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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Memory Matters- 29th March 2015 ©

Right before, in that brief pause between, in that space just prior, in that last breath of peace.....

Preceding that which is to begin, that which will change everything, there is but one moment more quiet than silence, when the heavens, looking on, record all to a cosmic living memory to preserve what has come, and all that will go, with these moments.

The great Master was not without His friends. He was the most understood in the Cosmic-verse; for it was His Light that permeated the twelve constellations and beyond. It was His Light that bore the recipes and remedies, the form and the folly, the transcripts to history, the prizes and their mothering Saints; His Light unveiled Creations planes and contours; bright lit the swaggering, climbing, flying, crawling, gliding, walking parcels of consciousness; His Light that counseled the sages and inspired the pious, taught the fledgling spirits the mysteries of the cosmic world - that world within, that world without; and His Light that broadcast the futures so told bearing that divinest of predictions: the evolution of the soul - that Man might become all he is destined to be, in health, and with love, in reverential sanctity. To experience Life is to know Christ.

From lifetime to lifetime the human spirit gathers the salt and savour of adventure and trial. It is to almost impossible lengths an individual will navigate, throughout histories of hardship, of naivety and mastery, of a constant need to learn and relearn - to adapt and change roles and scenes, to then migrate into races and times unknown.

And, all the while this same soul (which this is with all) retains an inner sense of remaining - a knowledge of self, of ego, of being - one of containment - yet with a voice - of individuality and the presumption of a moderate freedom.

The same human spirit identifies with that which is beautiful within Creations multi-toned spectrum, and to every other, and will embrace the loveable, rejoice in the good, and celebrate the great.

Same soul will many times die defeated, with complexities of unfinished plans - withered by age, disease or assault; vanquished by loss - of others or of self.

Same soul will suffer confusion - for this transient shift of script and scene is bewildering.

At present the world of Man affords the souls a weave of divine forgetfulness. The Heavens do not forget however - in point of fact their very substance is memory - every spiritual being is made up of that substance of memory. Every orb and particle of light is made with the memory of its own making. And, when the souls of Man frequent the spiritual worlds, they too walk in bodies of memory. Spirit-matter is refined memory - along with its divine infusion of hierarchical glamour, and godly core. Pure memory. And, if one has the eyes to see, you can read from any being or any thing its long, very long, history in its entirety.

It is a humorous thought that there are many who blush at the notion that God might be watching their acts and deeds, however their conduct and experience and all that is said and done, lives on - with its technicolor detail to be witnessed - forever. 

It is not as a matter of record, but of substance.

Every animate thing is propelled by the sequence of will from the very moments before, and that which takes us into one point of time, remains in that sequence ever after.

And yet, to look into any man or womans catalog of events would be more complex than the largest library in all the world, in the accumulation of lifes tales and moments for that one individual.

Remembering ones past always has been selective and not comprehensive - for the divine forgetfulness is a gift for the ability to change.

We have spoken of this before. To add to this is also to note: that the element of forgetfulness also enables the spirit to be able to experience outside of itself. Therefore, because of those periods of forgetfulness we can adopt new and different perspectives, and take into ourselves something other than what we have attracted previously through identification.

One would not want to literally live within their memories, and yet, so easily this could happen if the consciousness of the I am were not so developed.

So many beings exhibit repetitive and continual behaviors which are of a great service to their environment, yet they are also essentially living within their own memory realms and memory bodies, rather than by a present connection with self-consciousness operating anew. Within the Angelic realm and elemental realm this can be said - and it is to note here that the timelessnessof Faerie, is one such place because of the inhabitants re-living over and over again, in habitual play, in a memory world, with a spiritual dance of etheric sequence. It may not age, but it also may not progress this is the Peter Panaspect of a stable eco-fae-system with an almost static evolution.

There is a paradox to be found within the earthly sphere and the purposes of divine forgetfulness and memory consciousness.

If you take the ego awareness out from a mans conjecture he readily will slip into some form of memory-body consciousness - and his actions and activities will reflect this way of being.

Great suffering can dislocate a man from his self-consciousness - and regions of the world that have infants suckle from fearful and aggrieved mothers can become children and adults who are easily divorced from their self-hood and give over into a memory consciousness instead.

This by effect will go on to change their behaviors, counter in ways that the individual would have had, were he self-conscious.

It is often thought for example, that men who are mischievous or violent have corrupted their sons to become the same in the atmosphere of violence in the household. Sadly it is often the fear and subjugation from the mother astrally, that incurs the soul of the child to begin to separate out from itself and the world to then renounce their own consciousness. 

And so the babe in the arms of a mother who is suffering a war, or a hostile terror in her own person, is subject to become less than fully incarnated, and less than responsible for their actions in the years to follow.

The profile of the individual who has slipped into a memory-consciousness is one who doggedly (although not rationally) strives for repetition and dogma, finding comfort in practices and ideologies that are rigid, and usually unforgiving. The dominant principle is one of it is because it is rightor it is because it has always been. And the racial or religious characteristics become accentuated as old racial or old religion without any capacity to hold a living connection with the interactions about. There is no rational or empathetic or realistic consciousness that is operating from this person so affected. And, this handicap is largely formed in youth.

Of course such dislocation can happen within a grown individual as well - and very quickly. Soldiers who have desensitized, never to regain their wits or morals again; addicts who have departed their self-awareness leaving for the shores of an early retirement; prostitutes and other such laborers whose only way of endurance is to disincarnate out from their sense of self and realitys demands.

If you are a free thinker then you are truly blessed with this ability to experience anew.

Oft times it is simply this inner sense of being able to be a free and current thinker that is the most exciting and invigorating experience of all - moreso than the actual thought one is working towards grasping. It is that pause before the knowing, it is that space within the prospect; it is the chance and possibility - these light filled moments are born of true freedom and peace.

For some, in this one lifetime, the peace may not be known. For most, there will be spaces - enough, where the memory-self becomes remote and the man or woman is carried by something that they see or hear or taste or know - and this becomes a revelation - a new experience revealed. And this brings peace.

And for those who are fortunate enough to have philosophical minds that can wander as they please - you have now the responsibility to cultivate the new thought and work as you might to enrich the world with inspiration - in the hope that it will draw out the best from those around you, and awake a few besides.

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