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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Citric PERSPECTIVE- 17th August 1991

CITRUS fruits denote sweet acid. Contemplate the contrasts between the sensations: namely sweetness, fragrance and the sharpness of the accompanying acidic sting ...

We may compare our attitudes of concept forming to that of the experience of a good, freshly picked, juice impacted citrus fruit. When we come to try a teaching or a new thought and weigh it in measure with our former experience, and then by comparisons with spoken and unspoken truths, we may know of those qualities that appeal to our inner senses; just as keenly as we should experience the citrus. 

As concepts go, there are many that hang heavy on the tree of knowledge. To the personal sense, some may have been lost to decompose where fallen unclaimed, and with time spent turn to rancid waste. The acidic elements with water combine, split the skin and then weaken the form. Finally there is shrinkage or dissipation in final breakdown. What of the fruit left unhappily beneath the tree? It returns, absorbed through the ground, eventually making its way back to the bough; unless of course, it has been claimed.
Some might hurry to pluck the unripe and immature fruit - all sour and distasteful, and alarming to the unsuspecting, eager picker. The fragrance brings promise, but the sweetness yet to unfurl, green and unpalatable.
Some prefer marmalade, some prefer the juices expelled. Moreover the vitality is largely spent when one dilutes, adds or extracts long after the fruit has been first pried into.
May we put to test the offerings of wisdom, by the fragrance, the sweetness and the acidic bite. The nature of a truth does surely hold a spirited fragrance, which expels/emits an inner sensory notation, which speaks to us. The sweetness comes from Heaven herself: for all that is in truth cosmic and pure, is pleasing and sweet to the soul. The acid is the action of true clarity and vision, where illusion is put to the quick and dispelled in the light of right knowledge.

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