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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Projecting Forth- 13th May 2007

TIMES traveled before used to be very different. For example: if a man or woman set out on a very long journey, either with animal transport or across the sea, they could not picture where it was that they were going, and had no means of being prepared.

The experience for them was surprising, at least, and although there might have been expectations, there was no real prior knowledge of landscapes and cultures, unless they had been there before.

Nowadays we have movies, photographs and many ambassadors from all the continents. Cultures are blended and architecture itself testifies to a historical metamorphosis rather than a style. Generally however, the world is a familiar place.

It could be said that men and women are thinking more than ever before. They may not go far with their reasoning on any one subject, but their speed of thinking and range is considerable. 

With the seasons themselves, we have begun to lose our instincts; and it is true as well to say, that we are diminished in those peculiar knowings that would forecast the time of a birth, or death, or storm coming in. The thinking has overrun these kinds of instincts and does not listen very much to the clock of the Sun or impulse of the Stars.

Some instincts are stronger, yet different. They are imbued with thought and yet remain intact and with purpose. The affection and nurture of one another as babies, friends, in family, in relationship - these instincts of love in action have triumphed those aspects that are still in want and wane.

And so it is that the flux is hard but the flow is good. It feels like a time of great change, yet in so many respects it is not. Only so much can be varied, and it is simply because of the speed and variety of thinking that folk feel like the circumstances of the world also are changing; perhaps beyond their control.

However, intrinsically, substantially, fundamentally and remarkably, there is no major change in the universal law, the range of colors and light, the difficulties between differing realms, the constant of renewal and the grace of eternal life - these things have not changed.

The virtues (each one of them) and their supplement to our invigored souls - curiosity, joviality and congeniality - are still all here. 'Life' in organism, life in fruit, in blood, in sprout and in spirit - Life is ever strong and stronger, in obvious and exuberant manifest.

Warmth is warm, cool is cool, hot is hot and soft is soft - these have not changed. Light is light; touch, smell, sight, day, night, are still the same.

We are here, present now within our selves - in the same spot we always are, in familiar reckoning. And you do know yourself - do not let anyone tell you that you don't, because this above all else you know.

You might not have figured out the contest of details of those things outside your domain, and you may be blighted by the constant thinking or paradigms, current in the now around you - but you do know your quiet self: that feeling of self, being simply and perfectly right here. For a moment just you can hush the details and go to self; and it is plain and clear that you are still here. 

Countless frames of circumstance have greeted you and gone, yet you are here. Worlds have tumbled and been reborn, and you are here. Families have swapped roles, as you have as well - a diminished king, a weather-worn pauper, a hapless criminal, a pain racked cripple... oh dear! You are still here.

Some things do not change. Your Arterial Self's connection with Father God - that one connection that is faster and stronger than all - is still there and shall remain. And from this you will always know your sense of self - in that quiet knowing that is not impressive and sophisticated, in that humble knowing that is not assuming or ingratiating, in that joyous knowing that is the root of certainty and the profound.

We say this because of the epidemic of fear that is eroding the psyche at present, within the World. And in whatever way it is expressing itself, it in itself and of itself, is creating but one outcome - more fear.

If we begin to forget the true constants that are good and most permanent, then we become unstable within ourselves and ready to believe anything. However, you can know that much of the cause of most personal disruption, is of losing consciousness of that good.

Fear would have you believe that bad outcomes can eventuate before they happen. Commonsense can tell you this too, but without the fear. Commonsense will give you a decent plan for a positive outcome as well. Fear only tells you of negative projections.

This epidemic of fear can unravel the self-composure of a man. It is generally unconscious because the population is projecting it, on the whole. With demonic cliché it struts and moans and broadcasts itself with a lascivious overture. It spreads myths like: "we don't know", "you don't know", "you can never know", and so forth, causing the very confusion, it maintains you are suffering.

If you ever watch a professional person trying to remedy a problem before them, you will notice the overwhelming calm they exact their trade with. If you saw a hysterical surgeon, or a confused and stressed out architect, you would be necessarily, concerned.

The overwrought and 'dunno' attitude has no place amongst people who are actually being useful. Certainly you do not see fear glaze their being and freeze their activity. They have to go into their project with a reasonable expectation of success in outcome. We are all the same - the alternative is simply too difficult. 

So if the media or a neighbor is making noise enough to unstable you, or project more fear, you can remedy part of this by simply remembering some of the above - forewarned, forearmed and cherishing your self-peace.

There will be those things you can definitely make a positive contribution to that would not be the same without you. But in order to be effective within the World, particularly at present, it is so much better to work from a place of calm, than of disruption to your discernment.

Fear protests our abilities in general and afflicts our root differentials; whereas projecting out from our true selves and returning to our true selves, enables us all the more.

I adhere to the Constant,
And love all that is lovable.
I move out from that one sphere,
Yet my spirit stays spherical.

And as one to another,
I know you well,
Through He that knows all.
There is calm at this center,
Being central to naught.

I revoke all protesters,
My permission has knots now secure.
I am indifferent to all the persuasions,
But seek to know that which is good.

I pledge to care and be worthy,
To be able, useful and kind,
To sit at the lap of Mother Wisdom,
Heeding her observations of Time.

At the feet of my Father, our Father,
I'm able with His Word and His nod.
I'm inclined by the grace of this Life I'm enabled,
By the strength of His Sun I will shine.

When the play has abandoned its forum,
When the trees have been drawn to the ground,
If my time and all time is abandoned,
I shall still be the Jewel in the Crown.

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