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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homeopathy, & the Divine Architects- 20th November 1993

PICTURE water in which the light has penetrated easily; now picture too the surface of a glassy sea in which the light is molded alongside the flat. Quite simply, there are two relationships of light unto water. Christ permeates all life in like manner, as He being the Light has shown Himself upon and in the body of recessed waters; and then amongst that floating sea, the one which wafts in stronger current- the mass of clouds gathered above; suckled in the splendor of His Light they move about the world in glory.

The condensation of dew upon the earth comes even to the desert, in filbert pristine orb. Ever downwards also, Christ does enter into the Globe as the water joins the internal rivulets and channels, the courses below, to pool in entrapments and seep farther beneath until spent.

The divine nature of water is as the feminine aspect completely, it is encompassing, embracing, accommodating, and compliant. It may reform an infinity of times over, becoming in purity what it always was. Water is because of what all else makes of it also- it perceives itself in the bodies and experiences of that which it inhabits. It lends itself willingly because its nature is of the feminine aspect of the Divine Will. The masculine aspect drives life into being with distinctions and certain directions, whereas the fluidic water gives over to life and surrenders her body where called upon. A lesser signature pertaining to an individual ego or lesser ego, may incorporate itself within a body of water (the greater, sublime ego), and deliberate its action/power in the world.

There is a point where all physical matter borders the fields of the etheric world. Physical matter is not a debased expression of higher life - we shall address that one later - and it is of course, tight-bound to its signatory source on every level.

The intermingling of water is not of itself, sufficient to enhance or transmute the qualities of that substance, however, as is well known, there are various points of graded dissolution that bring forth the etheric nature of that physical substance. However, what is most overlooked in homeopathy and its practices today is that it is not solely a question of provocative dissolution either. 

The action of the rhythmical percussion calls forth the memory (in matter) and substantiates also; and there is one other most important connection in this the potentization, and that is Christ Himself! For the etheric life is He, The Life, and His influence empowers all manifold expression. Homeopathy is not wizardry, nor is it a reverse dynamic. It is a science of mixed natures amongst a common ecology. It is the harmonizer, as Christ is remedy to all conflict and disharmony.

In this sense we have in the past questioned the ethics of those practices used to annihilate species using homeopathic techniques to do so. If one thinks in terms of extinguishing life then they do so running contrary to the Principle which incorporates all Life and is Life.

The fusion (temporary) of individualities is remarkable and worthy of sincere contemplation- the 'coming together' of one upon another, one alongside another and the very mass of those - that uniqueness may cohabit is nothing short of extraordinary! It is of itself, a paradox.

If we are to resolve a threatening imbalance within the physical constitution, it may be addressed etherically by the powerful attitude of the water herself. To say "like cures like" is not correct in itself. Like becomes like, and it is a misnomer to say otherwise. The reformed 'like' shall reform the 'like' within. The divine nature of the Christ-empowered water shall persuade the inherent nature of the substance to 'give in' to the ordering of the higher ego and harmonize. The action within the man shall be an acquittal and the constitution will be fortified by the relationship now amiable. This is a different way of seeing things, granted: that physical malady is due to inner arguments and the resolution lies in the redemption of a conflict made good.

It is a question of basic philosophy also. Power alone is corruptive. No system can be maintained by the stronger reigning supreme. Health may not be won and maintained simply by knocking-out the poisons and undesirable flora within. Because as with all ecology, the lesser cohabitants support the more powerful, therefore one shall not override the territory of another.

Similarly the case for homeopathy is not a perspective of a 'knock-out' match - we return to the theory of exacting harmony and the upgrading, the redeeming of substance and being.


The true architects of the forthcoming worlds are not one and the same as we the plan keepers. For to devise one calculated deviation or new addition, or coerce such transfiguration, one requires a future substance, a skerrick of that which is to be.

Are the plans composed by visionaries or innovators? Are they precognized or simply preconceived? Do the master-plan Angels follow yet a higher dictate? - Most surely. Does the formation and subsequent reformation of a world go full-circle? - Indeed it does.

That which compriseth a world could be placed on a scale of category as to that which is most argumentative - the metals being so. Individuality need not imply disagreeableness nor argument, as we have just discussed the marvel of coexistency whereupon being is afforded all. However, upon the Globe there are varieties of corresponding evolutions and considerations needed for the progressive furtherance of each simultaneously. Everything begins and ends with Man. All else adhered to the world is bound to follow. For it is Man Himself which unfolded the components of the Kingdoms of this World - save for the metals which are indeed obstinate by comparison. The metals direct those influences cosmically as do enter into Man correspondingly, and are exhumed from his dynamic.

The 'outer system' holds signatures which extend through to realms and gods of differing influence and magnitude. Apart from the Sun's metal, each and every other metal has a radial field which reaches as far as its base planet, and the shifting influences upon that planet hold influence over each particle of metal that it is.

Although contrary and obstinate, the nature of the metals is precisely what may give to man his additionally acquired 'blocks' of the future world. Because were he to evolve upon himself only - i.e. all the other kingdoms without the cleavage of their mineral parasites - then there would be more of the same with sameness abounding. However, it is because of these outer influences impinging, to which we must become answerable and address, that we shall thereby further and enhance both streams of progressive evolution concurrently.

Working with the various metals, the incorporation of they in daily life, realizes a partnership between Man and the outer domains. While one may say also that Christ comprises the whole of the immediate Heavens and therefore has jurisdiction over each and every metal therewith, it is another matter for discussion, as these portions are unrealized by Him in relation to us.

The confederate architects bring designs from those worlds to which the metals belong. This is their contribution. And Man, who does contain their seeds in blood and cell has passage into their realms by the quickening of his corresponding faculties, and also as passport into such spheres in metal bodies. (Yes Dorothy, there was a Tin Man!)

We have never seen an atom enlarged to the size of the world, however if it could be so pronounced then it would exactly be as detailed within as the world itself, and individual also in relation to its fellow atoms. Again we add, that this must be so, for if it were not one should simply become the other.

Having gazed a little into an atom - made not nearly so big as the world, but rather focused down into and exaggerated in part in visible portion - there can be witnessed the world as it was, yes, but there are no representations of living people as such. It is not as though one were viewing a complete passage in time, as say with the akashic plastic. Rather, that if one knew the symbols (insufficient word), knew what they were looking upon, they should see the history of the formation, of the coming together of the material world. Furthermore, there is a completion of sorts, already sequenced, that even though each particle is of a former world and shows as such, it has been renewed by its being present in this time.

The atom is permeated with light, just as the water so described. And the light either deflects from the surface, as with the water, or permeates through rendering it visibly transparent. Every minute particle has its respective place and is irreplaceable in the order of things. The interplay between life on life requires ceaseless readjustment.

The innovators need have some precognition, and the visionary seers need creativity; while all the while the true architects labor on without rest. We have never really seen them - seen their faces or their true being. Their inspirations are delivered to us, that being their communication - nothing more could be so valid or so pert - and they slip away back into the realm of design without introduction. Perhaps that is the way of newness: that it must remain uncontaminated by the meeting with the old. One gives to the other in quick and silent passing, ne'er daring to idle, never daring to be detained.

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