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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 26


26. The presence of that which bears historical record of ourselves from a time of identity from which we have since departed.
There becomes an internal struggle/tension with the discrepancies as they are portrayed in comparison with who we are today. This may refer to the akashic, the talismanic or merely the representational as in a photograph or another's memory recollection. 

A sensitive man may also have difficulties with his own memories as they do not 'match up' with the person he has grown to be or become to prefer. There is a painfulness in perceiving ourselves to be 'less than', or alternatively there is the simple problem of the 'ill-fitting' as described above. 

Since the consciousness may only be in the one place at the one time, it is easily confused when presented (even to self and even in the carrying of self) with multifarious images of what once were. It has little difficulties with 'could-bes' however. For although the 'could-be' excites the imagination, it needs to have a foothold in reality before being taken seriously. If the 'could-be' is a spiritually foreseeable reality then it is perceived as the epitome of 'fitting' - not being merely desirable, but the actual reality upon which all else is measured (from which we are largely disheartened by). 

When we glimpse our true spiritual natures and futures they are known to have been something in place, given out a very long time ago. The difficulties we have with our own memories or those of others of ourselves, lies in the seeming incoherence and unrelatedness of both our modern-day selves and our spiritual natures as well.

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