pneu life they are reborn; their vitality regained and no longer as poison to them. We pray for those who suffer pain and fear of pain, that this be eased by a sweet sleep which shall restore them completely; and that each and every one shall draw beloved Christ afore them; that He shall touch their feeble frame, and by His Presence the demons of sickness shall not remain.

Blessed be those who are stricken with insanity: For those with fevered or extinguished intellects, those who are caught between worlds, but bound to Earth; those who are disgraced by an abandoned consciousness. We pray that they return to normalcy. We pray that those conditions be such, that all madmen may literally 'come to their senses', and that by the grace of the virtues they shall make clean and good their heart to withstand evil. May the accompanying demons be flung from their personage and restoration made.

Blessed be the grateful, who with meager share do not scorn God, but bow in humble servitude, pronouncing all offerings to be good. For the grateful do not offend God, but appease Him. It is only to the grateful that much is given. . . and verily is. All souls know of this, and it is to a realization of our soul's aspect, that we must align and accord. It is only gratitude that we may offer back; such gratitude shall empower service and each dedication.

Blessed be those who scheme, for they shall surely be most surprised come the day of their reckoning!

Blessed be the dead. May we pray for their serenity and acknowledge the purpose of the lives which they had. In fond and loving recall we give thanks for their being, and express to all who are now deceased, our desire to further our ongoing companionship. If there was misunderstanding or even grief which cut between us, it is time to lay all grievances down and commit them to the folly of error. May they be 'lively' in all aspects divine, and know of our appreciation, for they did give of themselves to us and to the world.

Blessed be the argumentative, may they control the tongue of scorn and cease to use words as weapons in some imagined contest of will and concept. That the aggravation known by them and caused by them, be quietened with a happiness which defeats all upset, general or otherwise.

Blessed be the Administering Angels and all of their lovely counterparts. Praise be unto them for the velocity and width and breadth; from shining continent to banded horizon; with graceful tempestuousness, with spirit wild and yet contained. Duty-bound to men, honor placed in God, we thank all such beings who make up the world.

Blessed be the future of men. We pray for safe passage out into the unknown. That although we conject and contrive we are ever reminded of those hindering uncertainties - and for these we do pray that men shall be relieved, and that God shall further His commitment to us, as He has done all along.

Blessed be all simple men, may they be protected from the vile and the corruptive elements. May they who are in innocence, walk as if in effervescent light, one which startles demon and foe. And when approaching the Mysteries, we pray that their hearts be good, strong and dependable.

Blessed be the ugly of soul - the man who hath fallen, the specter who stalks the mirror-Earth. We pray that there be consolation for such wretchedness. We ask for furtherance, that the mold as was man, may be reformed. And we weep for them as mothers would weep, and ask for their repentance, that they again be in likeness to beauty, to God.

Blessed be the attractive: Who as magnet draw such men because of nobility, charisma, fame or desirousness. That they may withstand the pressures of an elevated status, whereby they shall be used again and again. For adoration may be tiresome and to most is not preferred. The burden is much when so many gravitate and would dearly hold on to, that they be beneath such direction. We pray that this responsibility is managed well, and that those men who attract others unto themselves, hold strength of character to withstand the temptations of abusing such credit and approval.

Blessed be the deformed who wear the shame of mankind, that we should be so fragile. For the man who is incomplete bears much which his brothers have afflicted. May they be cared for well, and as well as in charity, in duty also.

Blessed be the World, and from all of her suffering may she arise triumphant as a beacon to those who gave mankind possibility; and for those who dubiously watched on. May she be fulfilled.

Blessed be our Father and His Son, Who by Their Grace and Their Love we belong in actuality. We give thanks for our life and all life which does embrace us, and we pray that we become worthy of the love we have received.


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