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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem k, Objective Innocence

Problem k: The Arterial Self and the Objective Innocence
He had been feeling nostalgic as he sprang down that familiar track. Effigies of himself, he espied almost everywhere, for this was his wood, his World and his way. They called him the Christ.

With a sublime confidence our Christ took stock yet again, perusing his fine Creation. He hesitated in the space of one breath, and then, as if with an invisible answer to some ethereal question, He smiled ... approvingly.


The young Christ with all of His idealism and self confidence knows an unwavering happiness returning to Him from all of that He has confided with in soul. The soul life of the entire world springs up in a greeting so bold and completely unencumbered; carefree, completely at trust, with their Christ - their Christ, their God.

The lies of the world are but pizzle piss. How can you conceal our fair Christ? These times may well be difficult, but it shall not be for very long now. Before the end of this century all men will find His face amongst them.

True objectivity leads men to Him. The lesser kingdoms who hold innocence do know Him. Those which are as so self important, and have forsworn their generosity, then they are sullen in spirit and quite interred within themselves.

The 'cold creatures' come from a time when the parcels of being were splintered and left wanting. Humanity has always had the full complement given. As 'old souls' we have, in actuality, known existence with Father God back before the deepest memory. The realms of indifferent beings, those which storm the outskirts of our cosmic trailer, are in part synthetic, and part obscure, and have more recent beginnings to their natures and their knowing. 

The elite Angels are formidably stern and refuse to suffer them. Contaminated men who hold unwholesome investments in demonic inclination suffer their crudeness and encourage their presence in bordering realms. Good men ignore them, or if versed with the divine contradictions, do pray for them, acknowledging that it is men who have the stronger wills and fashionings, and may very well hold the title to these demons' futures.

When asked if there are those things by which a man can help to quicken or maintain that no other being may conjure the same, it is with all of the happy arrogance one can muster which affords the 'yes' to this in reply. The Angels cannot recondition themselves, and nor should they wish to, for adulteration would befall those with sympathetic callings. Christ has vouchsafed the demons as redeemable, in that He has not hurled them from this planet but tolerated their presence... and He would not endure what was to be intolerable to Man, for that would be an oblique acceptance indeed.

There are evil beings in existence who are simply devoid of any sympathy, empathy or objectivity, they do not even understand what it is to uphold their own kind, having no endearments with family or species, no preferences other than that of their own immediate gain. They would and do devour. They are fearless, humorless and characterized best by the dragoons of old who would mercilessly feed on their offspring only moments after their resented birth.

Yet to men it has been given the divine virtues of correspondence; that is, to know by self and also from others, of self. Our objectivities can be shared and then complete, that the pictures drawn from our finest impressionings are made composite of shared realities. Reality is affixed and made stable, this is so. Reality may also be imbued with purpose, fed, just as the rains supplicate the porous ground to receive them. Our purpose is in twain with reality's complex, and this far better done en masse than tried alone.

To the fascination of a few it was discovered that a plant was found to prosper when given a man's loving attention. Whether music was played or praise was enjoyed, men could affect the growth of an earthy green being, with their involvement to fertilize.

A man may interpret plant qualities but is not a plant nor holds the dialect of consciousness to fully participate with a plant on plant matters. As far as a fulfillment to man, plant cannot extend himself this far either. So to man, even the most loving of men, a plant will be plant and be separate to his own internal, subjective reckoning. Here with all the care of the Creator Himself, we can come quite close to Christ in our tendering. To both a greater and a lesser extent this is also so when we find love with other folk, whom the similarities are spread so thin and the individuals are so different.

It is this that the cold creatures hold no essence for; but it is by the active participation Man can lovingly employ himself with, in that which is contrasting to himself, that will eventually impart something of the beginnings of this ability to even the demon.

The prayers are important because they too will help men as well as creature, but of all the instruction it is the act of Christ, the deliberate mixing and association of fellowship with the unfamiliar, that will eventually bring these fellows some measure of understanding.

Not all individuals are so strongly placed within their egos as to withstand these associations without some grave demerit resulting. For example, it can be that children (who are innocent) are at risk with their indiscriminate mixing because they have not the consciousness to fully differentiate themselves from who they are with. They are Christlike in their acceptances though, and perfect teachers of attitude in many respects.

In later years they may shun differences and be markedly outspoken about such. This can occur because of their innate sensitivity which knows that they have not the wherewithal to withstand another's nature upon them, that the young are indeed all too impressionable.

If we are to confuse identity we are not so objective, but rather subjectively projecting from the anterior position. This is why it was maintained earlier that to see in the purest objective is to find Christ. If we only see ourselves in something or somebody, or they in us, then our perceptions are still nonetheless subjective. Were we to see them as they are without our identity we would find Him. And when Christ is subjective He finds us.

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