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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spiritual Science in the Modern World- 1991

ECCLESIASTICAL doctrines are alike to Gothic treasures; almost medieval remains. Those fantastically worked masterpieces of inspiration and creativity, although quite antique and never really reproduced in today's craftwork, are a reminder of a period in history which is to be marvelled at and given due admiration. For amidst a period of darkness, we find the artist's labor in oil paint and gilt, silver work and wood, gold leaf and molten - even the pen brought a flourishing script - and the works that surrendered reverence to the mighty doctrine of the spirit and echoed certain glory to heaven.

Such works today would certainly appear out of place, too ornate, too fantastic. The modern man would not be comfortable living with such antiques, let alone attempting to create in like fashion with elaborate indulgence. Modern architecture insists on a budget and cleaves to simplicity of form. Both painter and poet work with prudence weighing the hours and words with frugal substitute.

So today the works of the spirit in regards to the garb of the teachings, of the wisdom, must too become transformed in a way, that although less exquisite (and nonetheless exalted), are kept simple enough in plain speech and certain image, in order to penetrate the hearts and minds of those who are now building the future with such concepts.

This is not to discredit any fine work of the past - to the contrary - but to elaborate and highlight the differences in the needs of perception flowing through just a handful of centuries. Moreover, there will again come a time when the tapestry of art shall be woven into expression, coming second only to a need for food and the cultivation of. The sciences, technology, and for some a preoccupation with physical activities, all of these shall take second place to the world of artistic pursuits.

For the time, and in a time when technology still fascinates and when lofty inspiration and creative application is held to be a good pastime for the retired or unemployed, we must endeavor to explain the purposes and usefulness of our near-naked doctrines. Where the pomp and splendor is unclothed there lies underneath a very practical and beautiful reality to be beheld with new eyes, new insight. For expressions may alter as to the perceptions of the higher worlds, however the reality of the higher worlds does not alter as rapidly as the expressions given of them. Thank God!

With today's practical man, he must fervently try to disassemble anything that moves to satisfy his curiosity. He then weighs his hours into occupation and coffee break, recreation, sleep and toxic semi-consciousness. Give him a dragonfly to enjoy and first thought is to pluck off the wings, second is to ask how they motivate the insect, third is to wonder what personal use they may be to him. However any teachings of true wisdom can withstand such blatant inquiry and indeed must surrender to this mode of investigation. If the consciousness can no longer grasp immediately the beauty and reality of any given truth, then rather than allow souls to go hungry, small portions, digestible portions, shall be laid before them to pick from.

The path of attainment therefore requires serious study, careful application. Truths understood are always self-evident. Folk are reasonable enough by nature to acknowledge this. Analysis is as creative as any sculpture: chipping here, chipping there. With the right skill and amount of hours given over, certain success will follow.

It is quite mistaken to believe that Spiritual Science has no place in the modern world - it is very much the modern world. All that springs forth, from the wonderful to the grotesque is born out of spiritual causes. They are answerable to the worldly conditions today. Any insight to be had is to be sought in parent realms, for reality is much more than we make of it (that is why it is called reality). No matter how confused and blind the intellect, the heart of man pulses and throbs with the Light, with the Blood of God.

With right application, right and proper motivation, right inquiry, all questions will be answered, doctrines written anew, truths experienced afresh in the modern world.

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