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Monday, December 6, 2010

Human Sexuality & Zarathustra, part 1- 26th January 2001

WHEN animals copulate and the plant fellows propagate, there becomes an active manifestation of the very highest of principles … and amongst the holiness and deep spirituality of these endeavors, there becomes yet another principle made known by such combining as well.

The cooperation of the task involves separate members who by their combining awake a further spiritual activity into their physical being. It is never a matter of simple physicality, sensation and generation. There is involved within the copulative processes many frames of being, many expressions fulfilled and a spirituality which is not merely subsequent, but paramount to the act.

Moralists are deterred from voicing the virtues of copulation because of the insane perversions for which human sexuality has been given to. However, much goodness is blighted by the stabs of criticism - this is not uncommon - and understandably criticisms are given to the shadowlands which fringe our paradise and stalk our goodness.

Before we go on we shall define perversion in context here, as being: an untoward, corrupt, harmful practice which defies good purpose or creative and joyous soulic expression.

The propriety of human sexuality is not guaranteed by marriage (in point of fact it can be the opposite wherewith the will can be strangled and the submission becomes intolerable) and certainly is not exclusive to heterosexuality itself, simply because of the physical members.

Conversely, homosexuality does not guarantee a joyous and proper combining either. It is such an important subject for particularly today - blanket statements cannot suffice a true comprehension, for these issues run into the deepest part of the river of our spirituality and are barely present in the physical - as difficult to imagine that may seem.

The Bacchanalian nature-spirits were depicted in orgy, aside and conjunct to drunken merriment, however the nature-spirits themselves are often given to imitating men in their behaviors … proximity affects and afflicts them, as does the adulation they feel for the humans around them. 

It is not so much as to say that elemental beings can be or are promiscuous, for they are not, but some have been known to have been influenced by the men and the women in the surrounding towns and times. Yet notwithstanding, sexuality is not unfamiliar to their races and their own natures either. Outside of their own experience exists a fascination for human reproduction - admiring our offspring, enchanted by babies, mystified by the processes. Many developed nature-spirits are generously encouraging to life and furtive fertilities. They are naturally inclined to rejoice at any sequence of events, which magically conspire towards new life and greater gaiety!

We are not unlike these beings in our natural revelry and enthusiasm. For the modern man though, there have been and still are so many considerations which nag upon his happinesses. Soul-combining is not as it once was - communication with others has become unbearably difficult. Individuals have separated off from one another in ways which will not combine. At present, our condition of fledgling egohood has smudged the definitive instincts, and confused experience itself with a multitude of pertinent considerations. Individuals are experiencing loneliness, rather than coupling - even with their coupling, they are usually self-interred and ever more the lonely. 

So given that amongst the sanctity and spirituality of sexuality there are problems which lie outside of the act itself, we are drawn to address these questions about the entire individual, rather than the processes given to either a profitable orgasm or a black-magician's ejaculation, and debate the subject in isolation.

This is important to identify because one of the difficulties individuals face today is that their thinking is rather fragmented and therefore promotes more of this isolation even within the one being experiencing the thinking. It is symptomatic of the problem to view this subject in the context of female and male forces or physiology only, as distinct from the true nature of the dear folk who are in the midst of the experience themselves. 

The story of Golgotha could be worked over, retold and witnessed countless times and each with a relevancy to mankind and womankind with implication and deep significance. One such story pertains to Christ's humanity turning upon itself in offering Him up to death, as did happen.

Although our beloved Christ overcame the act of the murder, He could not spare all suffering which was to come from the betrayal. You see, if we even as children could turn against our own Creator and dishonor Him and estrange ourselves from our Father in the abhorrent act, we turn upon our uppermost selves also.

Christ is there before us all the time. He is there in the silence, in the quiet, in the unknown spaces, in the unseen light, in the certainties of love, in the amazement of Creation. Every man and woman on this Globe has the opportunity to know Him. They may not name him but they certainly can know Him. They can go on to decide if they will receive Him or rebuke Him. We know Him by what He is before us and in us, not by legend or by the missionaries' cajoling.

Our commitment to Him and to all that He is and represents even a'further, is apparent within the ways we live our lives. This is to answer all of those who ask "well what of the folk who are still untouched by the scripture, etc." to which we say: Christ lives and moves within us, within the world this very day. He is with every man and woman and child and is faithful to them. Each have the opportunity to dismiss His presence or to welcome it, and this is very much of their deciding.

Now two very special occurrences took place consequent to Christ's Incarnation and Crucifixion in relation to human sexuality and the community of souls. Firstly, when we recollect the times former to His coming we find that the men and women were very much uninhibited with their physicality - it did not require an intellectualism or review, but was more in keeping with the nature-spirits' order of view.

Many of life's experiences were experiences and not questioned or turned inside out subjectively. If one desired and was satisfied - with food, with warmth, with company, with propagating - it was what it was, just as the machinations of a cyclical nature was to be expected also and everything was perceived to be primarily a spiritual experience.

In one aspect the need for differentiation was not evident, as the family relationship and racial community was ever present in the psyche of each and every member. Group egoic collectives dominated the behaviors largely, alongside the needs-driven passions, with little time for self-reflection or self-identification. 

There is a paradox here, that when Christ entered into the marriage of a man and a woman, and into the spiritual marriage - our heavenly relationship we hold with divinity - there became a possibility for this dual nature to cohabit within an individual cohesively. This dual nature afforded an individual the ability to break from the bulk of their group consciousness and think differently, uniquely for themselves upon their own experience but also at the same time be more fruitful, more empathetic, as part of this inner quality of imaginative reflecting. So, there was a great divorce out from the past and its ways that we were so used to, and a new marriage of possibilities working within the unions which were to follow.

However, at the point of the Crucifixion another darkness covered the face of the Sun and it was that the very gift Humankind had been given was disassembled, fragmented and become sclerotic. 

Part 2 follows


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  5. In the earthly world Jahve represents that God who endows beings with the possibility of physical reproduction. Everything else (intellect) did not lie in the Jahve-Intention. If Jahve's intention alone had continued to develop, the human being would eventually have ceased to be able to reproduce himself, for the power of reproduction would have become exhausted. He would then only have been concerned with the creation of beautiful forms, for he was indifferent to what is inward, intellectual. Jehovah wished to produce beautifully formed human beings, like beautiful statues. His intention was that the power of reproduction should be continued until it had expended itself. He wanted to have a planet that only bore upon it beautiful but completely motionless forms. If the Earth had continued its evolution with the Moon within it, it would have developed into a completely rigid, frozen form. Jehovah would have immortalised his planet as a monument to his intention. This would doubtless have come about had not those Adepts, who had hastened beyond the Moon evolution now come forward. It was just at this time that they made their appearance. They had already developed on the Moon intelligence and the Spirit which we first developed on the Earth. They now took the rest of humanity into their charge and rescued them from the fate which otherwise would have befallen them. A new spark was kindled in the human astral body. Just at that time they gave to the human astral body the impetus to develop beyond this critical point. Jahve could now save the situation only by altering his manner of working. He created man and woman. What could no longer be contained in one sex was divided between the two sexes.

    Two streams now existed, that of Jahve and that of the Moon Adepts. The interest of the Moon Adepts lay in spiritualising mankind. Jahve, however, wished to make of them beautiful statues. At that time these two powers contested with one another. Dr. Steiner,

  6. Thus on the Earth we have to do with a force having the power of self-reproduction; Kriya-shakti. This power is only present on the Earth today in the very highest Mysteries. At that time everyone possessed it. Through this power man could reproduce himself; he then became divided into two halves with the result that two sexes came into being on the Earth.

    Jehovah withdrew the entire power of self-reproduction from the Earth and placed it in the Moon side by side with the Earth. Through this arose the connection between the power of reproduction and the Moon beings. Now we have human beings with a weakened power of reproduction, but not yet having the possibility of spiritualising themselves. These were the predecessors of present-day man. The Moon Adepts came to them and said: You must not follow Jehovah. He will not allow you to attain to knowledge but you should. That is the Snake. The Snake approached the woman, because she had the power to produce offspring out of herself. Now Jehovah said: Man has become like unto ourselves, and brings death into the world and everything connected with it.

    ‘Lucifer’ is the name given to the Moon Adepts; they are the bestowers of human intellectuality. This they gave to the astral and physical bodies; had it been otherwise the Monads would not have been able to enter into them and the Earth would have become a planetary monument to Jehovah's greatness. By the intervention of the Luciferic principle human independence and spirituality were saved. Then Jehovah, so that man should not be completely spiritualised, divided the self-reproduction process into two parts. What would have been lost however if Jehovah had continued his work alone will reappear in the Sixth Root-Race, when man will have become so spiritualised that he will regain Kriya-shakti, the creative power of reproduction. He will be in the position to bring forth his own kind. In this way mankind was rescued from downfall.

    Through Jehovah's power man carries within himself the possibility of rigidifying. When one observes the three lower bodies we find that these bear within them the possibility of returning to the physical condition of the Earth. The upper parts: Atma, Buddhi, Manas, were only able to enter into human beings because the influence of the Snake was added. This gave man new life and the power to remain with the earthly planet. Reproduction however became bisexual and thereby birth and death entered into the world. Previously this had not happened. -Rudolf Steiner:


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