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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rasputin- 20th August 1991

GREGORY EFIMOVITCH RASPUTIN was a man (half man, half wizard), who was a representative of the former ways of his people. Warmly sensual, sincerely sober in aspect, mesmerizingly commanding, he charmed and cajoled with a sophisticated will, with impenetrable eye and deceiving smile.

The European people may be defiant and stubborn, and firm of opinion at times; but they had also held an innocence, a childlike receptivity which embraced life and rejoiced in living; being primarily well intentioned, and where possible, exceedingly well-informed, with interests and curiosities akin firstly to artistic adaptations rather than abstract cunning.

One would expect a bear hug from a Russian man with a bulk that could crush you in an 'overbearing' manner. (Excuse the pun.) However, the point being, that these folk are tender lovers, with a vast capacity for passion. They are neither swift, but compelling, neither greedy, but hungry; neither naturally aggressive, but capable of unleashing a fiery rage if need be.

Had Rasputin travelled the Western worlds today, he should have been very popular indeed. For the cunning and contriving, for the best part, belonged mostly to those regions where men aspire to nobility; if not through blood, by personal conquests.

With centuries of old traditions and mystic doctrines which encompassed the richly embroidered magic of the religious and spiritual interpretations, Rasputin took into himself the essence as it were, and then turned such concoction into living vitalities put to the present. As if he might conjure all the ghosts from the past and bind them to his blood and his being, and pervert them, he was as a robber who came and stripped all that was mystically desirous, and defiled that which he left remaining.* Great injury was the consequence, great deformation, which left the core of the Russian racial soul stripped of its spiritual treasures and degraded.

One might ask how one man can affect a people so. And exactly what was it that he did take and convert? Imagine a holy object, say for example a cup of pure gold, which is a vestment to a church, and in deep ritual has been the bearer of the sacrament over many years, throughout many generations. This cup has significance, yet the robber sees only the value of the gold and does melt it down - perhaps it might turn out to make a chain to adorn the neck, or perhaps with coin to barter a meal. It was this type of betrayal which Rasputin brought upon his people; which dealt in not only the gold of shining ore, but also that of precepts, traditions, of teachings formerly kept locked within every man, woman and child: especial to them.

It is with no surprise that one finds that magicians are usually shunned and never trusted. And magician he was, for it was from the old laws and mystic devices that he practiced so as to take for himself, and put to bad purpose. If there was an overall view in the mind of Rasputin, it was never fully realized. But like a bull set loose in the street, there was so much carnage and mishap from that which he contrived.

When a people's pride has been whisked away and ransomed so, they are forlorn and disheveled. For it is more than difficult to replace in a single century that which has been worked upon for many a century.

However, with this qualification they may begin again, and now set course for an entirely different future. Nurtured in time, many flames will grow from the inward flicker and the challenges of re-embodying with an entirely different ego-awareness, shall be rekindled.

The painful service of Rasputin, has allowed for new opportunities, opportunities that the Eastern world have not. And so Mother Russia will peculiarly be progressively leading in an effort to re-find a spiritual denominator.

The archaic essences are now contained and hidden. Shelved. Much was distributed and lost . . . But much was captured and retained- only no longer held in Russia.

* Rudolf Steiner told Asya Turgeniev in 1916:
Rasputin worked directly on the will. That should not be. But people want that. He really is an unrestrained man, the ‘Rasputin’ (Russian: one without a path). Everything said about him is true, but he is nevertheless a God-Seer, that is an occult term for a grade of initiation. It is only thru him that the spiritual world, the Russian Folk-Spirit, can now take effect in Russia, thru nobody else.”

~Rudolf Steiner, according to Assya Turgeneva in the early years of WW1, recorded in her book Erinnerugen an Rudolf Steiner.

"Thus with the death of Grigory Rasputin Russia was finally 'prepared' for its cross-like destiny."

-Quoted from The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail by Sergei O. Prokofieff page 213. There is more on Rasputin in this book.

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