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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sorrow & Happiness- Good Friday- 25th March 2016

IT could be said that this World has but one happiness and one sadness consolidated into the many moments looking in. If we feel elation, it is truly the elation of our Creator that we experience in kind, and if we feel the degradation of a sorrow, it is truly that also of our Maker that we are coming to know.

The one tear from the Great Sadness could fill the oceans and seed the dew; and it was not for self but for all - it was from a God looking back, looking in.

In philosophy it is often discussed that a viewpoint is just that, and that the elephant is far bigger than the smaller perspective of it known. More accurately it is not an elephant but rather our Christ who is central to our understanding, and yet, in truth, far bigger than we can perceive in any one viewing, with any one insight.

We never really see the whole sunrise but look to a portion of that sky which shifts and changes with every nuance of new light infused with the color and the cloud, with an allusive grandeur in the dance before our eyes.

Whilst wisdom, divine wisdom, inspires our thoughts and refreshes our knowing, it is the cast of divine emotions of the Holy that motivate our own feelings - albeit in essence most usually, and not causal to what we may or may not attach them to within the world.

That we know the experience of suffering is only because of the suffering of the Divinity who precedes all human experience. And it is poignant, not necessary to the task - it moreover just is that this is so.

There is not one measure of sorrow or happiness that has come a wayward trail - and when during the greatest of sadnesses and joys we feel closer to the heavens, and nearer to God, it is for this very reason: that both sorrow and happiness are His firstly and we are just beginning to perceive these both - we are empathetic to the raw and boundless tides of divine emotion. 


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