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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artificial Flavorings- 14th June 1991

ARTIFICIAL flavorings and artificial sweeteners are a fine example of the complacency of men who cannot distinguish between deception and reality - with regards to the reality that men know best. Some of the chemical cocktails which are ingested are so cunningly devised that the difference between the manmade illusory substance simply cannot be told apart from the derivatives of life-imbued substances. The imitations physically appear to represent qualities of the reality. Of course, this applies also to our sense of smell; however the imitations of such are never as close to the reality to be believable.

Man is usually extremely selective as to the substances which he is invited to taste. The sense of taste may alert a man to a noxious material, or conversely, excite the man with a powerful pleasure. Although man perceives the world largely and accumulatively by way of the sensory perception of his sight, the sense of taste comes first and foremost in invoking immediate and recognized pleasure. The sense of taste is by no way related to the calls of hunger. The relationship between man and the substances he consumes is a very intimate process indeed.

One must question that the experience of tasting need not be connected with the need for nourishment or the acknowledgment of the imitated substance. When food is ingested the nature inherent in that particular food is also ingested. So to digest any substance, one is required not only to physically digest that substance, but also digest or discard the nature of that substance on the commensurate level: the etheric forces, the astrality of those substances. 
However, when a chemical compound is added to an etherically dead material, the individual does not have to work in the same way, overcoming and 'sorting out' the nature of that substance. It is truly the lazy man's way of consuming. The nature of man is not taxed by the nature of substance, although the physical body of man is not nourished by the physical substance, nor consequently nourished by the nature of such material. The forces which are brought into play, whereupon one meets the challenges of the nature of substance, have little or no use to be put to - in the instance of artificial foods.

This is why children in particular, respond to such imitative substances with an overactive reaction which stimulates both limbs and brain, in an unchallenged vitality. For the digestive juices required, do carry fluids to assist the process of assimilation. Such vitality is not required, nor spent, and must be worked off through the limb system (the extremities), via the nervous system. Within adults this process is related to an inner nervousness, and later into atrophy, whereby the digestive fluids become severely impaired through under use.

Synthetic compounds therefore, are destructive to the physical constitution of man because they give little or no impression to the etheric and astral constitution of man, but rather stimulate such vitalities unnecessarily. Furthermore these vital forces can do what they do best, and at times turn upon the individual's own physical constitution and begin to work upon it. The man begins to digest and assimilate himself!

Stimulants such as sugar, coffee, tobacco etc. are compatible with the constitution of man, but call forth more vital properties than are required in use, thus imbuing an overactive response.

Substances which are intravenously assimilated are bypassing the digestive process as described above. The patient cannot summon forth the required vitalities to meet and digest the nature of that which has been administered.

An example of this is best met by the nature of the heroin addict, who can testify as to the difference between the substance introduced by mouth, and the substance bypassing the digestive system. Medications also work in a completely different fashion, whereby the tolerance and resistance of the individual is markedly restrained, and the physical system receives automatically that which is administered through the blood.

Herein is the value of substances administered through baths. What a man may need for nourishment and cannot digest and assimilate, he may receive directly through his organ of skin. This is particularly useful where the functions of assimilation are inadequate or the vitality is weakened, but yet the constitution requires the properties of given substances to assist in wellbeing. Again, synthetic bath additives are to be avoided at all costs.

When man first encountered his ability to mimic and reproduce such clever forgeries, he should have left his chemistry to parlor tricks, rather than introduce them into everyday life. One can only presume that the motivation involved has a basis in monetary gain, as there can be no other value in the artificial substance and its foolhardy misrepresentations within the constitution of man.

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