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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jump for Joy!- 18th June 1995

THE power of life of that which is the precursor and precedent, the true foison and surge from which ennoblement must follow, this force, above all sub-forces is: youth, strength and the impulse behind all creativity.
So it has been that men seek to contain and direct the holy impetus. To do so effectively, a man becomes godlike and god-imbued.

There are times whereupon the strength shall pour in upon this man and he shall bathe in these powers; indefinably the contrast here is attested to personally, yet impromptu does it ramify and congest within his soul-self. Spiritual supplication is as the rarefied air of the mountain, and the giddiness which takes us from this world into the upper ethers of soul comes from the essences of time becoming active. 

If we have known such elation invoked by prayer or by rapturous occasion, when in humility we have foregone our own exertions of ego for a time, it shall happen that by such surrendering of self we may receive the higher forces and be pleasantly overwhelmed and worked over anew. The essences so remarked upon belong to the memory of self which has carried through over countless incarnations, through journeys which began on starry satellites long lost to greater dusts, and it is that there are those distillations we still contain from former times and former selves which are as a richly marbled iridescence, kept pure from lesser concentrates. 

Our minds rarely perceive this 'essential self', just as supposing that the flower gives scent but cannot of itself smell that scent disposed, and would that it were collected and thus pooled to great strength, there still should be no 'nose' in bud to know it any better than it does. Etherically the action of any flower may be identified by itself, to itself and from itself. However when it may 'kiss the cheek of the sun' as it reaches its mouth to the sky and expires the scent, then, as warmth and essence meets, there is a perfume which was never so complete afore the fiery action. In other words, there is a relationship between the essence and that which works upon it that it be realized.

The essence becomes fragrance with the forces within the warmth and becomes matured thereby, whereas there are 'green' qualities to those essential scents which are kept contained and retained tight within the properties. Similarly a man and his effluence becomes radically stimulated into mature properties which are enhanced outside of the immediate self, and in activity upon all different levels there are episodes and examples of this principle - such as with the essences extracted from times in his past being into present time. 'Spiritual' experience may be gleaned anywhere, given that the conditions are right, and no less in the physical realm, for as it may be inferred most deeply, the spiritual worlds are ever present and awaiting our advances.

As discussed, the 'goodness' to be had in the clouds, in the stars, in the heart, is 'goodness' itself, and not just implied in the parcel containing. This is true. Contrariwise, there are elements of spiritual goodness always present where life is manifest, and where death wins over, all love shall succeed onto a higher plane saving that goodness in transition. So in our remains of memory, in that essential self left over, we have only that goodness which is known; only that experience from which we have prospered and enlivened to God.

Such essences become active when impressions are drawn into the depths of one's being which correspond to the essences, and by this we shall become, eventually spiritually mature in this. For example: A man may have traveled to many lands and peoples but never found true sanctuary or 'belonging' amongst his own or those further out. Then unlike his former experience within the world, he is once again content in a place, although he knows not why or from where such contentedness arises. The landscape is of pleasing proportions, he is stimulated, invigorated and jubilant. He would prize the soil, he would cherish each landmark with an affection deep and grand. 

This is not unknown to many people, that they have returned to a place which there was great love known to them in a previous life. When the recognition works within the consciousness and stirs the memories so happily, the man begins to experience himself as he matures in relation to the present place in present time. Alike to the flower who does not have the wherewithal to sniff the scent, he has, until met with the present, not known his past being. It has been contained within his ego, defined and contrasting to the greater world at large - but now it is hearkened out! There are corresponding joys which he may find himself; and find himself he shall!

Most folk presume that the recollections from past detail are to be necessarily of pain and of hardship and of all of those outstanding sadnesses which chequer the joys of the toil. Admittedly there are the sharpening stones and dubious corruptions, which along the way characterize the wisdoms won. Yet what is often misunderstood, as well might, is that hardship is not retained by the soul or in the essential man; it is ever transmuted and dignified, and that which is ingrained with a permanence is that of God and naught else.

The joy of man, as given by God, defies the Devil. He has no place for it, no understanding of it. He is serious beyond measure, but not common to the elations of joy past or present.

If we review our occupations we may ask of our involvements, is there a joy known inspired with such transaction? For there are desires a’many which lead men into employments, prosperous or void; but is there a joy to the soul expired to firstly? A joy which is before the fulfillment of the desire.

There is a transverse action here, that we may love what we do therefore, not because of what we receive from our investment, but that we are in love with the present, right in the heart of each minute involved. In this circumstance a man brings the past to spiritually mature with the present. Our travelled man does not simply go on from one place to another with the next address further fixed in his consciousness whilst frequenting the present. Furthermore, he does not stay in order to go back in time - i.e. he does not seek satisfaction purely from past recall. It is that he has found his place in the here and now and knows it to be so. 

Exactness in the present is ordinarily difficult to maintain. All men oscillate, for stability in this regard would be deathly. The reason for this is that whilst it is within our natures to move in and out of a past consciousness, past reasoning with past affinities into the present and onto the future (and we do this millions of times a day) (yes, millions) it would be stultifying to be fixed solely in the present, or lost to a future that pre-empts our experience. Man is a fluid being, ever moving, and we rely upon that expediency of being that we may continue on with a past, present and future self, honoring all accordingly.

J.P. has asked a question about whether or not we may reincarnate as Christians, given that we consciously give ourselves to Christ this lifetime. And will we be guaranteed to be born amongst Christians or should experience count for otherwise?

Certain knowledge of Christ is reaffirmed after death with qualifying vision won by faith. Any truth so great (of which there are few - the greater, the fewer, of course) cannot help but be of great and lasting consequence to an individual, who believes now that he may believe always. There are those realities which by contrast are dimly sensed, yet undeniable also. Given that the being of Christ meets us after death with an unforgettable presence of Compassion and pure Love, we are obliged to retain such memory and carry it over into the subsequent incarnation.

There are souls who choose to be placed in amongst cultures who are naive to His impact, however progressively the World will come to Christ; in the not too distant future and all men will identify Him in the very least. Different ages will bring with them the realization of His different attributes, and the commitment as pledged in the early years until now, will be unusual to what we now know. Steadily He shall be recognized in the World itself, His presence will be plucked from biologies and naturalisms. With this, a man may not work to know him inasmuch as He shall become as obvious to Man as the Sun in the sky. However the importance and the being of Christ may not be particularly discerned for many ages hence. 

To be entrusted with a glimpse of His Being motivates a man to seek Him yet further. For these individuals there shall be a good fabric to work upon ever yet further on, that the zeal for His discovery be increased. The others, who do not come to Him of their own meaningful measures will find Him nonetheless; but entranced by the overall rapture of the reality, they shall be disinclined to look further, being hastily prepared and unfit to penetrate the mysteries deeper.

Mysteries there are - one simple and profound truth that extends all the way back to our Father God's being, Mysteries of Christ's own knowledge - His fulcrum - and then further to His Future design. Within the next thousand years all men will be born as self-titled Christians, but the way in which He is perceived and received shall be of immense importance for Man to differentiate.

The consciousness of Man really requires an educated appreciation in order to begin to interpret the spiritual Worlds and the Christ which permeates them. There shall be forces within men which drive out the inclinations to inquire or make objection, and therefore to properly realize - and not only the intellect and its finery will be prone to abandonment, but the true nature of the heart may be lost to all of this also.

If the Antichrist had no audience he would not be as fearful as he is. We have seen impressions in the future which would caution us to the susceptibility within mankind for sleepiness - a non-discriminatory acceptance without valid appreciation. Usually this comes because of immaturity rather than laziness; and it happens that men would miss the fireworks for want of a match.

On the brighter side, it can be said that good men who have the drive to share the 'good' word - i.e. that they by their action of realization, of stern and mindful prayer, constancy and denial of autocratic disposals (honoring Christ before men) - these crusaders, wherever their charge, shall assist to orientate the world into that leaning a little closer to God.

And what does He ask of us? That we believe and that we may love one another as He does all souls. The criterion is plain. Therefore you may ask, why then must we work towards such a conscious winning of the Christ? Why look further than what we have?

The answer comes like this: Christ loves all men alike and if they believe in Him they shall, by their own will, permit His Grace upon them. May they know it? That is another matter and another man. The man who may meet his belief with a knowledge which is qualified by effort and intent, in weighing through each precious finding, and then furthermore with the imparting of each inspiration onto others, that man meets with the Christ in Mind. In Heaven, such conductivity translates into that realm of perfect reasoning, the experience of truths which are there finally to be met with and gained by their reality. The conscious seeker is rewarded for his yearnings, and brought to houses he had formerly gone to in the workings of his imagination. 

The Churches which support Christ may at times fall into error when they artificiate law, requesting obedience to men before obedience to Christ. This happens more often than noticed, as it is a dynamic of selfhood that we 'come in by the back door' as they say, rather than the direct and obvious door. The inference offered is that men require lesser laws as they desire them to fulfill their existence, whereas these stipulations are empty if not understood by each individual's heart and concern. 

Repetition alone will no longer take you into Eternity - wherewith the matins without celebrating each morning? It is the exaggeration of a pronounced and active believer which will lunge further the greatest advance; he who uses mind to receive his Christ, where and when he can. 

It is a pity when the sense of the mystery has left the men who proffer the Mystery. May we inspire them to desire to know, pray God, our Christ in full consciousness, to love Him moreso, for the more we shall find of Him, truly the more there shall become of us, now and forever.


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