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Friday, July 1, 2011

Dancing in the Dark 4

4. Who is stronger?
Horrible thoughts literally derive life from ourselves, and therefore we are the stronger entity. They are dependent upon us, and although their effect is to stimulate more energy into our systems by our participation (for they are stimulants in their action) they are debilitating time wasters that have no vitality that can endure.

Healthy thoughts are attached to a branch of thought that livingly goes back, right up to the parent thought and the god it belongs to. Healthy thoughts have a vitality all of their own, and their origins and life-source are in the spiritual worlds. Their blood system is of the higher ethers. Whereas unhealthy thoughts are local and astrally emotive - they expire readily and have no roots in the divine. They are not shared usually by others, although they are infective and do multiply similar negative paradigms in other individuals or communities; and as Paracelsus explained it, are responsible for epidemics and physical disorders also.

They literally live in the nervous system, the stomach, the groin, and in certain bacteria besides. Interestingly they are not part of the mind at all. The mind may register the contemplation of a given thought, but the thought itself may not reside there or take its action primarily there.

5. Putting the dogs out

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