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Friday, May 21, 2010

Locomotion & the New Year- 14th December 1993

THE synthesis of time and actuality does differ in this segment of the year, for the parcel which does pertain to Yule is as at the neck of a vortex where the greater activity is clustered, and the calendar of the year begins to resolve rapidly, whilst the saturation of new impulses await the 'emptying out' as it were.

The celebrated marking of the New Year is for the very reason as identified inwardly: that the cosmic latitudes are broadened, that the gifts for the coming cycle are imparted and received; and too, something of a true picture-insight is accompanying. 

It becomes also as a death in miniature, characterized by the appearance of our ghoulish guilt who is the living testimony to fault, flaw and mishap; and if ever there was a time to make peace with the sorry fellow - this guardian of conscience - it is at the threshold of change, where we may begin at this interval to ask more from ourselves, pointedly. For there are very definite episodes whereupon a man may enjoy a precipitated leap should he consciously will to do so. He may effect certain changes in all levels of his being; whereas other periods and conditions do not offer such elastic grace.

Remarkably there are very many men who miss this period entirely, involved in such activities which do dissuade progressive change and coherent insight. The revelling of lightheartedness and lightheadedness is provoked by the cunning of those mischievous devils who work overtime at Christmas and just after, encouraging many missed opportunities. If there is any real merriment it is more apparent on behalf of these black oozing sprites who revel in the escapades of drunkenness, gluttony, irreverence, accident and morose dispirited conjecture. For here we have a time for marvelous preparation - and so often misused or accounted for; the men then wondering, as one year follows the next, why it has been that their lives are 'out of order' or 'out of control'.

Try to imagine if you will, that you are to gather and pack the provisions for the journey ahead, but you become distracted and the bounteous wares which shall answer every need along the way are snatched forthwith, and so with a sack near empty you approach the beginning of the journey. This is as with preparation denied.

There have always been special holy-day holidays allotted for the welfare of Man's spiritual sanity. There are differing New Year days as recognized, however these may specifically pertain to characteristic attributes of a particular race, in which it constitutes a considerable correspondence. However, the period between now and mid-January opens the globe to celestial splendor, invoking all living inhabitants to make correspondence with Heaven and her company.

This segment of the year, this one-twelfth, may be defined as the benefactor for all of the other months. Indeed, if men could but pause out from their yearly concerns sufficient to scrutinize their inner life, then the quality and nature of their year ahead would become apparent. Any unsettledness experienced is not so unusual in this forecasting, for as intimated before there is also a matter of refusing much that presents to oneself culminating from the year just passed. In other words, one would expect a man to become sensitive to the oncoming influences, and that he, as with his beloved planet, knows the spiralling evacuating of certain experience and phase, within. For it can be said, that as with the bodily motion of passing excretions which are unwanted, so too in a highly developed sense, we do forfeit much residual experience (of what we are/were in relation to the eleven months past) that we may be open to fresh aspects, would that we welcome them to us.

The planet heaves with such issue, and we who are inextricably caught in mimicry are purged of those associations of self and the 'odor' of self. We do of course, retain a memory; we do also, when we desire, savor or invoke the impressions of that memory; but we are disassociated - we and the memory are now distinct.

Here we might also make an important point: that during this time of new clothes, so to speak, it is also of great importance that we reflect upon the merits of our year and make a special effort to retain our acknowledgment of them.

If we may return to our traveller’s imagery for one moment, you may find that a clear-water river flows beside him, and upon it he has emptied his gathering of straws, and as they depart along the top of the watercourse he may see each one as it surfaces and goes on its way. As with an after-death review he is given the opportunity to experience particular memories objectively and yet sympathetically, before they break away. So we have now an entirely different meaning to the allusion of one 'grasping at straws'. 

This is very old imagery which shall speak to more than a few, for the collecting of straws daily was customary across continents of many now ancient peoples. For it was then that the physical substance of the reed did hold for them - at that time - the memory as a reference; and the pouch or bag of straws thus collected were later used for divining future events, being quite readable and thus interpreted. Certain weaving was related to this practice also, and too the collecting of various herbs which were significant to the time and day they were picked and then later consumed.

There are many calendar-associates which assist man in his analysis of the phases of his year, by which he will gather to himself, himself, before discharging all and surrendering it back. We may look very carefully at habits that are similar, of which the year has been built upon. However the point being, that it is a particularly beneficial time for one to reacquaint oneself with what one was in order to ascertain what one should like to become, and welcome that.

The equinox periods mark a changeover of aspects and influence. However, just as there be one deep and fulfilling breath amongst many moderate inhalations, there is one twelfth of the year in which the veils are thin, and just like Brigadoon appearing in the mist, the spiritual ears lean closer, the whispers become audible; the children re-enter the membrane of their Earth; the elderly whose year ahead will be their last shall know and summon their farewells; the upcoming growth of the plant kingdom etherically ignites and is manifest; the Three Kings: Wisdom, Mirth and Salvation, step abroad into every nation, forecasting, deliberating, distributing their offerings; the hearts of men are uplifted - because afore overburdened, they are now then purged of encrustations and purified; the little children acknowledge their playmates, their invisible brothers and sisters yet to be born and waiting; while the souls who return because of great love enshroud their earthly beloved in dear concern and watchful warning; while the visions parade before the dreaming men and some wake to delights, while others have naught but disappointment this time, this year. 

But for all there is the Majesty of Christ who is gathered, for it be as if there are twelve of Him in relation to the yearly episodes - He, in twelve aspects separated and distinguished - and come the Holy Nights they do draw into one, and His full might is realized within the Globe itself. By Christ the call into the spurious realms is met and answered, for this is surely His time when He does literally drench all matter with all manner of Heavenly in-pouring. 

There is not a minute to be wasted! For every atom (and we mean atom) of joy, of charity, of humor, of pleasantry, of humility, of perseverance, of courage and patience, of compassion, of haste -these and others need be charioted in and reservoired for later consumption. 

So too, the sciences, the imaginine corpuscles, the arts, the diagramatic engineerings; the exactings; the philosophical refreshments; the mathematical polyglots and the seeds for the earthly harvests (harvests in the literal meaning). By the sixth of January - or fifth in some parts of the world - He has reached His zenith and after which, His magnitude begins to lessen having dissolved away into separated aspects, which do in turn separate again and again.

If there is no other time than at Christmas and just beyond, that one is to partake in Communion, then at least this, above all other times, will infill the man for the year ahead.

There are many desires and considerations which we may hold briefly but feel incapable of realizing - their fulfillment may be the true gifts as given us, if we prepare solemnly and with resolution.

We rejoice Life, and acknowledge that mirth (true merriment) and its accompaniments are God-given. We are not to deny the richness of our lives, nor strip the color from our sight, but may actually come to our happiness with conscious exaggeration.

We may truly reflect upon what it is we may give of ourselves to our beloved, our brothers and sisters, and our World, and become sure of great ability that we may carry through with well-intentioned offerings. For as we are given, so we give, conspicuously.

In company one may deliberately pronounce out loud, that they should wish for them, as though they had the very power of God Himself to grant it- to wish it upon him, and wish well. When a group is gathered (they may prefer to write it down) they may, in turn, proclaim such wishes. These wish-gifts are most valuable to all concerned and are unquestionably fruitful. Quite so, as with the power of all prayers come Yule-month; for once again we are reminded that the materializations upon the Earth are spiritually nurtured - being dependent upon Heaven for manifestation. Our prayers carry us within, and for the period ahead we do go a little further and request a little louder. The emissaries to prayer are afforded greater tactical abilities and may find openings into the elements of the year ahead which hitherto were not provided for. Moreso we may pray for our Sovereign God, that He be assisted by us in all that He would wish for.

Our Globe opens a little more every time. The ventricles of our Earth receive Heaven in grand replenishment. May we, as we enter into this holiest of episodes, prepare for the receiving of those gifts that the year forthcoming shall unfold; and may we also think well of that we should impart to the world that is valuable.

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