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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oil on Water- 11th December 1991

Charity, Mother of Virtue, Mother Charity, Angelos Caritas
WE may invoke a counter-magic, in order to set aright all of those invocations from those who blaspheme . . . One need not be surprised to discover the very real harm which does come, not from the innocent and not from he who is stupid, but out from he who does deny sorely that which he knows in heart and in conscience, and negates such true and proper inclinations, and rather emits vulgarities in nature, unproductive argument and devious, self-placed design.

We must answer not only the doubtful, the dubious, but moreover, the wretched; who in commonplace manner, defy and deny all spiritual heritage. And yes, they may take the form of believers also - many a criminal would mouth the words which insult his true thought, and vice versa. However, lies are lies, wherever, whoever; and it is a special task indeed to be both watchful and forthright when one encounters deceit and deception.

No one can 'make good' another man's wrongful or evil emission. But by careful and prudent perception, assaying fact from fancy, measuring man from word and discerning credibility, sensibility and motivation, one can be helped twofold: that the ethers be somewhat cleansed by such effort, and that self-reflection become more tardy and addressed with greater deliberation.

There are waves of lies that hang heavy, sometimes dormant, sometimes cloudy, around an area which encompasses a man or his house; or perhaps his meeting place. And we may enter into such an oppressed condition; and if sensitive to that environment, we may unknowingly suffer much confusion thereby. For alone we are as one glimmering speck amongst the refuse, and may easily be coerced into surrendering our identity to that which appears, more persuasively, to be a greater reality. So we must be mindful that we may call upon those who we desire to help us in our exploits, that we may go forth into a situation, not as one but with the undefiable stronghold of a veritable host, that the glimmer may become radiant, and permeate the greatest of heavily hung cloud-thought – oppressive, stagnant and pungent to the human condition.

Enchantments may weave almost any design, for there are creators who are deft and proficient, whom we may not so readily apply ourselves to, whatever the good wish or motivation. When one remembers the folk tales in this regard, it is important to note that one must firstly retain their individuality no matter what they may happen upon exterialy; and hold fast with both sword and shield, fearless and confident, and ready for that one moment of certain application. 
Many a saint held fast and would not give over his divine identity - the point was of renouncement; the price to many would appear so great. Are we to negate or negotiate our freedom, or our greatest loves, simply to appease some fiend or foul-mouthed renegade? How often we are put to the test, by neighbor, who unwittingly seeks our compliance and our complaisance. And do we surrender or do we hold fast?

Remembering also that an aggressive response is also a form of denial of that true certainty. If we are to answer the tribulations that affront the world of thought then we are not by measure to spark the flame with more of the same. We cannot be over-sure, we cannot be sustained by pride alone, we cannot endeavor to offer the cherished gifts of wisdom along with insults and condemnation.

And so there is a precarious mix afforded us whereupon we are duty-bound to answer all untruths, firstly within ourselves and secondly, back to the world; but by being so transformed that they may injure no more.

It is a steady regulation that is therefore required. We may ever work for such development, that we ourselves become as regulatory monitors of each and every confrontation. To do this, we also ask for assistance, for we must realize that we cannot and do not stand alone in this dark and dreary place. It does happen sometimes, that one may stand in dense fog, and not see even his own hand, until he holds it closer to his eyes. So we are not to be misguided or mistaken, that those Powers of assistance are at too far a distance as to be called upon, for verily, they are at 'arm's length' and awaiting; humbly awaiting.

Such oppression is manifest wherever people dwell. In part, in measure, we do carry burdensome preponderances of our own, we know too well. Oft times people seek out company which shares similar densities and weights which stifle spirit and true happinesses. There is little alleviation in this, and comfort is no more extraordinary. However, folk generate more of the same with gloomy and earthbound results. The promulgation of such oppressive thought-clouds, becomes representative of a soul-condition that is so recognized it becomes assumed that this is the very plane of consciousness.

If a man is to live with too much of this murky pollution - in dullness and in clouds of darkness - then he is so accustomed and begins to view the entire world with 'night-eyes'. Then the contrast - when the clouds are: lifted away, shafted away, drifting away - becomes awesome and painful, and so brilliant as to cause momentarily another form of blindness. So they mistake their newly acquired vision for yet a greater way to blindness and are so confused that they are inclined to immediately withdraw back into the shadows from where they are attuned. Would that they might confront the grand realities long enough to be more accustomed, they would then enjoy the 'revelations' which are so often called for.

The soul lies adrift like oil upon the water, and as one unto another, the mingle of one's wakeful consciousness and soul-consciousness, relate to each other according to the levels of visibility.

And He who stands with the Heavenly lamp, may cause men to take a fright at the length of their own shadows - but also too, to see the world as is and not in sorrow. For a real smile is far more potent than one thousand masks - what use is a party, if there is nothing to rejoice? How often men fake gaiety and try to assume frivolity, when truly they sorrow together.

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