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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Death Forces & the Astral World- 5th November 1992

THE sea’s plankton arrives at physical growth by astral offspring. It is a product of death, before being a product of life. It is the baseline nourishment sustaining other sea-life, but it of itself comes through a process of death and death's rays from astral overhang, rather than as new beginnings.

All of the first life-forms came, as if dropped from the sky, from certain results brought about by death-exit transformation from another realm, another form. For 'beginnings' do begin somewhere, and as introductory species or organism they begin their fungi, their form, their populace and regeneration, from aspects delivered together, immediately connected to a former existence.

Rarely could it be that molecules conspire without some preceding, overshadowing, governing experience. This need not be of memory, nor of a specific former Pneu, but that there is a 'grip' within a new world, or at the apex of an old one - there needs be an 'egg from a preceding chicken' rather than an egg born of itself.

Not only do we come to there being 'life out from death' within the chain of a mixed ecology - which is animate invisibly for the greater portion. That too, the remains of matter disposed, breaks up and dissipates with its commensurate astral counterpart, and may be so imbued with surrounding force and 'taken up' by life again, manifesting physically for a limited time- that lower organisms make re-entry into the world via this means. Also, sadly at times, do detrimental organisms invade as viral compounds of disease, again by such means.

When there have been conferences on sunspot activity, moon activity, and other starry considerations upon the virulence of microbic mass, this is because the influences within the Astrea complex will have a definite determination upon the conditions in which this death-life will flourish. Therefore one may unquestionably make predictions which indicate the propensity of plague and malady afflicting the human constitution.

Not only is this relevant to Man but to beast and plant as well. For as mentioned, some outcrops of new life (death-life) may be disastrous, or at least unwholesome for existing life; whilst others are intrinsic to the perpetuation of an ecology reliant upon their presence, ever renewing the foundationary building-blocks of life and life's supporting elements.

The bulk of physical matter once expired, becomes 'loosened' having been released from the overall will, and dissipates, leaving behind its astral image, which too dissolves respectively. In balance, one finds, that living organisms hold to a process of regeneration (the etheric body allowing for such) and the composite material has a 'dying' process whereby the astral body remains intact - unless there is a problem, to wit: the physical composure continues to be around.

In point of fact there is astral representation to every form, both alive (etherically imbued) and inanimate. And it may be noted that astral fiber is not life itself but an adherence - in some respects a world of its own, insofar as representations maybe as misleading as they are in physical realms. (Perhaps more so.)

The Astral World is more plastic to thought as it is closer in to what Man may recognize as lower-man desires and emotions. Having said that our astral body is of a finer grade of substance than that which is reflected within the immediate astral shell of this Globe: named the Astral World. The fiber of Man's body-astrea is refined and composite of material which extends far beyond the perimeters of this immediate astral environment attached to all entities confined to manifest on the Earth.

Once a man has departed the 'city limits' so to speak, he is conversant with morally imbued substance, of which, rays permeate with all manner of wondrous influence. Therefore the student may regard himself fortunate to be composite of a 'starry body' which incorporates constellations of influences; other than just that belonging to the immature Earth and its lower emanations.

The reason why natural compost becomes so effective, is because the rotting physical material has given over its astrality to 'kick off' microorganisms, which in turn shall imbue the soil and plant. A fertilizer which has been dried is rendered lifeless in this respect, even though minerals may be present. However, the astrality formed from animal products and their corresponding death-life offspring is another matter entirely. They shall be characterized by the original donor, the original permeations.

Question: How are the etheric properties of the plant affected in any way by astrality? 

As mentioned before, the plants (some plants) are born directly from astral origin. (The cactus is a large overhang from an earlier period; still remaining.) These plants and early forms of life, brought physical substance into being. They were catalytically imperative. There is now a range within the plant kingdom of lesser and greater respondents to and above the astral world.

For example: Just as Man has both lower representation and sympathies within the astral confines of the Earth, and has too a starry body of which the lower is but a part of - we come to find these plants, flowers and fruits, which correspond to higher planetary influences in various grades of perfection. These in turn correspond with similar aspects in Man.

However, in regards to earthly life and impacting the depths of physical existence, 'firing up' so to speak; we then turn to the gates of the astral encasement which ordinarily reflects a range within the physical world.

Also too, it can be said that every realm pertaining to the Earth has altered in quality and characteristic over time. The relationship of one sphere to another has altered too - in exactly how closely related the manifestations become.

Matter has either lively properties - is ethericly sustained and is not decomposing - or becomes a synthesis of death. In regards to sugars (refined sugars) and processed foods, it is obvious that activity follows from assimilation, but what kind of inner activity is inspired? Furthermore, invasive and corruptive organisms can and do flourish from the properties of such dead material. The refined sugar has something of his sugar characteristic intact - and, as long as he is physically apparent (even in part) he has attached to his substance, an astral counterpart. This counterpart is as a reflection, it is not there before the cane - except in the manner of original organisms.

In the case of Man and animal it has form and function prior to physical manifestation. In the case of etheric-world plant, it comes after physical growth and develops in relation to designs laid down within the etheric memory of the seed. It conforms to form, but does not perpetuate such form.

Our etheric constituents would only provide for some of our design i.e. as wondrous milky plant, albeit restricted. But, with warmth we have translated the flesh to hold blood, and actually recreate according to the overall impulses of our astral design.

Returning to the 'dead' matter consumed in diet:- we find that susceptibility to other forms of life will arise from this practice - obtrusive varieties, foreign and unwelcome.

All is life and lively. There is life and then more life; followed by consuming life, etc... However, one personally strives for an ecology which harmoniously precludes predators and parasites who are better suited to an environment other than that of one's body. One's nourishment comes not from death-forces, but rather from the Sun, the Wind, and Water. That which is good from the Earth is only valuable in property because of the forces of Sun, Wind and Water.
  • The Sun delivers as the gateway from the higher Heavens, many a cosmic property within the warmth and light of His being.
  • The Wind brings us the element of Cosmic motivation and the spirits who dwell therein oversee, along with the beings who dwell in the light, those characteristics belonging to imagination, dream, vision, and inspiration. Literally lofty! The fiery elements dwell also in the ether.
  • The Water transports divinity, embracing all, binding Heaven into Earth. Water is the blood of the Cosmos, the Fountain, the Heart of God.
Man's origins are not of that from which the physical world is born. They are lovingly connected, but not to be confused as dual evolutions, for the kindred of Men are from higher ordinances with generous aspect - necessarily. One cannot put 'higher into lower' - the theory of evolvement is all wrong as far as this goes.
Think about it.


  1. writing a piece on the developing of human consciousness, I'm calling it Mindshift. working on the Astral Plane/Body at the moment and have found your piece most interesting, so thanks. Thea.


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