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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Scale of the Seven Fiery Elements- 25th June 1991

 THERE are seven sacred ethers, dependent upon the seven fiery elements that permeate such ethers. Qualities of substrata, electro-plasma, bio-radiation, shaktiput, quasi-radiation, kama-losta (subdivine), and divinity- seven fiery elements so named today.

It is apparent upon the withdrawal (or more precisely the forcing out) of one or more element, that one encounters paralysis in the physical constitution. Such ethers run in currents, much alike to the blood and water that permeates the physical body. In fact both blood and water contained, carry the seven etherical fluids. 

There is a fractionalisation that occurs, as with the force that pulls the crystal into form. However, crystals and man turn to rigid structure - obstinate, immovable, unnegotiable - when one or more is removed from its freely flowing state.

A septenary man is a whole man. A man may function as a sexenary man who cannot move new thought. The desires may freeze and one or more of the sensory perceptors may be locked, denied and subsequently become useless. The limb system or the nervous system may settle down into quiescence from chaos and become paralytic.

The etheric body itself may be interrupted by extraneous stresses, such as poisons and physical conflict (accident and violence). The man's astral body may set about devouring the etheric vitalities, sapping the lower of the fiery elements, whereupon astral mutations occur leaving the original form of the man hideously altered into that which has over extended in some aspects and withered in others.
Arthritic conditions that freeze the joints and deter free movement are a crystalline condition that is without the fiery element, necessary to ensure the fluidic movement in those regions- usually an overdrive of astral activity, interrupting the balanced circulation.

One rarely sees a Downs Syndrome child who has not the plasticity in the limb system the finest gymnast would surely envy. The balance and direction of these fluidic ethers have been mostly determined in the formative years and then later on the individual may or may not alter such flows. Of course, the unfortunate imbecile is born limp and without control. But this is not of the same cause. It pertains rather to the relationship of the will as a directive, and usually malformed organs (in astral makeover), which deny certain etheric vitalities to circulate.

The seven fiery elements pertain to the spectrum, the virtues, the seven Angels of inspiration, and the seven essential forms. (Combined we have a white, divine sphere! Joke.)

As said before, the ethers carry as a vehicle the embodied elements, and the etheric vitalities of themselves become apparent in warmer climates, as opposed to freezing cold. (Remember the tropical fish are of the warm waters, by the way.) Such colors as representing the fiery aspects of fiery elements are, as before stated, more apparent in warmer regions. Physically speaking, the mobility and frequency and potency of such etheric forces (of the first three) are utilized more compatibly in the human constitution in such warmer climates. When the sickly or the elderly seek out the warmer regions for respite, it is with intuitive desire for such warmth, in order that the three lower etheric vitalities may move around the system freely.

In such cases (overstimulation of the two higher above) the three lower may lead to corruption of the wanting physical system. Of course, if the seventh has been severed from use, certain death ensues. The constitution becomes as a ball of string set to unravel and is no longer motivated to be contained.

Fiery passions ignite the astrality and stress the flow of lower or higher ethers which do not pertain to the lower passions. This, as with any other stimulant, is detrimental to the sickly constitution. Physical warmth, personal warmth and soul warmth, is vital to the interaction and expression of the etheric fluids that invite the fiery elements to run their course. Neither extremes of heat or cold will set perfect conditions, although for a time can be endured and at best respark certain activity.

Music speaks to us of the arrangement of the seven fiery elements. Here we have a profound effect upon the constitution of the listener. Radical remedies are to be left to the specialist, and are rarely better than short-term. However, the qualities and effects that music brings to the ethers, is as a complex weaving with enchanting grace of perplexing creativity.

One may call upon the fiery elements and promote such effect, through the correctly pitched note/s. This was a sublime gift given to Man - as yet, for the main, unrealized in attribute. There are many unrecognized gifts awaiting Man's attention and music is certainly one of the best. The effects may enter into the constitution and flow around in a way that no tonic or fragrance can benefit. If the morally corrupt were played the appropriate sequence (resounding heavenly choir), they could not but be moved to tears of remorse and gratitude. The depressed, and indeed any form of paralytic malady, can be moved on out of such a condition by the gentle force and curative qualities of that music which carries in its very substance, the seven fiery elements.

So through this divine medium man may enjoy bathing in ethers which revivify his physical wellbeing, and infill his personality with lofty inspiration. Speaking too of the divine: circulating freely through the veins, expiring through perspiration.

The key to cold fusion is that of the correct notation. The disasters of radiation are the unheard pitch. The ballerina could not perform without her music. Sound imposes etherically. It is the sequence, and rhythm that conjures the pertinent influence.

Inspiration and health are to be supped from the elixir of life – music, music which calls forth the fiery elements into the ether and to Man.

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