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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Measurement without numbers - qualify, not quantify: 22nd January 1992

TRY not to gauge the work, this work, by numbers: numbers of books, numbers of people, numbers of days, for this would be (to the numerist) ever unsatisfying and unrelated. In the worldly scheme folk usually measure success in exactly these terms of relevance, but value is value, e.g. buckets of money are useless if the currency is worthless.

Folk who become of public notice often seek to overcome the world by their presence or their company's presence, and determine that much is gained if they may verily 'outstrip' their 'opponents' by gathering more attention unto themselves. It is an easy mistake, but not warranted by those who should know better.

When a new species of flower breaks ground and is exhumed from the ethers, it has much glory in first popping its head joyfully and courageously into the light of this world's day. This work shall do many things beside that which is readily apparent - one of which, and not the least of which, shall be the bringing forth of another such new species, assisting its formation and creation. And that bloom shall continue as great medicine to the world - prolific or not, it will endure and continue. For it has been introduced into the world and will signify the hopes and strivings, the beginnings of this work. (Small and purple, delicate and four-petaled.)

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