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Monday, July 4, 2011

In Sync with the Sun- 9th September 2007

WHEN waiting for the Sun to leap up above the horizon, and pervade the landscape with its first golden light, there comes a time shortly after when you are at your closest to this light, and it is as though the rays connect with you.

It is for just a handful of minutes (if that) that the radiance seems to have a direct path right through to where you are standing, and the connection is complete. And if you could see the crowds of spiritual beings who are waiting for their moment in this connected morning episode, if you could feel the anticipation just before, and the hum of life thereafter, you would sense that it is not dissimilar to a consort awaiting a revered and regal king - just waiting for that moment when they will also arrive and presence will meet presence, light in light.

Such moments as with the rays of the sunrise happen only once in a day in that way. Once passed, it is passed. Before is before and after is after, and the timing is exact.
The timing of this great blending of the two lights (the Sun's and your own) cannot be before or after when it is. It is dependent on the Big Guy coming up over the horizon, and you being there to greet him. You cannot beckon the Sun sooner, you cannot beg him to stay fixed in the sky; you have but a fistful of minutes.

Not enough people get to experience this holy and significant collaboration; they are asleep with their eyes quite shut during the most potent time of the day for them. And if not asleep, they are often moving about indoors and unawares. The ill are confined to the shaded residence and they too are without the benefits this special time brings.

A day is not the same day throughout. It shares a calendar date for its hours, but truth be told, every hour is so different from another, it has so many characteristics and influences which depart from the one just prior. A day not only ebbs and flows, it dances.

And once a day there will be a period where some things are more conducive to our endeavors than at other times throughout the day. And sometimes neither routine nor good instinct will afford a man the knowledge of which time is more beneficial for what, and how to make his timing more perfect.

One of the graces and blessings brought to our constitution by the 'meet and greet' of the early Sun's rays, is that our personal determining clock is re-synced, so to speak, reset and preset to a certain knowledge of the day to follow.

There are many reasons why we can lose our inner bearing and our sense of such timing, and largely it is simply symptomatic of living day to day amongst a sea of thought washing through and over our beings. Yet this one act of perfect timing, not only brings us a connection with the Sun itself (you can feel it) in this momentary bathing in its first light, it also brings us into connection with all of the beings so described just before, around us. And it is they who have a clear perception of the changing influences throughout our day, and it is they who more readily read these circumstances sagely and can become a compass for our own deciding therefrom.

You see, it is not only about living the moment and being present in time, it is about knowing what that moment is and what time it is that we are present in. The two seem to be one of the same, but it is more a matter of knowing how to be in that moment; and reacting and doing are somewhat more astute than simply being.

For example: I could sit at a play and if I am perfectly fixed in the present I will take in the acts and the intervals, the afore and after, and it will be a fine event. If I am not fixed in the present I may sit in my seat and reflect on the past events of the day, or even moments before in the theatre (and be living retrogressively in time) or living with a tilt forward, wondering when the interval is, when is it over, when will they sing and so forth.

And so living in the present requires that I simply watch the play, and its timing determines much of my experience.

However there is another option where we can be part of the theatre; and to be a part requires that we know exactly when the interval is timed, what time it starts on the whole, and when the comedy or song is appropriate. To be part of the production requires much more effort and working ingenuity that being simply a passive audience member.

People often praise themselves for coming to the 'present moment' consciousness and it is true that we encourage the eternal now as a beginning point of thinking and being; yet being an audience to life is merely not enough, is it?

And it does not have to be much that we are sympathetic to in our timing at all, to make a difference - tact, for example, is all about timing. When to speak or say something is more important than the thing to be said itself. If the timing is not perfect, it will not be received well.

Timing as a key to our actions is such a huge consideration. Good and evil can often become reversed in the context of their timing. The mission of a being, an entire philosophy or race, an antibody or its parent host disease, becomes relative to its timing.

And there is a fine discipline to become adopted by the soul who wishes to cleave to proper timing. A discipline in holding back and giving forth - both can be equally good in virtue, yet only one can be appropriate to the timing without.
Self-centered individuals only run by their own timing. This is a good point, although it may appear obvious to say. But it is the fastest determinator of character to see if this person is 'late' for others consistently; or are they respectful of time when they need to be? You can never hope to reach agreement with someone if you cannot even turn up on time to meet with them at the agreed time. If you are late to a meeting with someone, the being of that person discounts much of what will follow - even if you are with them for a whole day thereafter the designated time. Why is it so important you might ask? Often if you are late for a meeting it can be better to cancel and reschedule than turn up at all, as odd as this may sound.

When people agree on a projected time it is the very first point they are looking to meet upon. There is a conscious decision in this and is pivotal in being a connective point between the two. Mostly we do not connect strongly at all to the majority of people around us, or to the environments, or to the influences. With the human ego, it has to really be acknowledged and allowed before a connection can be fully established. Otherwise we would have an overwhelming deluge of connections coming in upon us that would require decoding and discarding before we took our second breath.

So when we are with another individual there are keys to our furthering connections. Connecting with another person is never absolute; friendships and acquaintances need to be maintained and reestablished time over - once again because the freedom of the individual requires that this be so.

Connections are formed and reformed together, within perfectly timed events, and it need not be through agreeing on a meeting time firstly. It could be something else where the two individuals are in agreement to do anything at a particular time to make the connection. It could be a phone call, it could be a response. It is not just psychological either. It is a true beginning to an ongoing connection.

If you receive a phone call from someone you had not planned to hear from, you have a very brief window of time to either acknowledge a connection with them at the outset or dismiss them. The length of the phone-call really does not mean much if the connection has not been established. Say if you pick up the phone and you are distracted, and perhaps even a little terse because it has rung in the first place and the timing itself is not your timing etc., your voice and manner may well reflect it to the caller in the first thirty seconds. 

Now if this person is someone you want to have a lively connection with, it is of tremendous importance that you jolt yourself into a lively response and consciously set about to meet them - truly meet them - in the next few moments. It almost takes an exaggeration of glee in their having called. If this is carried out (and it needs also to be at least one part sincere) the rest to follow will be perfectly timed and quite magical in the meeting.

A lot of people who believe they are in love, are open to setting the timing right and meeting with their loved ones in this way. Often the feelings of love to follow are because they have done simply this. Love in itself is a proper connection between two individuals. It does not have to be that they are in agreement politically, philosophically, etc., but in sync, in timing and in connection.

Equally so we can find the company of others as a poison to us when we are not connected nor want to be. Now it is important here to say that there is no spiritual obligation for ourselves to be in connection with other individuals. In point of fact, there is true value in a discerning ego that determines what relationships it will connect and thereby enter into. In some cultures there are even differences given to naming folk around you - whether they be a close connection or a formal one. This naming of itself can predetermine conductivity between souls also.

When Herr H. introduced the raised hand as a way of saluting and greeting, it gave immediate acknowledgment on cue, with timing, to a certain connection. It increased that connection undoubtedly.

Sharing a cigarette and other such rituals (which we do not recommend) begin and enforce the community connective feeling. An initial act of agreement that two or more enter into, thereby acknowledges a following connection therewith:
  • The ritual of toasting - raising the glass and mutually clinking.
  • Hip, Hip, Hooray! - the timing cue is 'hip hip', and then the action of the timed connection is the 'hooray' to follow.
  • Holy Communion: This is interesting because the timing goes into preparing, receiving and acknowledging not only a connection with the priest, but through the priest unto Christ, that His timing becomes our own. A lot of goodness in Communion comes from the time just before it also - in respect to being properly prepared to make that connection and receive that living relationship.

The very first thing to do of course, is to try the experience of the early Sun and see if it makes a difference. You need be out there just prior to it rising above the horizon and to catch the moment when the gold makes its path directly to you. 

Acknowledge the connection with gratitude and be mindful also of the world at large being so benefited by the significance of this light. Observe if your day to follow is now full of clues as to the timing of things around you and how you might best respond. It will prove itself with harmonic accord. It will prove itself in now knowing that we have come to the end of this page also.

P.S. Connecting in prayer to Father God or through to Christ, does not need elaborate hand actions or ritual to become enabled. Their timing is such that the connection is always open and active, and any time is a good time to receive and be received by them. It is just everything and everybody else in the broader Universe that syncing relates to.

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