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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Wellness of Life & the Well- 5th October 2008

THE meaning of the word (in true past tense), "validate", was to make incarnate: to become substantial in the world, in relation to, in the bearing of the truth. It was not given in the context of already having been so, but in the action of the validation having made it so.

Equally, in the shifting world of ethereal visions there was never any question of actually proving something as having permanently existed or been in place. Because on the one hand, all things that are, to some degree were before; and on the other, their merit lay in the present and in the future, and substantially were given grace by them, and the past itself was but a shape-changer anyway.

This is interesting because we can examine the progression of thoughts today which stream in and around the notion of validation. Unlike the root beginnings of this concept, 'to validate' actually nowadays implies the very opposite, namely, that we seek to prove that something or some truth pre-exists our inquiry, that we might also then go on to maintain its worth. We use this concept to test the value of something, or going forth with this something, need to ascertain its worth before we commit to doing so.

However in the old-world mind this would not be possible. For an individual to come to validation it was given to be an ongoing process, one which only began with the idea and could only be made so through the effort of the incarnating, the working, and the assumption of that which we wish to validate being made so.

To add to this, there is also a modern idea that all reality is only so because we in our thinking make it so. But what this concept leaves out is the very process by which active participation, striving, drive, fervor and personal investment through effort, need be a part of the frame that this occurs. Some fancy that the Universe does indeed revolve around their meager imaginings, however the millions of varieties of plant-life alone, discounts this theory.

Wherever we are in the Cosmos, or in time within the World, there is always the distinction between that which we can immediately see around us in our existence, as it stands on that given day, and that which is beyond us in a place we are not at, just at present. And so there is the immediate realm and the faraway realm.

And this positioning can relate to:
• where we are today, and other countries,
• to the light-filled Etheric World that neighbors us here so closely,
• to our internal bodily world that carries our Spirit,
• to our thoughts here and our thoughts there,
• to the realms traveled when we sleep to our waking consciousness
• to the starry expanses beyond
• to our past memories that still shadow us and our selective recollection
• to our Imagination's travails and our own mind's sobriety
• from our desires to our reality
• from our wisdoms as distinct from our practical application.

From wherever we might stand in the Heavens, in contrast to that which is there in magnitude about us, there is the faraway realm and the immediate - that which we cannot readily see or comprehend in that moment, and that which we can.

So in the past tense comprehended, the word 'validate' meant to draw something from the faraway realms into the immediate, and thereby it would incarnate becoming now made substantial.

Were that this principle did not exist we would be fixed and given to the deathly state of inertia. This is an extremely important and fundamental principle to contemplate, in its action and what it does mean to us. Materialism brought a danger that was not hitherto known before within the spirit of Man. For with materialism came many, many concepts of isolation that divorced both the individual and their world from spiritual investment and withdrawals therefrom.

Materialism itself is not just an economic agenda whereby the amassing of physical wealth becomes the people's main goal. Materialism in the mindset of the world is like a fungus that lives on the dead thoughts which come from hairless skulls. It is the disease of atheism and the sterile concepts that follow. It is the hardened heart and the passionless mind - eventually the suicide of Mankind - a terrible condition where the human soul no longer feels the existence of the faraway realm and its breeze upon his skin, its call of possibilities and the size of his future in wait about him - but rather intends to go on as if the immediate realm is all that is and ever was. This becomes a disaster to the principle, when Man himself cordons off all lively possibilities that would otherwise be coming to him from further than where he immediately stands.

Positive thinking quite often tries to coerce the physical world rather than draw from the faraway realm the substance it lacks. Primarily this might appear to be a moot point but it is not. Positive thinking in materialism is dangerous - it is but a spiritual half-truth. Materialism itself negates any possibility of success in that its structure is closed off from the life giving, future building properties that would have and could have come to it from outside itself.

And not only is materialism confining, but the many other symptoms that fall under its influence all have the attribute of closing off from that which is not immediately there. Greed requires isolation from that which it would steal from. Wealth precludes the poor. Capitalism ignores need and compassion. The castle draws its doors but the empire soon forgets who feeds it, and is destined to die of starvation thereby.

The closer you are to the gateway where the new life is streaming from, the stronger you be in your existence in the here and now.

A man who lays his hand to the field has a far stronger connection and pathway to health than the man who eats cereal from a box. The more distanced physical life becomes from its parent reality - from the future-providing other-realms - the weaker it becomes in endurance.

Ponder this well. :)


  1. Thank you! What great spiritual sustenance for my soul!

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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