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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Requisite Ghouls- Easter 29th March 2002

Gerard Wagner 

THERE was a war fought there on Golgotha that first night. It was a battle summoned alike no other; though unseen by the common men and women of this world. It was unfained by the nobles as they drowsed in their plumped up bedding of comforts; unbidden, yet perhaps intrigued, in the shadowy unfathomables of the unconscious regions within the criminal and the desperate. 

Although intuited in its foredooming, passing over the innocent and through into the night, it had simply creased its way into the darkness of all the preceding nights that had passed before it. That first night…who can measure when a God truly dies? What was that moment we determine, as He passed the gates and back many, many times? At the first gate was a battle, and this battle was not even of His Domain, but had inflicted it sorely…

Nowadays men look for and find repositories for their waste, and disassociate themselves and their own neighborhoods from what it is they do not want or cannot hold with safety. Throughout the body of history until now, not only treasures have been concealed in isolated places, material substances of great toxicity are latched within relatively frail tombs concealing their fierce powers for a time; whilst daily we commit our demons out and away from a consciousness that has made much of them, but must then dissolve the burdensome tie. 

Governments dislocate peoples and then try to hide away the evidence of an entire culture; whilst the sea and the earth have been used to absorb the carcasses of the discarded, that the souls have moved out from. Yes, even we, all of us, in this finality leave what it is that we cannot sublimate.

Just as it is that men transfigure the spiritual realities during sleep, in the night, so too did our Christ, then as a man, visit that Death state from which we return from; and there on that first night, had confronted the specters that abided in that place.With faces misshapen, alive and yet without life, they gathered around The Cross as if to incur, with what petulant will between them would, His decease. 

This unseen crowding swelled larger and huger with every moment passing. With a magnetic hatred becoming the one force, now manifesting one intent, this rabble of ghouls presented themselves one by one, at His feet, to urge His undoing.

There was a period within the old evolution of this planet, when all was paradisiacly sweet: the dreams of the spirits of men were shared by the gods, as were the angels, and with similar design, the gardens and landscapes were summoned from the very best of imaginings, though still tended with practical labor as well. 

The economies were not abstract or complicated, and all things were seen to be as exactly as they were. There were no dark places in thought or heart, just a simple and gentle purity emanating from even the strongest of individuals. This was a graceful world, and very, very intelligent for that matter. The cognitivity flashed between life and life - there was a communication of this great lively activity between all beings, for which a respect had to be given from one to another, as the dynamics of being were experienced by one unto another. 

If a human soul, for example, focused on a single plant, there was amongst the two such an intelligent conversation of how it was between them. This is not a conversation of words or contrived, but nonetheless of a higher mind which was awake and aware and able to relate and receive with purpose. 

So you can imagine that this was no sleepy paradise at all!!! This was a time of great learning, of wonderful experience, and manifesting the best of humanhood amongst the best of Creation along with the greater community. In part little children have some remaining qualities showing forth from them, but there are also those which have been lost to this time of that intelligence, which is spoken of here. This is something we can strive however, to hold to, for the possibility to come once again. 

But this is spoken of now, not so much to invoke a wanting melancholy, but to make a point that there were sadly, certain beings and influences which were introduced into our sphere, making a radical change within this paradisiacal condition. During the period just prior to Christ's own Incarnation, this had worsened yet again, that our world had become a dumping ground for many creatures of evility - an astral circus of unimaginably horrible content now infiltrating our planet.

Men by their own natures have not the wherewithal for terrible malice, for murderous, heartless and torturous intent. The effort and strain of such exceeds their own energies for one thing. Anger expires itself very quickly, and we were not made with that provision to be so outlasting with negative expirations. But this too is just the point, and sadly many souls outwear now because of their combinings with the elements of demonhood, which do have the expended voracity of hatreds which excite them for a time.

Quickly also, we have corrupted ourselves and our world, as well as entertaining the pirates which first entered into the sphere of men. However, and having so said, we are reviewing what it meant today for Christ to reclaim His World back out from these creatures of Sin, the same that had oozed and slithered out from their hidings, to orgy around the crucified God.

A Lord knows his lands and a King knows his own measure of Sovereignty with a competent exactness. As the demonic host spewed forth, Christ assessed what was before Him and waited. Some were exceedingly powerful offcasts, particular to planetary systems hitherto unknown by Him… and yet, at the same time familiar - whilst others were the demon children of discarded stars, orphaned from a now dark planet that had expired through sin.

However, this was His domain, and His Love and His Place. Already the millions upon millions of escrying creatures had acclimatized themselves to this sphere, that they could dwell comfortably enough amongst our nature. It was to this part that He would appeal. There is not just one mystery, but many mysteries to Resurrection. The very principle of evolution was itself reformed during the Incarnation, the Dying and the Resurrection, which Christ had decided upon. You see, evolution in its primal and progressive context tends to discriminate and eliminate and thus 'evolve' with rationality and purpose. 

However, the process of Resurrection melded properties which ordinarily would be discarded with a second chance, a new life, and bringing even perhaps a differing purpose.
It did not actually mean 'more of the same', which in a certain sense evolution itself had hitherto implied - perhaps an improved 'more of the same' but nonetheless formerly it would have been more-of-the-same-minus-some. 

This new life within this new context brought about opportunities for the betterment longterm, of all. When men consider an absolution for their sins, they lovingly do so with elements of shame and bear such sadness, not realizing that giving the ghouls an opportunity for transformation and release out from themselves, is the first step to find a relief for the humanity they had infested. 

Whilst many had and do dwell within the Earth's cavities or permeate the astral peripheries, (or of course accompany the human counterparts that have them here) the sting from their tail has been removed now, so to speak (and literally speaking also). Christ could have cleared them away, sending them out through the poles of the Earth from which they had first entered, and many He did defeat in various measure, but instead of simply sorting through and tossing out the debris of remains He considered the significance and determined that this world had grown much bigger still; but in a marvelous way. As long as men were immune from the control of these beings they had the power through Him to affect them for the betterment of both. 

Death became a conjuncture for opportunity and change. Every atom resumed its purpose - perhaps contributing to differing manifestations of the ideal within, yet qualified and glorified through a resurrected life. This also brought about great abilities in men for change in general. 

When our natures are carried and nurtured through repetition, it is difficult for the will of any being to find a comprehension for newness to be welcome. Newness itself would be exceedingly painful if it were not for the joy and creativity of Christ. Newness would be unacceptable to us, an anathema of all that has gone before, yet now because of His incorporating influence, we can meet newness with anticipation, excitement and hope and not be fearful of the unknown. Herein now is freedom for Man. Through Christ we are not only given the freedom to choose, but also the choices to choose from! 

The old world before Him, even though was conformed by Him, did not in its evolution hold provision for much change. The cycles, the rounds and the races were merely recanting what had gone before - only at the point of the Incarnation did we start up from where we left off; and now to find a newer road again! 

When it came to the internal happenings within the individual himself, there were also the choices which were his to make. You see, you cannot have freedom without choices - lawful choices - choices that the Heavens say are all right and perhaps perfect, blessed in every one of them - not just one way or one life for you to have.

Should you choose to be a good Muslim or a good Buddhist wholeheartedly, and this resounds with a commonsense of the highest order, and respects the brotherhood within your humanity and resolves the drives for spirituality, and commissions the inspirations through a devotion which is lively, then it is a choice from Christ to you that you may take, and at the same time be close to Him. You see there would be no point at all if there was a conformity called for, which only offered one good choice amongst many bad ones. 

Often there is a concept that Father God and Christ live by entrapment, that they would put before us an evil choice to wait and see if we are to make the wrong one, as some measure of test to see if we would go down the false path etc. But to what good purpose would this be? Surely it is infinitely more loving and wise to put before your beloved several good choices, if you concur with freedom existing at all. There can be no freedom if there is only one good choice in anything or everything. 

Spattered over the hillside - that border where Hell met the Earth at the feet of the Cross - glopped black blood from the tangle of forms that had turned now upon themselves. Rarely in such numbers, but common to the drama of their own, after their lusty entanglements, they would bludgeon and suck off each other's pain. The picture presenting to a man would be frightful indeed, but amongst the specter spectators there was even a hideous enthusiasm in the watching of this dark circus.

To our Christ it was a nonsense; and an intolerable one, concerning His beloved World and its comprise. He had watched men and women, now that were terrified of the conditions within the physical existence. He had seen firsthand just how close He was to losing it all to a foul idiocy, and His Sadness could never have been the greater.

Good men often quandary over what it is to make the right decision, assuming that there is only one which is correct and to be preferred. Life however, presents so many anomalies stacked one upon another, and so many conflicting streams of consideration (all well-founded and with good beginnings) that often it is a situation where there is no one right decision to be had, but many. 

Once again the Heavens urge us to respond to the freedom that Christ offers us in realizing this, and not needing to establish ourselves or our thinking so dogmatically as to try to maintain that:
  1. a) there is only one good choice ever, and
  2. b) you have chosen it.

Literally we are more often than not 'making the best of a bad situation' - which in a lesser form is the process of resurrection working within us. This is not to say that a bad situation is an evil one by any means, but something which has gone bad has deteriorated or tired, and needs to be changed because its condition challenges us. 

Through Christ we can find a relief from ourselves and our narrowness when we begin to appreciate the many freedoms there are for ourselves and our friends alike. Evolution used to insinuate a predetermined outcome from which there was only one choice; and without that choice one was left behind and discarded by that unsympathetic stream, just as the beings were cast off into the 'depths' of our earthly life, out from their own domains.

When we go to the Cross and we sit at His Feet, we can take to Him all that we have and do hope to be. It is intimate because He Knows us, and also He holds Visions for our future which we have not glimpsed yet. Good things. Good choices. Good futures.

The wailing and the screeching ceased - silence as all of a sudden. Many minds were bent on what was seen, many twisted faces turned to witness what before was beyond their consideration. 

Ghosts of the human dead had gathered around the figure of Christ. Whilst His Body remained there, sorely attached as it was on the Cross, His Form could be seen sitting amongst the dead a little way over from the hellish border. 

Illuminated softly, yet brightly also, there appeared to be many hundreds of individuals surrounding Him, and the impression was added to this that they in turn were somehow connected to many hundreds each besides. So it went on, and He by Presence and in quiet mind, was solemnly communicating each with one singly and yet meeting with all at the same time. 

There was not just one emissary, but many from ages that had past. He took counsel as well as gave counsel, and although the physical time had time to it, He made time and it was very lengthy.

Amongst the brightly lit crowd were also beings of immaculate beauty. Invited and of supplicating comfort, these figures were the planetary spirits of Virtue and Grace, adorned with an integrity of quality which was magnificent to watch amongst the crowding of souls. If you could have seen, you would have seen the auric egg of the ego light in places about each man and woman, illuminating stars within their own complex sheath, just to be in the vicinity of one of these beings of Virtue - as their own heavenly worlds responded.

It could not have helped but to make a lasting impression on the demonic community as they watched on. They had not captured the attention of our Christ for very long, and nor had they seen what they had come to see, for their own forecasts had been dark and stupid - they had wished for ill and divined by their own limitations nothing good.
However, they did become open, just briefly, to finding circumstance beyond their own reckoning, which was intriguingly different. It brought pain to them to acknowledge goodness, but also the beginnings of great healing to follow.

Even the most wretched and evil of beings can be spoken to by Christ and offered possibility for something more, something different and something better. They were not annihilated, they were not even overcome, and the change was almost imperceptible, but a seed nonetheless for a growing goodness.

Evolution did no longer merely entitle itself, but now within His Homogeny has entitled Man to a freedom within it, whilst also endeavoring to care for the kingdoms above and below His regard.

For this we thank Christ for His great Consideration, Labor, Enthusiasm and Love, working for a future that exceeds the past and the present, with great choices and true freedom to make the best of possibilities so known!


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