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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Faith Spans the Futures- 13th August 1995

IF a man may hold even slightly to a possibility, that measure of faith shall bring him to a condition whereby the future may begin to unfold and make itself apparent to him.

In our physical development and our current status, there may be ways in which our senses and our thinking are quite unsuitable to the soul who has come to that divine logic which travels a broader reach. Nightly experiences during sleep may not form coherent pictures within the waking consciousness to the degrees known in the extraordinary senses. Various centers, physical organs, may require time for transition, when the inherited characteristics or past modalities within the system have been confronted by the inner man who has pressed ahead of his physical capabilities.

The renewal and revitalization of the constitution expresses the 'new' man, who has met with death and yet taken the road to change, rather than continue on with the repetition of the past. This reworking of the system takes time, however we are obliged to consent that our physicality is very much suffused by our very selves, and we may understand that debilitation is not vacancy, but rather a prelude to new forces which are to come and work within the man as he prepares.

The perception of our Christ at present, within this time and physicality, is at best dull. His occupation is filled with bringing to us the substances of our worldly reality and the substances of our heavenly traces. He does not emphasize Himself, but is 'hidden' in these substances which are all about us and known within us.

Were Christ another god, one to whom there required an obeisance to ego, He should have impressed us all with visions of His great being, albeit modified, that we should comprehend it. Universally there are galleries upon galleries of such gods who became hardened to all time - hardened in the sense that their first vision was to define their greatness and build upon it. 

The laws which apply to Man seemed to pertain to these heavyweights conclusively, that by the very process of retaining 'self' without the receiving of true life from without, they became sclerotic and slowed to the pressures and forces of change which inevitably came in upon them. Some sought to bring life into themselves by consuming it from others; then there were those too 'pure' to tolerate the lesser emanations. The results were the same, that the minor gods who ceased to draw willingly from the higher spheres became disparate and were overcome by sloth. Being so fixed in that which was their own creation (mainly themselves) they forgot to honor our Father God and their influences were thus diminished. 

The fairy folk play hide-and-seek with Christ because He is everywhere and nowhere. They are charmed by that kind of intrinsic magic, which to them is far more appealing than the fireballs and thunder shows given to the tensions in the angelic realms. The etheric realm is lit with that same golden richness which comes from a ripe and languid sun. It is the place of late summer days and then spring beginnings, with never a winter or an autumn to follow.

Then to the contrast, we may find in the World, the icy masses, impenetrable seas, the membrane of cloud, down to the baubles of dew. With perpetual reticulation, from aggregation into humidity, condensing and expiring, infilling and free-flowing, the transparent waters give form, though themselves are formless, being an immediate example of this paradox of knowing Christ well.

Illusive - why, even our saints are intrigued! The mystery and majesty never ceases. Necessarily Christ is way above and beyond us and cannot be totaled therefore by our perceptions. How then and why then? (As the question was asked.)

We are taught that much rests upon our own self-determination, inasmuch as it requires for men to desire and to accept the blessings of Heaven that they be administered. At any point a man has the freedom to be satisfied with who he is and has become, and just as the minor gods aforementioned, who did become immobilized by their own fixations, we too may mistake our own flash of divinity with the whole of Divinity, believing them to be one of the same.

Understandably this is attractive to man; it also is part of the parcel of knowing our God and our Christ. But still, as wonderful as it is, it is not enough without the added labor it requires to hold distinction, that we may find the Christ outside of ourselves and appreciate Him from the outside in, as it were, as it is also.

We began by discussing that Faith provided the bridge into the future, and here we find that the Christian faith is especially proven. It is the ticket onto the boat. It is the pilgrimage into the future. For the souls who have aligned themselves with Christ and go to Him in a confidence which is seemingly unjustified, there becomes an inspiration of possibility, because in that process they are instantly drawn out from themselves and so humbled.

When we come out to meet with Christ we return with new life, a life empowerment which wouldn't have been received had we not requested it. This Christ-life quickens within the Man in various actions, some which will continue on after death and enable him to incarnate quite differently further on. It is a matter of preparation. It is a matter of future.

It is not the naming of Christ which is so important. The name of Christ has gathered unto itself an attachment to Him and strength which does follow, but is not His true name. It is not His proper invocation. It has no universal patent.

When a man seeks to know Christ he has immediately conceded a great truth. He has also conceded his own humble standing in relation to a far higher and grander ego than his. Once again we may express the importance of this concession occurring within the psyche and intelligence of that man. The atheist defies God by his snubbing, with such stupidity which confounds the wisdoms which cannot reach into him. His willfulness sadly removes him from his own source of life; and in the case of Christ, once again the man who is not prepared to accept Him as his life, is going to 'miss the boat' time and time again.

So it is not a question of instantly knowing the unknowable, but rather an inner perspective for which we may identify the great soul of Christ as Lord over all, and prepare to receive His Ways in Man and for the World in preference to the challengers a'many to whom men may profess submission to.

Before the point of death a man shall have Christ before him, just as He stood at the side of the crib. As the memories trace back to this beginning of the lifetime, the man will know his Christ in the same way he could receive Him then. The little infant has not yet made fusion with an active ego, and receives his Christ with a heart and mind which are one. This experience will return again at the point of death, and is most fitting, because the soul of the man should know of the love which has contained and embraced him from his beginnings.

One can never predict those vital moments which come upon a man in his consciousness or in his activity. What may be foretold is that truths which are presented to him during the course of his life, remain within close proximity always after; that he has had the connection with them. So that whether or not he has come to consciously concede or comprehend such a valued truth, it is there nonetheless for that time in which he may come to know it.

Also the domino effect comes into play; particularly when circumstance (as in just prior to death) realigns the thinking in such manner that overturns the habitual reasonings. It can be that so many worthwhile offerings as brought to him by others who have come to their faith or their truths delighting in them, catch the intelligence and are made known as for the first time.

It is an especial privilege for the one who makes wishes for another, to witness this process of realization. It does happen this way frequently, because not only do our desires for another's wellbeing draw us closer in actuality and karma, but also after death we are privy to the consequences as well.

The fervor which comes to 'Christianize' the World is far from being selfish; without it the World would be barren, it could not prepare to receive Him further.

As pictures which flit before the mind's eye too rapid to be seen, we glimpse the future's horizon, and we know that He is there ... Though His silhouette is barely visible, His Love is known by us and will carry the infant Man through into the reaches of faith and then ... beyond.

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