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Friday, October 9, 2009

Foreword- Forward!- 1991

AS THE serpent chases its tail, one can try to catch the elusive Sun to take in a global sequence of perpetual sunrise. Development has its rewards and when you are asked, "For what am I working towards?" you may take us on our word that you are working for the day when you may witness the perpetual sunrise in all its glory!

There are mysteries and there are Mysteries. Above all one should not get caught, feather and tarred, seeking the mystery because of the mysterious. Undoubtedly there is much excitement when standing at the frontier of certain knowledge. But true delight is gleaned from the discovery anew that reasserts the marvels of life which are known.

We learn according to our will and soul-knowledge. We re-exact the inner knowledge. We perfect our recall of those songs which were sung to us as we lay cradled in our Father's Arms, in His Heart, in His Breast, in His Thought, in His Example, in His Exaltation.

The 'hard slog' of daily existence does not have to be viewed as an unwelcome interlude. Each living moment is to be rejoiced, and through inner knowledge this will be so.

As one masters one's self, with keys to character development, keys to objectivity and a love of love, the pupil discovers then the true beginnings of Eternity and her talents. "The Path" to such wonderment and inner knowledge is necessarily the way to embark on this peregrination.

For all of those students who are with great anticipation who hold such vitality of eagerness and inquiry, these messages may help set the path before you. It is with blessing from your Elder Brothers who share your eagerness and know of your inner desires, that you, with an open heart (and forgiveness for the shortcomings of the typist so dictated to), shall for a time consider what is put before you.

We wish you well as you journey thus so,

In the Name of Christ,
And in the Name of our Father,
God Speed!

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