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Monday, June 15, 2009

Electrotechnology & the Etheric World- 1991

TAR from woods and essences from flowers are lively, life-etherically imbued substances, which are as elixirs to men. The plant kingdom may be drawn from in such a way, as it is uncorrupted and pure by nature.

Primarily the plant kingdom is what it is. It should not be of the same to extract essences from various emissions of animals and expect it to be so. Nor should one wish to indulge in culinary exploits, of an animal that is profoundly aggressive or evil in nature. (Such as snake, shark or any other predator.)

As for the kingdoms above Man, we partake of their essences and emissions daily - throughout the ethers, in water, in air and in fire. The lower realms affect us accordingly through soil and mineral products, whereby the lowest strains of the planetary forces (in gross) also too, have their impulses.
But the plant kingdom does directly nourish this existence with a multitude of symphonic resonant qualities, which may imbue the man engaging with such essences and food.

Generally speaking the world of plants are a happy bunch. Their consciousness is not rooted within the physical existence but rather in the etheric world from which their growth is inspired. They have already achieved the apex of their evolutionary progression for the time being, and are a perfect example of harmonious interaction. They are that part of ourselves which has sought and found perfected expression.

The mineral kingdom has much absorbing, dissolving and evolving to conduct. It of itself has been something of a laggard, cosmically dragging its feet, waylaid by certain interferences along the way. The mineral kingdom has much of the past to absorb and purify, and is in constant conflict, as many of the influences coming through push and strain against one another.

This was not always so. The mineral kingdom is so condensed and restricted today, that the plasticity and flow of the past has withdrawn, and the amassed physical structures are somewhat frozen, held back in physical expression. The kingdom awaits in the bottom of the trough of that hardened condition, in the cycle of materialism that so grips the world. It shall be so until humanity can of itself, assist the flow of cosmic influences and determine their input, for the mineral world to awake from this semi-quiescent period.

The higher ethers rattle on, doing as they know best, unperturbed by the 'catch up' phases and goings on of humanity's earthly scurry. The technological advance over the planet is so irritatingly persuasive, that one's attention is continually called to from this or that gizmo, and taken up solely with the particular magic it performs. All of this activity tends to draw one away from the inner concerns, and fills life and the planet with an interruptive buzz. One tenth of the world play with technology, whilst the rest suffer its consequences. But in time like any fad it will dissolve once the entertainment value has been spent.

We refer of course to electrotechnology. The sciences have many a marvel yet to enter into; would that their studies peered into the etheric realms, rather than devices speaking from substratum emissions and currents.

The overall problem is that the goals set are unclear and unproductive. Man's development has before been beset with confusing interruptions and seductive interludes that speak of glorious encounters with the mundane. Think of all the modern menagerie of device and chip, and ask what for.
Ultimately, when reviewing life after life and the importance of refining oneself, the gimmicks and the gizmos come to mean very little. Some would tell you of the miracles whereby men are held back from the gates of death for a time. This is questionable. If a soul is certain of its timing, no one thing will affect it otherwise; and if an opportunity for the conditions is given and taken up, well and good. 

However, could this have been effected through other means? Yes. And is half of the panic towards the entire situation misunderstood? Yes, for all of the electrotechnology of the world cannot speak to that man of living a better day after the operation- a more productive day where he may learn to fully use those tired organs, and breathe with the breath of God. We are too easily distracted, distracted by adult toys and exploits.

Tools of agriculture do not tell the man how to fairly distribute the produce, and yet this should be of first concern. Secondly, the tools, rather the means and required knowledge, are to be found in Spiritual Science. Most of the modern notions concerning agriculture have to be way off the mark, as the knowledge does not come from the overall view of the nature of the plant, the earth or the elements and the life-forces that permeate.

One cannot turn to the mineral kingdom and ask it for a complete source of reference pertaining to the etheric. It does not understand. One cannot lean on the electro-technological instruments to impart those values which are higher than that field of operation.

Folk presume that one must utilize machinations outside of themselves. The electric beater was to replace the arm. And whilst one cannot swim the same distance that a boat may travel, and a jet does a marvelous job, considering its primitive construction - these modes of transport will one day (sooner than one realizes) be considered clumsy vehicles that sufficed for a time.

The point is that whilst men are caught in the fascination from one aspect that the sciences may prove to them, they are deterred from looking to themselves and deterred from beginning to perceive higher alternatives. Which whilst being even more fascinating, are also more worthy and conducive to Man's world-experience.

Every facet of electrotechnology that is useful to man may be bettered by utilizing etheric-technology. This will be so.

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