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Friday, March 12, 2010

An Invitation- 1993

THERE has been but one message handed down and put to the advanced and not so advanced among men, and that is namely: of the solidarity of all men.

It is inconceivable that one should choose suicide out from his own. It is, as the Earth tremors with tensions which are essentially reflective of the inner conflicts of Man, irreconcilable to God that men are divided in any way. We do not deny individuality, we rejoice in individuality, for by such distinctions we are what we are. But let it be heard yet again until heard aright:-

No prize and no package may make up for a lost humanity, and no being other than Christ is qualified to be as Chief Example, as a Living Vision for Men as their future.

There is such a thing as corrupt and distorted esoteric truth, many may have refuted this, many are content to eat putrefied fruit and relish its soured juices. But we can tell you there is better to be had and that there are men who wish only the best for you; and offer it freely.

So if you may awaken for time enough to make a start on these works offered, we hope and pray that they are made valuable to your soul, who infills by such issue.

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