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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breath, Breathing & the Arterial Self- 26th March 1997

THE properties of the breath and of breathing hold mysteries beyond any chemical transaction or ingestion of time. When we exhale, our breath has become personalized; and to put it most simply, one can imagine that there are as many influences of beings in the breath we inhale in the world, as there are beings, whilst we, with our uptake, work to assimilate, transform or repel each and every one of them. 

Like an infant, the breath of an advanced man will be sweet and the breath which he exudes will cleanse the world! Likewise beware the breath of the animal, the conjurer and the hypnotist, for all of these impart persuasions also. The personalized breath that lovers may share in a kiss is the most signatory influence that can physically and subtly be imparted. It is also symbolic of both their tolerance and resonance peculiar to their coupling.

Breath, as similar to fluid in soul force, has yet also combined with our ego-nature, as with our consciousness now anchored within this world. For us it means that we incarnate and excarnate repeatedly, driving down into our systems and circulating with each force of pulse. There is a personal determination which we impart upon our breathing outwardly.

If we take in ten parts Ahriman in contrast to the usual two, then we must and do meet it with ten parts humanity, as it is worked over and made thus transformed. If the man of today is met with a variant of influences in greater part, then it is answered and equaled firstly by Christ, and then working its way through the man; and is not in itself a dissuader from the process of reticulated breathing.

The system that seeks personification maintains its incarnation with this repetitive reaffirmation of self and arterial selfhood. It is considerate therefore, to examine the intake of breath in regard to this, understanding that it is no small matter for a man to overwork the influences and re-establish his incarnating breath to breath. In learning to lessen the intake, [as with Buteyko] when issue and subsequent intake become labored, implies that the driving compulsion is also lessened, although not weakened, for it is then a question of force and of impact as well as of volume.

It is a little like lessening the impact of a skydiving fall, only far more effective. For as the being courses the circulatory route within his systems, he can glide his way into existence or he can collide through each portal of conjunction, and his health most certainly wears these effects depending. Chemical inhalants which cause 'crash and burn' and the blood pressure to accelerate, inhibit the proper transformative processes - meaning that the qualities, say for example of your Ahrimanic influence, will be released without having been given the personalized overhaul.

What this will mean is that we have encountered a quality and allowed it to pass through us without realizing it to be objectionable in its present form. If we do not soundly establish this then we in a future time will go on to incorporate certain qualities, rather than know to annihilate or transform them in our thinking and so forth.

It has been established that the process of our beings making physical discernments in relation to substance and its related spheres of influence, differs depending upon the form of ingestion so taken. That which is accepted into the bloodstream and not given orally through to the gut, has more opportunistic presence within a man to be accepted in substance for what it would be. There is little or no fiery interaction as there is with the digestive assimilation.

Equally so, when we come to consider an assimilation into the lungs we come to the most sensitive organ for spiritual transforming. Our hearts introduce our soul life into this existence, whilst our lungs introduce our egos. So from this one can see that the contaminants which might be introduced into the lungs may directly be brought into question as to the entire influence upon our arterial selves and its discrimination and determinings.

The weakness manifest in those who are susceptible to airbound allergens for example, displays the physical concerns for what may also befall in spiritual influence. Once again, the body is unfit to recognize that which it would ordinarily reject and rework, and has lost its ability to cast off or dispel adequately those contaminating forces. In the case of an allergic response the system has then exaggerated the process without effectively dealing with the substance or its remnants. Now if this is to happen in the wider sense of influential contaminants, we can see the risk of men ingesting a propensity to a whole way of thinking or of being and so forth.

The very problems of asthma go so much further than the life and death upset that it initially causes. The entire incarnating process is interrupted and the egoic assimilative discernments can be compromised with both symptoms and treatments thereafter. Whilst a treatment of any kind has to be preferable to death itself, it is the foremost arterial example of weakness and ill-health which can be triumphantly overcome with magnificent result. Think also, that because the lungs imbue the world and the self with selfhood, how very relevant it is to take a conscious direction in the management of such! The very cure does lie within! The answer being yet the great part to this riddle!

Here also is yet another clue as to the power and potency some drugs of addiction which are inhaled, and shall hold force over the ego with propriety, that as ingested through the stomach would only hold to be a poison (and yet the system would still battle and reject the force one is host to). If brought into the blood, the same would contaminate the soul forces with direct influence, but when introduced through the egoic path of the lungs we have a direct influence upon the ego of the man itself - weakened and susceptible and all remitting.

Essentially all influences which abound about us can be tolerably beneficial to us, or happily far more than that - they may enhance us and the world most wonderfully. The question therefore, both with people and with substance, brings us to wonder as to whether or not in our deciding, something is poison or some thing is good. If we forfeit our deciding it becomes worse than a poison - the reflux is but a counter effect, which means that the recourse will be almost unanswerable. 

Arterialness requires a constant deciding, an active participation, an involvement and a responsibility that says to the world, that you are adamant about your existence and will work to maintain it as best you can. This is a necessary respect we give to Father God, who we do put before all personages and privileges of both the Spirit and of the World. If we hold Him to be important firstly to ourselves, and give time to Him then all else will become clear as to our deciding. Deciding itself has consequence, and to this end it shall more or less look after itself. We are all tutored profitably, providing we can remain conscious and intact with a constant referral to Father God. 


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