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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Highest Grace Inspiring the Gentle

Grace can come when asked for, Grace can also come when not asked for. Talents are brought into our experience, being and expression because we have labored to entertain them; we have worked somehow and some way to bring them to us. Grace, on the other hand, does not need qualification other than need, and so we find that gentleness has a dual source and action.

There are also so many instances about our own living conditions that require the element and grace of gentleness that we may navigate our ways from moment to moment. If it were not for this intrinsic grace we could not maintain or dwell inside our physical bodies. 

There is a gentle compromise on all levels of existence being required at all times. Our very incarnating day to day needs be done gently - all of our adjustments we make need a gentle incline or bearing.

If it were not for the outer circumstances that support us all, being exceedingly gentle, our consciousness would suffer a terrible pushing and pulling from all over. The conditions that support life are gentle - so gentle that most are unnoticeable. This is Grace working on behalf of us, with a higher intelligence that senses what we can and cannot withstand. What is pressure and what is too much pressure? This, the Heavens know. 

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