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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Commitment to Living the Gentle Life

The Commit-meant becomes plausible when the individual fully knows what they are committing to. When identified and consciously embraced, a true commit-meant has a spiritual-super-glue hold to keep whatever it is committed to, in place. This is a very interesting fact within our egoic makeover. 

So what this means is, that if a man or woman audibly or internally makes a commitment to something or someone and they do not fully comprehend what it involves in the short and long term, then the commitment will live in possibility but not adhere permanently as it has not the glue of consent and comprehension required. 

However, if the sphere has been traveled, if the concept is complete and the individual within their soul's love and ego's knowing and within their soul's knowing and their ego's love also, then if deciding to make a commit-meant to retaining this virtue and working for it consciously, say for example, then fixed within them this will be. This is a very progressive law operating within us because without it true development would be somewhat unstable.

Commitments spiritually keep courses and set 'default' buttons in a manner of speaking, for those periods they are especially needed and perhaps distracted from.

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