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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Gradient of Cyclic Law- 28th February 1993

CELESTIAL bodies cannot be held to physical definition, it is true. Moreover, such planetary beings who do manifest as spheres, oceanus bodies, and are inhabited, frequented, overrun by a multitude of vivarious onslaught - these spheres do not merely represent a spirit ensouled, but can be viewed as a free spirit taking many forms also. The greater paradox is the concurrent manifestation of expressive form. The more advanced the glorious being, the greater the details and specifics.

What is a sun to us, for all intents and purposes is but a formless representation - one upon which, much is assumed. His halo is magnificent and determines much wisdom accrued in and by the light-substance; and by that very being from which our sight is illumined, refuses to be envisaged or beheld with similar gravity. "You may see all else but me" says Master Sun, "For if you truly saw me, you should fix your eyes on no other." And so it goes.

It is also true to suggest that natural laws differ according to the parameters of locality/beings. Whilst this is so, it is not as topsy-turvy land - in other words, our natural law (what is by our standards) unnaturally applied. Nor are other systems irrelevant to our causal status. Most if not all, are older precedents to this our form, our world, our status. Therefore, transmutable or not, the varying natural orders hold inner representation to us, counterpart within us. In this respect, the last beings - the infant beings - are more comprehensively detailed than the first, even though it is out of the first that the 'last' arrive.

Overall it could be said that there is no such thing as planetary warring, only the perception of such. From the viewpoint of cosmic contentment and foresight, this can be so. Many arguments unfurl, and while we are on the subject, here is the importance of one actually digesting concepts with spiritual insight, in preference to simply mouthing exoterica. For the precepts will require transversion by the ongoing spirit, who may only do this if his ego has taken them for his own. The application of representational knowledge is insufferable to transmute - unless of course, there is accompanying significance.

It is generally agreed upon that textbook spirituality is fickle - it is also conclusive from past errors to say that there are definite rights and wrongs in spiritual knowledge. What we must see to firstly is to acquire the adaptation best suited to our understanding and that it be correct, and then by the grace of a flexible spirit, we shall transpire and transcend as is necessary.

In other words, the seed if kept uncontaminated, shall sprout and manifest quite differently depending upon the callings of the changing environment. If we tell the seed, who is cradled in warm, sweet earth, that he shall change, and perceive this and that above ground, he shall not comprehend - except in his dreams - the loftier notions in actuality. Yet all of that body which is seed is destined for completion by expression of shoot and bud, leaf and being; and it is exactly so with all kernels of higher wisdom within us. We must be careful not to spoil them; and we cannot as yet shuffle through them to find the plant. We acquire, we save, we trust.

In respect to Globes (time-periods) and Spheres (alternate change): it is not for convenience that most diagrams are of concentric radiants. Take for example, an initial manifestation on any given plane - for example planet 1: # 1 shall always be at the heart of two, 1 and 2 shall be at the pivotal heart of 3, and so forth; as this is relevant in time, in being, and in greater time, which of itself is expression. The law is: that what has gone before and remains, is within the ongoing development. Otherwise there should be such separation as is as death to both.

Here is a secret of numbers to be remembered: that seven is seven because of the other six contained within to become seventh - it is not only sequence but a perimeter of a totality of seven. Ordinarily it is assumed, that to be seventh or eighth is not all-inclusive, but rather as a matter of fact, an unrelated sequential, which is just so named however, and could be # 207 with as much importance - not so. We may number the days of the month to examine the incorporation of a full month. The days of the year are not forecast as being: year 93, day 152. The reality is: the first day of March, and so on. . . and when we come to the twenty-eighth day we find that the whole month is nearly contained and as a crescendo is culminating in the end of a very definite cycle.

All segments, be them weeks, hours, divisions of a life, increments within a song - in particular a song - start and build upon and carry all of the gathered elements, up until the end. What marks the absolute fulfillment and complement, is the beginning of a new cycle, a new division; which of itself will be attributable to the greater complement of the larger monopoly.

Here we can learn to mark the rises and falls, the peaks and the troughs, from lesser to greater, in rhythms of cycles. Knowing that there is a gathering and a final culmination, we know therefore where to look in the cycle for certain result.

Our day ends when we can take no more unto us; we have arrived at the final culmination of the daily events and we retire; we give them up to the consideration of heavenly contemplation. We build upon a day, we absorb the events, until the final relinquishment, the unloading. We live in minutes and hours and divisions of minor cycles, of heartbeat to pulse- but know this: in all cycles it is not as a pendulum to and fro, balanced in the middle, it is ever the gradient, with the compendium of specific limit.



The number seven is to the limit of seven, eight is to the limit of eight. Our life expires when we can 'take no more on board'. Life is a progressive retainer, it does not shaft off and move on, replacing one on one; it actually accumulates a substantial compendium which, once come to the capacity of limitation, is committed into the higher realm; whilst the cycle is begun anew in that of the existing specific. Incorporation- Incorporation or death. The seed shall ever be in the plant (not the plant in the seed) and for that matter, all of the stages combined.

Now we come to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack's magic beans held a greater power of limitation for they were not of his world, the beans that he held. Our plants would die first before being able to incorporate a structure extending into the clouds - lo! at least a height of 1,000 ft.! We can agree that our plants do not do this, and in the cycle of their earthly existence we know that their overall limit is way beneath this.

When Jack afforded the climb up top, what exactly did he find? The larger bean sprout led him to the land of giants: larger people in larger houses, etc. The laws of limitation were the same, but extended. The fanciful excerpt was that of the goose-hen and her eggs of pure gold. What may we make of that? Firstly, if one could extend limitation into 'longer' and 'larger' and so forth - relatively speaking - what possible use might it be to us?

The expression of cyclic inhaling and exhaling is profoundly wise. (Inhaling, by the way, is a culmination, a filling to capacity.) Jack went by the notion that 'bigger was better' as do many scientists who work the gene pools today. Jack found to his dismay that the larger people threatened to eat him, whilst he was not in a position to easily defend himself. He had ventured upon unequal circumstance. 

The wisdom and answer to this story came from the hen herself. For by her came the golden answer. No matter what the level of limitation, all things do finally come to it and pass, and must ever go the round, arriving at first instance again: verily the egg. The egg is not only symbolic but actual - number one is the egg. Even planets stretch within an elliptic eggshell. Nought is the space within the circle - the higher door, the manifestive orifice, through which we pass up and out, or down and out.

Jack came to great wisdom because he discovered this law and thereby defeated the giant who had overextended himself, literally.

And so the gift of this fable is an instruction of cyclic law. Even the enormous bean sprout was hacked down and Jack prospered; for he was again happy in his own world . . . small though it be.

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