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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Prayer for the Work

Beloved Christ, Master to all great teachers in the World,
We come to you today in prayer to ask for Your Guidance, in these our efforts.
Too often have we erred with false judgment,
And many times prone to sweet deceptions,
Still yet we are eager to become as perfect men and women!

We pray that we shall not be dissuaded from this,
But hold fast to Your Promise, Your Vision, which You defend.
And we shall be your champions also -
Defying doubt and the guiles of false logic.

Let those who protest the glory of men
Suffer their visions affecting no other;
Until such a time that we pray will arrive,
When they exhaust their improvisations
And come to You Dear Christ, again.

Lord, Your Sweet Breath enters this very room,
The same Breath which spins orbs upon their axes,
And moves with such might,
A might that will inflict no harm.
May we come to learn of the Mysteries of this;
And cheerfully repel the insults of all great and meager contestants.


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