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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Selling Spiritual Wisdom- 16th March 1993

QUITE often in these matters divisiveness manifests in opinion and rests upon personal circumstance. "To be kept in the manner you are accustomed." Comparisons of dollars - one dollar, one thousand dollars - is only relative, and subjective to the value of its system in relation to the people from whom it is extracted. And so the question does not pertain to 'suitable amounts' from respectable people, but rather if there is indeed a case for any money to be levied with the disclosure of profound mystery.

Let us go back and examine the consciousness of a child, whereupon true prosperity - which is in no way relative to the wealth of money - is open to Heaven's offerings, without shame, without questioning. Just as the chicks open beaks for mother/father bird to drop morsels in, we are expectant of all loving grace to come to us, this is natural to us.

It is unnatural to believe oneself to be so downcast as to be without love, without sustenance, without hope, without being worthy of having a prayer said or replied to. This, if you like to call it such, is true 'poverty consciousness'. What is natural to the child has become unnatural in the grown adult-child; and now, for now only, it appears natural for a man to believe that he is alone in the world, making his way for himself, earning a place; and independent to the rest of humanity.

So too does the adult-man declare that he is self-reliant - whereas nothing could be further from the truth. Strands of our being are as inseparable rays, so blended they are indistinguishable as one - space is naught. We are in every way, in every realm, and throughout every kingdom, dependent. We cannot for one moment set ourselves apart from the elements, the contributing organisms and etheric world, from our God, from our own humanity, from our 'essences' of humanity, from our higher selves; from our requirements, we may not divorce or alienate.

We rely on the governing spirits of the Globe: the angels who attend to every facet of earthly manifestation, and those angelic beings beyond. We are dependent upon souls that the temperature remain even and constant, that the winds are restrained, that the Moon is mostly deflected, that the orbit is protected from incoming spin-offs, that the soul of the vegetable kingdom does not depart and expire, and with it our earthly platter; that the overriding will which binds the organs in communal servitude does not depart and leave us as a marrowless, fleshless frame. There can be no argument between the crystal world and that of the flesh. Encroachment is prohibitive to reliable cohabitation. This is obvious.

Regarding money: We may begin to differentiate between need and surplus, whereupon capitalist law lends itself to the extremes of the ever-needy, and those who have more than enough to meet their requirements. Of course, there is freedom afforded within the provisions of this system to remedy this.

Moderate living standards imply different things to different peoples. Also many wish for personal achievement, advancement; and measure it in terms of their affordable 'lifestyle'.

However, there is a general rule for conduct: that one does honor a man in his own house. Therefore we must honor the laws and confinements which are contained in the house of our society, as practicably as possible. If one finds that the master of the house is disagreeable, then we may leave, but where practicable, our attentions and concerns must lie with the ordinances of the house we are currently in. Given that the monetary system is in place, as is, and regardless of its true value outside of its net of dependence, we must make choices relevant to economic barter, for the time being. It is a matter of making informed choices rather than denial of there being a monetary dependence at all.

Here is a clue: one can be very clear as to what exactly might merit the need for money. Tangibles to be hired or purchased warrant income, wisdom does not. The kettle to heat the water, to brew the beverage; the paper, the pen, the reproductions etc., these require contribution. You may distinguish these from the spiritual teachings which are aloof and independent of money - that is unless you yourself make it otherwise. For if one is to place any monetary value as a catalyst for the forthcoming of certain knowledge, i.e. "You shall pay me $X and I shall oblige you with this knowledge that you crave", then you have made such truth as from you, now married with a dependence to money- i.e. no money, no wisdom. And the 'wisdom' is muddied because it has been altered so, the purity is gone, and it has become but another ego-remnant of the world. Its divine vitality has diminished, in point of fact it barely throbs with a somber glow; and the men who receive it are ill-content, for it has not the promised merit and is not satisfying.

How can this be so, that connections are made by men, such as affect the deliverance of wisdom? Students of the inner worlds must begin to discriminate and 'feel out' what is right. Did you know that the same truth as is holy, delivered by an evil and corrupt individual, is so defiled that it may be as a poison in the world? Fortunately they are seldom privy to greater realities, let alone are so moved as to share them.

However, the point being that: all thought, and particularly spiritual truth, beautiful spiritual truth, is connected with its parent reality. When we call forth an aspect of wisdom, when we speak it, when we hold it in our meditation, when it evolves into an inspiration, if we sing it, if we impart it, as we experience it, it is always corresponding with that very reality of it - and we may know this, just as Heaven herself knows of our connections and experiences.

If we combine our soul/spirit experience of wisdom-truth with impure or mundane complications, we forfeit our relationship, we close the inner door - which is truly the truth itself - to that heavenly participation. Are you beginning to get the picture?

Spiritual wisdom will not be defiled; it withdraws and shall leave in its place a vague and empty mirror-representation which cannot be experienced directly by the soul. Now you must understand the complimentary and open attitude necessary for the giving and receiving of wisdom.

For all things of the world will perish, and only that of true value shall remain. Trust that you shall receive what you truly need. One does not give, however, in order to receive more; one gives because of the purpose: a need perceived and answered, is as a redemption for greed.

Honor that of the House of the World, honor too, that home enduring, of the spirit/soul . . . and know which requires what, without confusion of the two.

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