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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Masters of Morn- 12th January 1992

THE Masters of Morn are the guardians of future travails; they are as the scout, who with mingled excitement, apprehension and courage, do run a little way into the future and return with what has been seen there. Messengers are sent who carry the word of these future events, who go from one to one into the world. 

One may divine the spiritual world and see who passes by, seeing also forthcoming eventualities, for the physical rendition is but echo to that which is in place. In this one can see the combination of destiny pre-told and an open future which is quite malleable to decision and intent. It is alike to oranges coming down on a conveyer-belt in groups: now one, now two, now none - and we may communicate with those who have seen how many were placed at the start, and we may sort through the quantities as they arrive. Plop, plop, into the packing case! Sorting through the bruised and the rotten: discarding and arranging, arranging and discarding. 

Events are a little like Plato: perfect in essence, but once active, compromising that perfect design. Life is fast indeed. Focus alters, situations breed other situations, focus adjusts accordingly and patterns are thrown and deviate. But the big waves still come crashing in with regular precision, whilst the small ripples flounder and tow. The heave and swell, the rise and peak of increments within the one body of water: these may be foreseen - the tendencies and magnitude, offshore from afar. 

We now go from oranges and tidal waves to specifics: If we were to compare men from the former centuries, streaming back into history known and beyond, we should find that the overall characteristics of each and every century-individual are so markedly different, one might be excused in believing them to be each a differing species. The constitution and metabolic system may appear derivative when in reality is not, and there are contradictions that the scientific world refuses to highlight when examining the 'unexplainable' jumps, deviations and patterns from era to era.

In livestock the interrupting inexplicable genesis characteristics are referred to as 'throwbacks'; whereas this system of explanation is not correct when one speaks of the present or future formations of any biological constitution. However, simple to say that there is truth that there must be seeds of given possibilities within a constitution for one characteristic to predominate and flourish. But we maintain that the preponderance is there all the time before becoming physically apparent and determined presently, and not by chance or ancestral 'throwback'. For the 'pool' theory is as good as it goes, however it rests on shaky doctrine which essentially rests on principles of chance mutations rather than will and design. One can see the devil at work in the thinking of the scientific world when such idiocy reigns and is accepted unquestioningly. 

However, returning to the first statement: that when comparing the century-men there are changes which are unrelated within that totality, within their overall makeup - in that which comprises not only their biological status, but also too their psyche, their comprehension, their perceptions, their powers of intellectual fraternization, their coordination (how they physically relate to the earth, how they stand, how they move, dances they prefer etc.), and so forth. And there are remnants of former centuries still here as representative of such, in physical form etc. But such are short-lived examples of centuries not exceeding two hundred or possibly a little more. In terms of the higher worlds and time, this is very few. Therefore one can immediately say that the century-men contrast greatly in such small periods, and even more so when viewed back four to five hundred centuries and before. It is important to acknowledge this, for from this perspective we can ascertain that the men of the future will be also quite markedly different. It is precisely in what way that concerns the Masters of Morn and their folk.

At the forefront of thinking in this century it appears we have struck upon an age of implants and mechanical function. From this, the 'modern thinkers' tend to work towards more of the same when viewing the future receptacle which will carry the soul of man. This is interesting because it is untrue and vain to believe that we may purely be motivated or 'mutated' into forms which are mechanically reliant, and therefore unresponsive to spiritual or higher dictates. 

The scientists work with modern picks and tongs, of lasers and extractors, delving minutely and dissecting the small worlds; and they fiddle the genes they can find, and they persuade the public that this is respectable intervention. They have forgotten however, that anything which is physically apparent, apparent enough to be at a level where they may intervene or interfere, is already the offspring of a previous design. This is fact. The 'beginnings of life' are not discernible physically. They are, later on, corruptible, as all physical manifestation is, but they are not begun or determined within the physical realm.

So the consequences of meddling at an early stage of preexistent gestation are dangerous and unlawful. Now there must be a certain sense of morality in place here, and one must come to understand a few definite principles before proceeding. When men try to pre-empt nature and presume to know better and interfere with destinies of growth, then they are responsible for the outcome, and yet do not act with full knowledge of such outcome. Let a scientist experiment first upon himself to judge an outcome. This of course they are not apt to do, but are quick to take foetus and dissect, with no such prick of conscience or sickening apprehension.

Men will change and men will alter, and whilst it is true to say that generations look to their forefathers for completing those conditions which make their constitutions conceivable, one can also say specifically that they are not wholly dependent, and can if need be determine much.

For example: there have been many kinds of atrocities as result of human calamity four to five hundred centuries ago - similar to what we might imagine to be the result of the entire planet become nuclear-bound with excessive radiation . . . and from this there were unalterable features and characteristic distortions, weaknesses, and a chain of inhuman (for that time) men. At the end of this period the animal kingdom took on the burden of many of the deformities; some were incorporated, some were absolved and dissolved; some were enhanced, and some were retained for future change (held back as it were). Then in a wave, a completely new generation arose, who basically were not responsible or accountable for the regretted chain of calamities, and who were pure in design - and actually born so - defying what should have been the succession of physical deformities, because they were operating out from the original plans as were laid in the spiritual worlds prior to their incarnating. They were marginally unaffected. However, those who partook in the crisis events which were prior: they were the ones who would suffer the physical implications in forthcoming incarnations. 

So this tells us that as regards the physicality of the constitution and the whole of humanity, certain generations may be at risk if it ever came to chemical or radioactive disturbances. But it would be temporarily interruptive only, and not determine the pattern of incarnating individuals forever and a day.

Having said that, what does precisely determine the constitution of man, of humanity in future generations to come? It is that which we take with us into the spiritual realms, and receive there also, which will be of paramount significance. And so, alike to the generations who still carry the problems which occurred in sudden and destructive transformation and effect today in those corresponding parts of their constitution, we also suffer the defects and trials of our spiritual deficiencies - but more so.

Happily there is more to be gleaned which enhances a man than does destroy him; so this is good for the principle. Man is ever improving as it were, gaining much strength and self-determination. The incarnating ego is brimful of great and marvelous experience. All individuals receive more than they lack. But conditions and opportunities are carved and structured always in the present. The actions, the thoughts and deeds of a man, predetermine his future destiny. One cannot divorce a man from his future. The time lapse may be confusing, but is rather a blessing to most. And fortunately also, we are given respite from inevitable consequences, where we may gather much in order to deal better with those circumstances we have made for ourselves.
The genetic engineer would be better discerning a soul inhabitant from a sea of living cells. If he might find that quite truly it is the responsiveness of the inner qualities of man which determine the future man (body as well), then he should go from the laboratory and out into the streets, and practice applied morality.

What use is it to try and lengthen the days if we are rob ourselves of a much needed sleep? Without the rest, without the slumber, we exhaust ever quicker and shorten our total of days. For the man is of the cosmos and requires the nutrition that only proper rest will bring. It is so with all other areas whereupon the enthusiastic scientist would state temporary preferences which take from the overall plan. 
One might try to cheat death, when the reality is that death is but ever more life, and the very thing that they say they seek, they already have. Men would be better to understand the first reality, rather than deny it and chase secondary notions.

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