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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dogmatism- 10th June 1991

DOGS are creatures of habit; and for that matter so are creatures of dogmatism. We all fall subject to certain dogmas and it's important to perceive this within ourselves firstly, rather than worry too often about others restrictive viewpoints. Some folk carry a certain duty with them throughout their work, which is best serviced by the lean-post of dogmatic complacency. 

Men tire easily and it is no matter should a particular shelter be sought, by way of reason or by way of faith- if ultimately it does not itself pervert the very nature of the faith and reason to be upheld. That is the point in question; also too the very nature of the work one has chosen to carry out with fervor and activity.

Most people are keenly aware of the confines and restrictions placed upon them by outside dogmas which would be imposed on one another. Dogmatism itself does not upset Man, as it is understood by one and all. However, it is essential that folk entering the path can distinguish between dogma and pure doctrine.

Dogma can be a useful structure of given concepts, where one may feel beholden with conviction to uphold such concepts at any cost. Pure doctrine should in essence enlighten the individual as regards the truth of all matters, whereby one may perceive directly into the heart of any matter, replacing textbook knowledge with self/world experience. 

He who embraces truth to himself has unshakable fortitude in the conceptual world. It is the world-weary who cannot grasp the reality of those truths, who rely on the perceptions of those they trust as guides throughout the shadowy lands of worldly impressions.

Finally, the most important guidepost we may all cleave to is the example of Christ, in true love and affection for our brother. Therefore if an insight reminds us of our failings as seen through a weakness in this or that man, we may trust ultimately in Christ to prevail. In time, the needs for dogmatism shall dissolve as morning dew, so touched by the 'Light of Our World'.

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