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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem i

Problem i: Arterial Separateness & Community

As the little boat moored it rocked indecisively. With my anticipation scanning the familiar land above me, I started to perspire. Seaspray and sweat I felt, and more excited to return here now and encounter this than when I had first left...
My eyes searched the cliffs for any sight of them… dear, dear people.

The little boat's host eyed me nervously and would not step out to even accompany me as far as the inlet. I thanked him all too briefly and gathering up my parcels of souvenirs and kitchen utensils (these I knew would be well received) I stumbled onto the beach and made my way back to the community.

I had called this place home for over seven years. Thinking back I never really once entertained the thought that I could have left - not alive that is. But when my physician declared full health returning, it was mysteriously almost as if I drew power whilst my companions all failed ... my leprosy had left me, the foul corruption was said gone.

There had been speculation from this that my whole diagnosis had been initially wrong. There had been other skin conditions they explained - perhaps it was mistaken? But who can really understand the comings and goings of a disease? Life ebbs and flows, perhaps so does death as well?
Death took many men in the cots next door - slowly they broke apart - our whole town here is couched under the cloud of one deep and solid moan. I suppose a few have gone now, and a few more new have joined.

Looking back I just catch sight of the little boat as it disappears from view, making its way back to my family that I have had to say goodbye to for the second time now. I had thought that the first parting was all too difficult to bear, but it is the leaving of my children that grieves me the most.

I could have brought them with me; some do. But no, why condemn them to this? Since my condition returned there is no doubt as to what it is. I shall stop and summon myself together; my wits are thin, my melancholy rising.

As I recounted the change that my time away from my parents had meant - what I'd seen - I hesitated to wonder how my friends here had fared. What obscurity and malformation might take me by surprise?

Am I fearful for them or for myself? I think both. I soothed my worries with the thought that deformity doesn’t really seem to be so obvious once you get to know a man…

It doesn't really count for much at all.


The ghost of this man still recounts his sad issue - these the tally of thoughts just before he was to discover that the entire town had been burned to the ground, taking the people with it. Even as they were in isolation they had been thought of as a demonic threat. Centuries ago many people were set fire to as they slept, or torched awake, and this was one such time a whole community was taken.

This man's ghost does not recall the many months he spent there in solitude before his death. If there had been survivors they had departed, and although he managed for himself reasonably well, it was the cold coupled with his ill-health that finally took him in that winter.

What of his soul now? And of the people who were in that town? Do communities migrate even through death? Can he still find them, even though his needs are now so markedly different from before?

There are two conditions which mark a man impressionably, carried over throughout his lifetimes: one, is that of unity with other men, the other is that of sorrow. A joy or a happiness experienced does not stay with a man, being rather something natural in consequence to something else sealing the episode, secondary, resulting and returning from other causes. Predictably a man shall know a quantity of happiness commensurate with his consciousness and capability, and unlike sorrow it will complete the issue rather than make cause to continue it.

Sorrow itself translates into an everlasting spiritual strength composing the soul. Its infliction within a lifetime, becomes indelibly incised upon the ego of that man, in a way which does not carry with it the hardship as first known, but the strength from what came to follow.

One may notice that even in the case of the ghostly recount (the ghost itself being but a living image of the man, and not with self-consciousness) the former self does not over-sorrow, but is with reasoning, and in this case took to a cheerful outlook as well.

What was memorable to him were the partings and greetings of two communities to which he belonged. Whilst he held a fondness and a companionship with the infirm who shared in an illness with him, he also knew of his love for family and home which necessarily extended beyond the years and through separation. What did remain with this individual was the desire to see and return to both.

His family dispersed - during the time of his returning incarnation there were few born to that period, and even fewer within his proximity of years or place. Of his children, one was his grandparent and another his daughter. The four remaining were not born of his century (they had actually died very young and were reborn shortly after).

As a small child he grew quite robust, until a shocking year when he came down with pneumonia. No one could have guessed that he had a weakness of any kind, and when he came to stay in the children's section of the local hospital there were four other small children who he had previously known in the leper community. The disease in these individuals had not enough time given to it to work itself out of their karmic experience. It had been cut short by the murder; and though murder (and death) it was, its significance only provided a postponement as the illness returned this time as leukemia in two, a heart murmur in one and an amputation from an 'accident' in the other.

These children did not know consciously of their former life and their being together, but their closeness was as apparent as ever. Prior to their suffering, in lifetimes preceding the leprosy, all four individuals had in one time or another achieved great victories on the battlefield - all talented soldiers who had carved and cut down the flesh of hundreds of men, taking women and children into their war too.

The dissemination of the forces which usually correspond to a healthy organ life within the physical system, does not have to karmicly result from one injury caused by another, who then loses the same body parts in consequence. It can come from a variety of causes, for example: there may be too much or too little activity in conjunction with the corresponding planetary forces pertaining to that organ; too much or too little vitality given to other centers, detracting from those otherwise healthy regions. It may be that whole communities are delivered with a weakness in an area internally and geographically. For at the time of their birth the planetary influences concentrated in that part of their country, excel a bacteria which was prevalent to overgrow and degenerate the tissue of that region (this too may happen chemically as well as bacterially, as also with radiation exposure). 

Breakdown can come from a whole community's immorality whereupon the children who are born into that environment (even though their parents were not) have missing parts if you will. The physical organs might appear to be there, and traces of their subtle counterpart, but there is an etheric weakness whereby the forces cannot correspond well and will eventually cause further breakdown in their efforts to promote life.

When children are so affected it may be that the water itself outlying their community's region has been infiltrated with the sin of its people. It becomes a slow poisoning with an indefinite corruption which goes on to weaken the new system, and correspondingly even at times, their own morality as well.

This may or may not be the case for bottled water! Certainly a collection of freshly collected rainwater will be the purest, most angelic and beneficial (not to forget remedial) quench there is. The problem of contaminated waters comes from wherever it has been drawn from underground away from the forces of the light and has been exposed to other contaminants (not of a mineral nature, but borne in the mineral nature), and impressed with the psychic slag which is pooled from the overall natures of the men surrounding. Dam water may be similarly infused; it all depends upon the time, place and people.


However, returning to our little soldiers: as children it does appear markedly unkind that they would suffer their karmic results as innocents. Yet sometimes this is the gentlest outcome for such people, as it is interpreted by the consciousness and the soul of the child in a way that is far more accepting and appreciative than with the adult.

Although physical sickness and malady is uncomfortable, painful, debilitating and demeaning, it brings with it some virtues which cannot be obtained by the ego and soul of the man without. It also is, in spiritual terms, short-lived and nowhere near the threat to the individual as is their health or lack of in soul-life and egohood.

So if it appears that we are insensitive to our observations it is not because we are unsympathetic to the human condition, which one way or another will fail physically as it currently sits. It is rather that we must overview the whole man and unravel the underlying causes which go beyond the immediate and outer concerns.

Before leaving this subject it has to be said here that the endorsement of Christ into a man's life does alter his etheric body and its resilience remarkably. If there was ever a tonic which helped all of his bodies correspond and comply, if there was ever a rejuvenating pick-me-up it is the adoption of our Christ open and receiving.

There is always work a man can find to do on himself. It is a little like the house renovations which continue on - different house, same cleaning up and decorating - whereas Christ Himself becomes our very location. (And as they say, position is everything.)

Of the five children in the hospital the two with the blood disease did die, the amputee lived a strong life, the heart child suffered a sickly constitution throughout a reasonably long period of years; and our man overcame his pneumonia and was discharged back to his family whom he loved so very much.

Throughout his lifetime he could not escape the thought that he should find a 'group' to whom he belonged. His search for being reunited with the leper community had been exaggerated merely because it had not panned out. The community was important to him and the signature of it as a corporate body of men remained with him also, however in his case his ghost would linger and maintain that he must climb the cliff and return to the group as planned.

There were a handful more that he was to find, and indeed one later on that he was to marry. His wife he had known formerly only as a child, for whom he had had great pity and admiration for in all the charming ways a child could compel, but also because there had been past life shared between them before that encountering at the community of sickness. She did return in his current time to be with him - of this there was no doubt to him inwardly either - and even when he had cared for her in the previous life when she was but small, there was a love between the two that was clearly present.

The question as to gender is often answered in parameters, but this does not explain the mechanism of how one may go into the other and back again. It is possible for an individual to have six straight incarnations as a male, five, four, three, two, or only one, before reincarnating as a female and vice-versa, but it is reliant upon those degrees reached (apart from the karmic requirements for that age) before they are given to the shift. Once the scale has filled with every bean of maleness for example, the transition into femaleness will be obligatory; and once the female aspects are all accounted for and realized within the woman who is manifesting physically as a woman, she shall make cause then for manhood in future lives, and so it goes. For some it may take one incarnation, for others it may take three up to six.

With every change back into a different gender we take the aspects of the previous and enhance what it is that we are to live and encounter a'further again. There are ways in which the dormant gender still works within our being in relation to that which is discharged and active. Every time we favor one upon another, it is still remarkably a combination of the both arterially.

We can swing in and out of these aspects as the soul and the ego are most comfortable in both, yet the Arterial Self is prone to a confusion only because of its indifference to either. The identity of self is neither female nor male unless activated, and when it is activated it is for purpose, not preference. Arterial deciding is exact and qualified by its aptness rather than predictability.

It is the Arterial Self that has cause to develop these aspects, but at times there are forces circulating within a man which are so powerfully overwhelming that the Arterial Self becomes denied. Intrinsic to life is the equation of the two; and were that Man was to manifest this 'two-ness' in a wholeness, he would create a living vortex of a kind to which the universe could enter. He would also negate himself by opening to this process. That one is not two is very much a blessing for that one. That the Cosmos requires the fitting together of two otherwise deficient aspects, offers us a key to events rather than everything becoming just one great never ending event, we have a stop and a start, quiescence and resistance, comings and goings with rests in between!

Yet for some individuals they may call in upon themselves forces which are related to their fiery centers of reproduction in such a way that within the one individual both the feminine and the masculine meet together. This makes for an inverse chaos. There are no realistic channels for these forces to emanate to and manifest with. There are only the aggregates of activity which are dangerously vital and stimulating to the man/woman who now entertains them.

This is brought on by an over-activity foremostly. It is not that the imbalance lives in genes or chromosomes, in body parts or mistaken parts. It has very little to do with physical makeover, but rather moreso to do with the psychic relations an individual has established between himself and the nature around him.

Mentally and morally an overdeveloped sense of independence can well lead in to this kind of confusion of pooled influences. Whether manifesting as spoken of, within the genital centre and corresponding to elementals of desire thereafter, or in other centers as well, both the male and female can be brought at the same time to similar chaos. With the forces of the head it produces a kind of senility, an obscure and thoughtless madness. With the forces of the heart it produces a cruelty, i.e. a capability of complete and ruthless corruption.

It is best that these obtuse developments are not given our attention for very long, for unfortunately the contemplation alone of such psychic deformities encourage the irregularities also. Although it is fair to say that it is unlikely that any man comes to this condition through the simple study of it. The merits of knowing this to be the cause, may also help to inhibit such an action, whereas the peculiarities of the very few in this regard must be reckoned with and therefore reconciled as preventable.

The imbalance of the sexual order is generated by employing both forces within the one body - it is consequential to activity. The imbalance of employing both forces with the heart comes from voraciousness to evil, for every force has its anti-force which astrally entertains the opposite. That love and all good virtues can come through the soul and enter the heart and then spill into the body, there is also an astral force of vile cruelty, that unfortunately, some can actually lust for and bring in instead. It is an independence of a sort which does not love or endear itself to others. The expression becomes inverse and brings to it an astral enterprise which is the very opposite in action and nature to the loving of others.

Equally so becomes the 'independent thinker' who has prided themselves upon an outstanding and unique system of logic which has no tangible foundation or support in faith, myth or wisdom. The price of such independence requires a closed circuit rebutting outer influences, relationships and realities, and the consequence to this is that the forces destroy their creator (the individual) rather than bring more life in from our Father God.

The very notion of independence denies Father God His Presence in our lives. The ideal and effort that is brought to Man through community, works his talents and abilities developing those centers which he shall arterially navigate.

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