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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Impetus- 25th June 1993

THE underside of every petal harbors as shelter, a gentler, moderate current. Between the sweet earth, this rich and combusting soil, and the underneath of the face of a flower - or the underneath of a perpendicular leaf pronounced - there is a small climate immediate and particular to the plant.

And whereupon the Sun's rays are soaked in and on to the outer sheath of plant exposed, there becomes a tempered veil, as it were, invisible, but as a fine net, this aura of plant, magnified, intensified in activity at all of the outer points. The light speaks to the tips, from fine and slender shoots to robust hoary lengths. The plant has a 'quiet space' within its own and much busy life where the runners spread.

The roots are nourished by means of an old-world system - the water, the mineral constituents, the warm earth. The currency of the very planet pacifies the extensions of soil-bound life and redirects much influence skyward.

The 'atmosphere' beneath the surface (of the soil) and the atmosphere of that above, is paralleled by a humidity ratio- save for adjustment periods. There becomes a foster relationship in such conditions- whether dry conditions prevail, alpine or desert; or water saturates the environment, tropically or by weather depressions - the soil must be consistent with the moisture content of the air above.

Worldly conditions as met by the soul, resemble the life as known by the root-system of the plant. Such a system intertwines and amasses, the consciousness being earthbound on such a plane of activity which is quite blind to the soul-realities 'top-of-the-soil'. And here is the interesting point: the above earth irradiations are equal to the expending life of the active earthly consciousness, in other words, as above, so below- only more so!

For a while now the examples of spiritified Man have been portrayed by an array of fibrous colors, an illumined aura, maintaining the being of Man to be truly pretty and by this, defined. It is as an image ingrained in the concepts of modern thought, and although accurate in part, it is most misleading in complete representation. For there is a sentient being of Man, and also a diversified being for which he is known by advancements and peculiarities obvious to him.

To return to the plant for one moment: there are examples of abounding growth and contrasts also, of failure, in any species. The family of any given plant may offer a fantastic expression as a corporate soul, however the individual examples are each afforded many challenges to be surpassed, would that they may thrive and be. Conditions must be met and even the hospitable factors may test an immature growth.

A man shares many corresponding similarities in this, particularly when it comes to presentations of opportunity and presentations of untoward dilemmas. To make err, to fault, they say is most human. . . and that one thing for which there is purpose made clear for root and for runner, is the aspiration of the heart, the expression of love in activity. Each fragile flower is an expression of divinity. The blossom says "I am perfect love. I am the consequence, the transformation." and there is no truer statement.

If in earthly life a man cannot warm to much love (for some it may become intolerable), then his commensurate soul expression will, in revenue, produce a corresponding bushel; and as he is in life so shall he be thereafter.

Here is a great purpose of charity as given within the world. There are many who have endured cruel circumstances providing only a cruel and hopeless perspective. Quite often a dispirited man, dejected and resenting, may come to experience very little love indeed; and - as made example before - such a soul will have developed little, or next to nil, characteristics. That is to say, that he has not managed to break through his worldly consciousness, out and into the soul realms and develop himself accordingly, because the impetus for such growth was not there - the impetus being love itself.

One man's love can hold a profound effect within the soul recognitions of another. It may stimulate them to higher awakenings, whereas before it was not possible to make the breakthrough on their own. In an act of charity a man may receive not only the physical assistance he might require, but also a measure of outpouring love which identifies him as being correspondingly lovable.

If we are fortunate to experience much love within our own beings, we may forget entirely the position of those who have none. They may have reminiscences, yes, and this is good, for such may also lead them into heavenly expression and foreknowledge. However, as startling as it may seem, there are some who do not come to love, neither loving or being loved, and it is to these that the true charity of humanity may best work upon.

There are moments which we all savor. These especial times of warmth and enlightenment provoke the soul into marvelous expression. Men do vary considerably in this. As different as plants to each other are, so too do men differ in variety of expression.

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