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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Testing of Experience Part 3

Continued 15th April 1991
As previously stated, there is an important and constant interplay that follows through in the course of daily life, where the individual is met on many levels with that which he may choose with his entire being to either accept voluntarily into himself, thus taking in that very essence in either the astral/etheric or Budhic/Manas, or battle on the commensurate level, in thereby rejecting that which confronts him. This is necessary to existence, and is part of that progression which we endeavor towards, called discernment.

However, in the case of the infant Man, the being accepts the impressions of the astral/etheric worlds around the babe; as too with the Budhic/Manas environment that is imposed and passed on to him by the surrounding souls entrusted to care for him. The child is protected by Christ - Christ who takes everything on every level unto Himself. 

Within Christ there are no battles taking place, and no thing is rejected, as all is purified and transmuted through Him and by Him, as sunlight penetrates and transmutes the darkness. This acceptance unto Him is as we know: Love.

The infant when born has one foot on the Earth and one in Heaven. His being does not identify the world as a personal arena of conflict. As Christ stands at the crib protecting the child until such a time that the infant may stand upright and walk in the world, then slowly the consciousness of opposing affinities weaves patterns of acceptance and resistance for the continuance of that earthly life. Otherwise the pain of the world would bear down with such a force that the infant would immeasurably suffer, notwithstanding an anxious existence.

In Paradise this would not be so, but mankind having fallen from Paradise in the forefathers preceding, has the burden of learning discernment. For example: should one take a man for a lifetime and place him in a room that would starve the senses, providing neither cold nor warmth, a slap or embrace, a taste bitter or sweet, a sound, neither scream nor symphony; how then would this soul come to know of any physical encounter? At the close of this pitiable life, what should have been gained in the glory of experience? So we say that in all the worlds of manifestation and expression, not only the physical world, one must not deny such testing and experience that calls on our beings daily.

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