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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abiding Thyself

"Upon a rock", He sayed, He sayed,
Up on a rock, he prayed, he prayed.

Ashes, a pitcher divine,
Not such a goblet,
More a hollowed carved stone.

Succored with fancy,
Abideth this brief lovely while,
Dreams all a'canter: the earthly unrobed.

Pinion the bride -
Rest and rest again,
Take in to her smiles,
Sane greed and eager,
Burning, urging, holding fast,
And asks and asks
And asks… and asks.

Come! Pour forth and be then done (when done).
Oh! Gratitude's recovery, our own soul's bride;
His Will, His Life, in all bestowed honor,
To you, that you,
May herein abide.


  1. Apollo loved Clytie, but forsook her for her sister Leucothoe. On discovering this, Clytie pined away; and Apollo changed her at death to a flower, which, always turning towards the sun, is called heliotrope. (Greek, “turn-to-sun.”)

    According to the poets, heliotrope renders the bearer invisible. Boccaccio calls it a stone, but Solinus says it is the herb.

    “Ut herba ejusdem nominis mixta et pr√¶cantationibus legitimis consccrata, eum, a quocunque gestabitur, subtrahat visibus obviorum.” (Georgic, xi.)

    No hope had they of crevice where to hide,
    Or heliotrope to charm them out of view.

    Dante: Inferno, xxiv.

    “The other stone is heliotrope, which renders those who have it invisible.” —Boccaccio: The Decameron, Novel iii., Eighth day.
    Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewer, 1894

  2. The bloodstone‘s main source is India but can also be found in Australia, Brazil, China, Scotland and the United States. The bloodstone is typically a green chalcedony with bits of iron oxide (red). However, yellow bits sometimes replace the red which then changes the name of the mineral to plasma. This stone got its name from the red inclusions which resemble the blood of Christ, which were formed while dripping on the green earth. Greeks believed that this stone is the key that will bring change, as it is the stone that symbolizes justice. For many years it has been used as an amulet which is believed to protect you against evil.

    History of the Bloodstone
    Bloodstone comes from the Greek word “sun turner” or “the sun of stone”. Pliny apparently used a mirror made from this stone to view eclipses. Legend has it that once you use this stone it will embrace your spiritual side to a point where you want to live your life with integrity and honesty. Bloodstones hold mystical powers and as reported many believe that it gives off a sound in order to guide the user. It was also believed that by only looking at the stone it can prevent eye deceases.

  3. The Christians attached special significance to bloodstone. According to Christian legend, when Jesus Christ was crucified, the dripping blood stained the green jasper at his feet, and this was the origin of bloodstone. Bloodstone was widely used in sculptures representing flagellation and martyrdom, and was known at one time as 'the martyr's stone'.


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