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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Perfection of the Physical, & the Toronto Bashings- 25th June 1995

THE astral domain and substance of this planet is sub-physical, being 'beneath' the etheric and physical cultivations - the plasmas are orientated to being lesser developed and further removed from the spiritual worlds than the physical/etheric system. For indeed, it is the World in combination - the Astral/Physical World (predominantly astral) as distinct from the Physical/Etheric plane, which is announced physically because of astral qualification.

Our physical 'presence' is mirrored in the stars, born of starry fluids which gravitate unto the Globe. The planet’s being is manifest because it has become encased in astral/physical plasmas which mirror the physical/etheric reality.

It has been assumed that the Physical World properties are as 'low' as you can go, being titled as gross and underdeveloped substance. What is not taught ordinarily is that such manifested substances do not perform alone, but in conjunction with each other they are borne. As with us, they are what they are in relation to each other so realized. This principle extends into the advanced regions also. The body of soul and the body of spirit may be addressed similarly. The spirit’s existence is mirrored within the substance of the soul constantly. There are physical/soul properties too and accordingly the substance here is developed quite differently in relation to this.

As yet the physical world is not defined at all. It is not what it will be; it is in the throes of making - being neither here nor there, if you get the picture.

The astrality, the higher astrality, is primordial whilst the etheric properties are actually 'older', if it could be placed in those terms; whilst the enspirited physical world is yet tender to perfect realization, having not been fulfilled in being as yet, for it requires the development of Man in order to do so. The perfected result will move further away from the lower astral sheath whereupon it rests, and it will become more identified with its Creator's etheric fabric, which cradles the spirit/soul most perfectly.

Comments on the "Toronto Blessing" phenomenon:

If I interrupt the power supply, disturbing the current from an electric appliance, it will surrender its conductivity and recommence with a surge when resumed. The force of surge shall be irregular in relation to the previous constant and there is the possibility of overload and burnout to those more sensitive components of such equipment.

This practice used to be a popular comedy amongst heathens- for heathens who remained heathens long after the Act. It had no ramifications of betterness being guaranteed simply because of its out-of-body manipulation quirking the individuals. It did however, predispose men and women to epilepsy, narcolepsy and incoherent mutterings.

Our connections with this World should be valued and certainly not toyed with by another’s instigating. Whosoever succumbs to this parody has entered into a relationship with the performing magician who has caused the initial collapse. All of the people he has tampered with are now softened to his will and instruction furthermore. Whilst it cannot be said how far the misuse of this capacity extends, nor shall we cite particulars, it is to be warned of possible consequences which are well implicated in all such similar events.

Disincarnating is a serious undertaking. It is contrary to our liveliness and our wakefulness. Whilst it is true to say that portions of a man disincarnate and regenerate remarkably and constantly, it must be acknowledged that the wonderful ribbons of consciousness and being are conspiring around that man and his soul-status - and yes, because of Christ, the lesser gods… and the bodies of Angels also; yet all the while in accordance with his Higher Self at all times.

Only in the case of violent interruption - accidental death, murder or abortion - do we find that temporarily the coherent forces within a man become unraveled. The harmonies are unsettled and the soul is pained as it moves to continue on. Although the effect is nowhere near as drastic as homicide, when these Toronto 'bashings' preside, we find that the connections are momentarily severed and the bliss which is experienced is the very reconnection as it were.

The folk have not been given anything that they did not have before, when they first walked in the door - they had it taken from them and then returned. It may be argued that they have been brought to consciously examine the miracles that they are, however the trade-off is that they have enfeebled their constitution's stronghold thereby and given the keys to their house to another soul, who if not himself, has dubious friends with less trustworthy regard.

As a matter of faith the manifestation of Life is the miracle. We have never subscribed to electroshock therapy for mental duplicity, nor do we endorse these shocking assaults, which are of themselves to no good purpose and an insult to God.

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