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Saturday, September 19, 2009

You could not possibly know…- 1991

You could not possibly know how just one, then two, can pivot circumstance in any position of loving employment. The gesture of assistance alone endows the work (and the word) with new birth into a cold world; and you will nurture this work until it has the strength to stand of its own and greet the world.

So do not underestimate this effort, even if we appear to make little of it and converse personally only a little; for we address time and time again the matter at hand and know that you receive and appreciate the messages brought into your little room. And from such appreciation it shall multiply, and what is experienced now shall be received and appreciated by others tenfold, twentyfold and so forth.

It is true that there are always people who might initiate and carry through tasks when the time is right and proper. However it is mistaken to suggest that any one can take the place of another. Think that for any sequence of events, if one were to remove any of the vital links, any one element, could the outcome of that particular be possible? In this much there is great importance of all in their individual contribution, as the removal of just one cell, one grain, one shower of rain, one cog in cognition! Removal of one being should alter the course of events inextricably, with a vacuum and a vortex and a void, and a sequence whereby, as with a cardhouse, those who depend also on that sequence are disbanded.
We hope that in this, when you may tire, you may feel the comfort and solace in this knowledge. It is not a matter of being 'used', but goodwill in a mutual project. There are no promises on either side, therefore no lies. There are no obligations and no disappointments, but a genuine affection, a respect for such relations, a respect for the law and goodwill to humanity; a desire to help further the cause of spiritual prosperity, with the inner illuminations of the words of truth.

One must expect that there will be many who shall make demands more often than attend to their own duties, and any experience with your children, should help you to understand and try to quieten such demands. "Be satisfied with what you are given for the time" should be your reply; and that you are sorry if there is nothing more to offer, but they may go into the world and seek there for what they require.

You may explain your limitations when they make their demands plain to you, for they are hungry for guidance and seek security desperately. You may offer sympathy in this, and certainty that they shall receive all the help that they may require, even if it is not from you directly - and certainly cannot be. You may explain that your work cannot be consumed or interfered-with by personal endeavors of any nature.

If it is contact that they ask for, then assure them it is only a prayer away, and vital that they establish through themselves such a relationship; no other can offer that for them, as mouthpiece or spokesperson. That they might reflect on their duties and welcome them; that they might look to the grit in their personalities and expel it. That they hold the keys to the spirit - you may explain that you yourself have enough problems sorting through your own keys!

We know that chastisement does not concern you; well and good. Do not fear grave interference, for you are not alone and must trust in that, for if fear of evil repercussions were to dissuade you from good and great endeavors then the evil would have won at the outset, wouldn't it?

Do not worry of becoming 'puffed up with pride' as there are many remedies for this, should it happen. Life is full of such remedies that sting, biting to the quick, answering such a need.

Each day is important, and brings us closer to that day when all men shall find value with the life that the spirit has bestowed, endowed, instilled and infilled. Your concerns are our concerns.

God bless and see you tomorrow.

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