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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Prayer for Wellbeing

Our Father, our Christ, our Heavenly Legions,
We call to You this moment on behalf of all that is wanting and without.
We know of Your tender Mercies, and we know also how You wait,
Held back, like a beggar at Your own door -
That hearts may once again be open to receive You.

We pray today for each one who suffers, be them adult or child,
On Earth, or on the threshold.
And we urge that each be brought sweet comfort and relief,
From whatever tortures they may endure.
And we pray also, that we too may be keen and quick to soothe,
To comfort, to remedy an ill, where possible.

May we be Your vessel for the Holy Supplications,
That imparted through these hands: our words,
Your Spirit quickens us and is manifest in evidence,
In what we are, and are to become.

Holy Sympathies, we know of Your Tears also,
And we pray that this pain which corresponds between our world,
And the High World, shall cease its fluctuations.
We await that day when familiar struggles are only as joy,
And all conflict is answerable. . .
When death itself is vanquished.

To all of those who are lonely and without good company -
May they trust once again in the Divine Companionship that one may bring to another.
Great Love ushers us in,
But amongst the parade of endless surprise,
Our attentions are drawn out and away,
From the recognition of our binding affections.
Let all men return, and grief be no more suffered.
 And for those who have withstood courageously,
May Your Blessings empower their courage the more,
That they never have need, falter or weaken.
For many have only such courage to sustain them,
And no man would willingly affront their woes in place of they the pitiable.

Give us the courage also, that we may not fear demise,
But rather know that all perils do pass,
Whilst we throughout, endure.


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