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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Trinity of Water, Light & Fire- A Love Triangle- 8th April 1993

The prize is the Crown,
The eye is the stone,
Many eyes for many worlds,
This spoke, thus spoke,
Thus is, this throne.

Do eyes look out,
Or should eyes see in?

There is naught but for light,
For the vision to win;
And this light falls outside,
And it shines from within.

HIGHER than communicative frequencies there is light: pure light. By definition one could call it extraordinary light, essential in spirit to that light which illumines our world. It is there for the calling. Light transcends everything it comes unto, and amorphises all realities.

Within the light live countless beings who are not to be contrasted by our experience. It is as but a window into miniscule legions who are visible to some; borderline to heavenly recesses.

There are Angels who dwell within the light itself- some to whom it is possible to converse with. They are to be found in humid spots where moisture and light intermingle. It was to these that the great artists addressed calling for their secrets of illumination. So often one may catch the light as it were, depicted in a great painting, actually streaming from the painting itself- from the eyes, from the countenance, from the skies, etc. For such works are not just color upon color, nor shade upon hue, but also with aspect of light. Those who were obedient to such light in principle mastered their depictions of visionary reality.

As too when making study of sculptured form, there is an enormous exchange of light from this and that surface; the difference of which is found by contrasting art to the expressionless form of a shop dummy. It is the light and dark which implies a living spirit. This is why translucent marbles or jades were preferred in great works, enhancing the implied life to an otherwise inanimate form.

The body of light becomes a vehicle for cosmic raying impulses which drive into the matter of the world by such passage. Such emanations within emanations, vary depending upon higher conjunctions, geographical vestibules, reservoirs of influence, in situ to the immediate hemisphere.

For example: light can contain within it remnants of that which it has passed through before reaching that destination to which we focus upon. It has an infinity of space, it has a totality of comprehension. Light, pure light, is distinct and separate to qualifying space; it transcends such realities, it permeates them, they are obedient to it.
The spirit of water provides us with an essential returning to our condition of oneness. It by nature, unifies, incorporates; it is as the blood of all! Water is significant to the ego of our Father God Himself; and this we respect. His Principal Being lent itself to that of Water.

Light is distinct from Water, it is manifestly active and by its nature is distinction. Life unfolds through light. Light may contain all and yet the mystery is that it singly illumines. We may be selective in life because of the properties light individually provides. To distinguish thus is provision for activity. Each gradient of light meets, impacts, one thing unto another. There is an interaction of awareness, a consciousness, a relationship, all because of the properties of illumination. This in the Trinity, is of the Son for it is Christ who encompasses all of the world, and yet also brings to it individual distinction whereupon all small details are significant. There becomes the activity of individuality within the all-binding fluidal purity of God.

Thus the ancients revered glass, clear glass, as depicting solid representation of holy water. How remarkable, thought they, of the manufacture of great holy qualities. It appears, but does not appear to appear, when perfectly clear! And then by tinctures of substance, came colorants for the sun to pass through and bring colors upon. These colors illuminated - be them of Mars or of Mercury, the body of the Sun itself, etc. - these colors beheld in the glass explain to us also, something of the property/influences as carried upon the light itself.

There is a further mystery in manifestation, that which is most usually overlooked. It is that of the holy linkages: that matter itself is not despicable in reality, but holy and spiritual firstly, in actuality. If we cannot arrive at such solemn respect for that which daily greets us we may not receive fully the blessings which the graciousness of life does warrant. Life is, as it were, a total package!

Therefore, one may distinguish many views with much detail, but only after the acceptance of 'the reality of oneness' as is so commonly referred to today. Every speck is valuable. Light itself is not selective, it does however, enable us to be so.

Physical matter is as a ghost to heaven. It so rapidly comes and goes, it does dissolve - it is the sheath of our expression - it is motivated, it is imbued, and it is holy because of holy decree. Physical matter is spun out from the stuff of etheric fiber and watery mass - with one other principle, as yet unmentioned: the fires of Divine Will.

Thus we have now the Trinity:-


- that is: Divine Water, Divine Light and Divine Fire.

See how the passive light opposes the active fire? The principles of these three may be experienced singly in meditation.

The experience of the Divine Fires of the Divine Will is that of the motivating quickening to life; that which provides the strength and the leverage to enable us to open the lids of our eyes; that which inspires breath, that for which combustion follows and exertion exerts.

These three principle realities are known to the spirit wherever he travels. They are there. Come plane, come sphere, come globe, come world: water, light and fire are both manifest and manifestative. They may not be apparent or active, however, they are nonetheless there. These three principles are essential and predisposing to Cosmic Laws. They are holy and intrinsic characteristics which move in and around the structures of definitive laws. Manifestation is obedient to certain laws, however they - the laws - are obedient to the Trinity.

I shall go to the water's edge,
And thank Thee for my being.
I shall light my little candle,
And see how the fire does consume it.

I shall praise the light -
And regard the fires with stern respect,
For too much life becomes as death,
As clarity itself, you cannot see -
As light on light, too bright for me.


  1. Fascinating, purely fascinating. We have a Father in common, and it seems He has shown you much. I happened randomly on these pages while google searching for pictures of clouds. The amount of thought and wisdom contained here has sparked life into me. Perhaps there is more at work here than carnal coincidence.

    It really is a shame that there seem to be no comments or interest in these writings from other individuals. I myself am astounded and highly intrigued by all these thoughts and concepts. I look forward to reading them all. I would also really enjoy talking to and getting to know you, I'm sure we could have some unique discussions.

    Light, and Christ, through His sacrifice and presence in our souls once we accept Him, is the method by which we perceive and recognize Fire and Water. Fire, I believe, is symbolic of the Holy Ghost of God. For Fire does not only consume, it purifies. That which can withstand the Fire, such as gold or diamond, (simply in the interest of communicating the metaphor, while realizing that to the Holy One all physical matter is fleeting regardless of how humans perceive it), is purified and made more acceptable, more Holy. So the soul that clings to the Father will be tried by His Spirit, and the Spirit will divide and discern the nature of the soul, to find what its intentions are. That which is corrupt, weak, and wicked, will be consumed utterly. While that which at its core is pure and good, will be made manifest by Fire, and witnessed by the revealing of the Light in the souls of those who see it. Fire is a source of light, but it is not that Pure Light. Fire sheds light on the physical world, just as the Holy Spirit sheds light on those who know not of the Pure Light. At the same time that the Fire goes out into the world, consuming that which is corrupt, it sheds light upon the corrupt things it consumes, creating in them a recognition that Light exists. People who know nothing of God may still witness the working of the Holy Spirit, but they will not understand what it truly is. Still, inside their soul the Fire will awaken them to the existence of the Light, the Holy Spirit will create in them a desire to know Christ. Water is the Will of God, the Father. In the beginning when God created all things, the first thing present was The Waters. Water, like God, cannot be stopped. We may place blocks in it, we may try to bury it, but it will still flow, it will find a way to achieve its end.

    Of course I am open completely to these same metaphors being interpreted a different way. With God, Wisdom and Truth are alive. It is possible that Fire represents the Father, or that Water represents Christ. All depends on where the individual is in their relationship with God. Different people can see the same Truth from different angles, and can be given two different meanings which may seem to contradict each other to the carnal mind. Still in the Soul we can recognize that both are true, and that the difference is simply a manifestation of our different identities. In this way two people can receive more Wisdom than one, and share it with each other. That is, of course, the main reason i would be delighted to know and converse with you further. Please send me an e-mail sometime.

    Jess Warren

  2. Hi Jess,
    Nice of you to drop by - with some very positive things to say.
    Yes, the Holy Spirit is associated with Fire, not Light.

    "Water is the Heavenly Ego manifest, and it is the Heavenly Ego that negotiates and contains all other egos within, that we can come together and mix and mingle as we do in a landscape of differing yet corresponding being. It is because of our combining affiliate with our all-encompassing Heavenly Ego that we do not simply repel each other out into the reaches of an infinite distance; and because of this egoic binding, influences may harmonize, some amongst may gratify, and the lives of all do obey the greater laws."

    Yes, Water was there before the Creation. "In the beginning" is translated correctly as "In the Principle".

    I hope I am able to answer any other questions you may have.



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