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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Testing of Experience Part 2

Continued 14th April 1991

In the preceding lesson we spoke of the voluntary nature with which Man receives pleasures, and how thus the interaction occurs within the astral and etheric substance of that which is in both the pleasure itself and Man. Also comment was made on denial and rejection of certain confronting astral and etheric natures within certain circumstances, which in turn are not received but are distinguished as a pain to the individual that confronts – a veritable angel on the one hand and a dragon on the other.

Taken a step further we should like to comment that this voluntary acceptance also applies very much to the Budhi and Manas of Man. Spiritual teachings can never be imposed on Man because Man has to be in a state of questioning, acceptance and receiving within his Budhi and Manas faculties, in order to assimilate those teachings into himself. Those teachings of the spirit must be absorbed into the spirit and this requires a voluntary acceptance and a wholly embracing of the teachings. Were this not so there would necessarily be conflict and rejection, and the individual is no better for the instruction.

This explains somewhat when it is referred to that "the time must be right". It is to say that teachings and wisdom thereby are never held back from any individual, that it is impossible for the individual to receive wholeheartedly into his Budhic/Manas comprehension, that which he may in fact be fighting against in his lower nature and not identify consciously in the higher, at a given stage.

Conversely, there are beings who would impose upon a soul with various methods, and as we have thus explained it is virtually an impossibility to make any impression in the arena of conflict and rejection, unless acceptance by that soul has taken place. However sickness, both mental and physical can occur, and does occur, when there is repeated conflict; and in some cases insanity.

With the elderly one can often witness where faculties withdraw prematurely to their respective sphere, where resistance is no longer possible for their will-forces to actively resist, resist, resist. It may be symptomatic purely of the inability to meet the concepts of a modern age; and where there is no acceptance on the respective Budhic/Manas spheres, as a muscle withers with unuse, so it is that the ability is weakened to meet with the world concepts at all.

Often in the case of insanity, the individual has gone too far in entertaining the devils that have arisen within their sphere of life, and at a certain point the soul has identified the creatures for what they are, and has ceased to voluntarily absorb such into themselves. Then the only back door in which to escape is to desert the whole physical fabric in which they dwell, and happily withdraw out of harm's way. The devils in question do appear in the individual however, and in the cases of possession one might truly believe that they have won their imposing way over that soul. But the soul has truly vacated and withdrawn on all levels save astral and etheric, where the fight of resistance is no longer pressing in on them, requiring resistance- almost alike to wires that have been in electrical overload.

So one would almost require a fitness regime of sorts in order to meet with the pendulum of resistance and acceptance, and discernment in both the Budhic/Manas substance/worlds of our daily living, and the voluntary acceptance or denial of confrontations in the world of desire, indwelling within the astral/etheric regions of daily life.

Now you have the explanation as to why teachings must be asked for, doors must be knocked, prayers must be made; for without the willingness to receive, not a scrap may be given or received……


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