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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anxiety & Doom- 6th May 1992

ANXIETY is paralleled by muscular cramp. In seizure we are temporarily immobilized and resist ourselves- be it the clamp and tackle of a muscular reflex, or the locking of thoughts which are equally as difficult to 'loosen' and ease up. The pressure and consequent pain is derivative of that action - one thought acting against another- and the individual suffers turmoil because of this delay in activity.

As with a frozen and unobliging member, one must necessarily act quickly to counteract that particular which is causing the resistance. A healthy flow of mind activity is not so easily accomplished when the mind itself is detailed with exaggerated proportions of upset and seizure. Anxiety is pitched to frenzy and can result in total collapse, before one is released from the drives which have maintained such a seizure.

An individual may be drawn to alarm, when there are no impending causes apparent. This alarm is notified and acted upon - where the breath and the pulse are quickened, the heat is forced in, the individual feels 'stifled' and the concentration is awash. How then to bring about stability upon the rocky seas?

One must learn to bring together some of the recollections of happier times. Whatever the propulsion into anxiety is, it is usually because one believes that control over the situation is to the greater part, lost or forfeited. This feeling of loss of control shall spiral, one upon another, until what was an echo of a truth becomes an enormous reality of doom. Anxiety is precisely the experience of doom itself. And Doom is a formidable vision to experience. Of course, although there may be certain reality in Doom and his character, he himself may not withstand change, change which defies him, again and again.

There have been countless past experiences which all men do share whereupon they have encountered this fiendish apparition, and because of plans tried or ways so entered into, it has resulted poorly - the exit was quick, the shock so great, and so forth. And he does present himself time and time again, even though he shall never have the final word. It is understandable that an individual should feel pursued in the extreme, for encounters in the future will almost assuredly be made.

To the sensitive soul, one can actually receive images of Doom from others who are so impressed, and herein is one anxiety which strikes when confronting other people and becoming irked thereby.

Basically it is because we are acquainted with deep memories of those situations of horror or shock, which preceded our encounter with Doom, that we may become once again sensitive to the prospect of his return. All of those who suffer from anxiety know this dreaded feeling and imagery so conjured thereby.

In actual truth however, we have endured many, many trials and encounters, all of which whose gates we are through and quite safe. It is strange to say, but there is a paradox in meeting with the presence of Doom, for it is almost as if he were but a messenger of hope also. Because by the time that he is truly envisioned, conditions will change in a way that the individual shall be released by that which has overwhelmed them.

It is the apprehension and the alarm of the prospect of meeting with Doom which alerts the individual to the possibility of great change. The prospect of such enormous change upsets the one who envisions and panics and resists in mental deadlock the situation afore them.

So one can see that it maybe remarkably complicated, and yet at the same time nothing may actually issue forth from such alarm. Yet when one considers Doom, and the actuality of former recollections, it is no wonder that some are distressed, as the accumulated experiences of such are acutely experienced in awesome proportions.

However, we must be stern in our knowledge and our considerations of circumstance. It is wise to come to know that we are held safely, snugly in the bosom of circumstance. We shall not fall into a bottomless pit which is endless. Even though we bump and slide there is always rest and repose and exit therefrom.

This is why the happier recollections, the treasures that we know of, can be so useful and of first importance. That we may counter those impressions of upset with those which were grander and more wondrous, which came after.

It is a law common to all that there is restitution always afforded; especially in the sense of one who has suffered - great joys to them are always later the reward. To know this is important- to truly look for happier days. To know that whatever trials and pains may eventuate, there shall be recompense; for each soul is so treasured. The anguish of a violent death, the imprint of grief, of loss and of pain - these are worked upon within the Heavenly spheres to ensure that the soul is renewed and unscathed. 

To the sufferer of anxiety, there is as only one half of the representation becoming known to them. It is as though they are at the threshold with forewarning of Doom and believing that all is quite lost. One must cross that threshold bravely, with whatever one fears, apparent or devised, and come to know that on the other side lies all that is lost and more - quite real and in terms of truth, more tangible than ever before.

We fail to realize this as we walk the world. We necessarily hold much precious to us and shall not submit to loss or change, for such reluctance is an ingredient to existence. But there is surely an existence, which for us is more permanent and shall withstand far beyond the worldly sphere, as it represents only some of that which lies beyond.

To come to agreement within oneself of the parallel of worldly life and that existence which reaches out into forever, is somewhat irreconcilable. However if we can greet Doom himself with the optimism of greater vision and know that even his calling brings promise beyond the threshold of change, then we shall be relieved of much burdensome anxiety which does otherwise grip at the neck of the alarmed.

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