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Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts on Insects- 1990

THOUGHTS have bodies: expressions that are carriers and are quite visible to the eye. Existence requires expression in one form or another, on all levels. It cannot be otherwise. Nature reflects and Man is central. Man is central to the Earth because essentially speaking, He is the Earth.

Thoughts live in the insect world. Pick a category, discover the insect. It is a realm that manifests as all do, with the extended arm being in that of an insect. Relative to Man their lifespan is very brief. The analogy of the butterfly is not just pure fancy.

Be attentive to the organizational abilities of certain congregates of specific species. Count the multitude of tiny beings - a life's work in itself! Now address the world of thought. The plagues of the past denoted a significant change in the mass of thinking in any particular area. If one could make a study of the relationship between insect and environment, the subtle effect between the locust, weevil, cotton bug etc., on crops, the labor and community, productivity and assistance of the ant, the varieties of venom, those that carry disease, the manufacturers, those hardy enough to survive radiation, those with wings of glory - with an imprint of heaven as they trip from dew into flight - find the keys here to the kingdom of thought that surrounds us and understand the profound magnitude that encompasses the mind.

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