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Monday, August 9, 2010

Propriety Limited- 11th August 1995

ALL individuals have a right to privacy - their private individuality - which may well contradict another's title-holding to them, such as with family, with commerce or laws given to social and state positions placed within the assumed jurisdictions. It is a blessing that we or others, cannot storm in upon the thoughts of all else, uninvited and unempathetic, and foraying their inner seclusion. Each must do his own thinking, feeling and willing, dreaming and realizing, to choose and be as he sees fit, knowing his own heart and mind with far greater authority than those who would usurp it for their own, if given the occasion.

It is true to say that like attracts like, that we win love with love, respect, with the giving of respect; and gravity by measure of our own serious aspect.

We can assume from the start that all men mean well, that they are embellished with constant trying; whether mistaken or true, they happen upon their circumstance circumspect, loath to bring the heavens down upon them. Even reckless people, so named, are not so carefree as to deny their soul's margins. They are living on the periphery, for it is there that they feel placed, not because of defiance to life with incredulent scorn or apathy for life; they are rather, uncouth in their in involvement, skating at the edges as it were.

From man to man (as in one soul unto another) there are myriads of relationships which span the lifetimes, and weave a constant story. The value of soul-kinship brings to each endowments which could not be understood or made known through relationships with other kingdoms directly. Perceptions come to us because of realities shared and quite often forged by past hopes mutually built upon.

Modern thinking tells us that things are as we make them, that reality is as we do - in a manner of speaking. However, reality is realized by the power of two; and two or more may effectively call into being, whereas one on their own may not.

The higher angelic beings know us when we come to know ourselves as mirrored by another. Often the joy as expressed and received in company is directly related to those beings’ excitement who participate as from afar. It is as a light made possible by deflection, as the consciousness of one satellite, one man has been met with and is received by another. Effectively we become as suns and stars of their inner-reaches.

Likewise, such evolvement amongst men in communion, affects the animal realms quite also. For here the ego of man is rendered quiescent for a time, and it is during that episode that the animal-soul may begin to comprehend its parent, rather than by being excluded from the activity as it most normally is. It becomes as if the audible world produces words now understood, it is their way in, when there becomes such incorporation.

Further to this becomes the opportunity for evolvement in the passing on of various developments. As stipulated before, one may not make something out of nothing; we are in that sense, predestined to be what we are already, kept hid or manifest within our being. But subject to this is that we may lend some of that which comprises our beings, and share those qualities with another, thus transferring them by way of the signature keys. This is how a master may teach a pupil for example, how it is possible for the pupil to be brought much further than if he were to study by lone observation or merely with equivalent colleagues.

It works also to the principle of nutrition precisely. And it is natural for a man to seek the company of those who are in high commune, for the instinct for such ways to betterment is as old as his being. This is how he began and is compelled to continue.

Our Christ does not distinguish one love from another. Where He finds it He is. He has no preference to any particular Church or institution, nor union named or unnamed; He is not partial in His Nature. Love is the supplication, and the ennoblement of Man, it is the realization as it is the gateway through to all else.

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